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    21 Things If You Want Results But Hate Spending Money

    Look, I work hard for my money β€” if it's not worth it, I don't want it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This pizza rocker blade, which can be used for everything and anything in your pantry that needs slicing.


    This brilliant kitchen tool will effectively slice your pizza β€” but it will also make easy work of your brownies, herbs, bread...whatever it is you need divvied up between the rabbling lot at home. You can now replace every knife in the kitchen with just this.

    Buy for $14.95 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This Egyptian cotton-blend hair wrap that won't unravel when drying your hair β€” unlike the towel you're currently using.


    This hair wrap is super moisture-wicking, so you can count on it to dry in no time at all β€” also, being of a much thinner and lighter fabric than your standard towel, it won't pull and damage your hair when piled up on your head. Loving that I will no longer have to visit the hairdresser on the regular to chop off my damaged ends.

    Buy for $14.99 from Adairs (available in five colours).

    3. This reusable face wipe, the Face Halo, which will remove every inch of make up with nothing but water.

    Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed

    I'm thinking about how much cash I've dropped on disposable wipes in the past, and honestly, it hurts me.

    Promising review: "You can tell by my ~shook~ facial expression that I was blown away. I mean honestly, look at the state of my face and hair β€” do you think I'd allow this GIF to live on the internet if I wasn't genuinely impressed?

    The wipes are non-toxic, chemical free and recyclable, so BIG wins all 'round. Plus, you're doing your face a favour by not subjecting it to the toxins in that pack of two dollar wipes and it's a solid win for the environment, too."

    β€”Hameda Nafiz

    Read Hameda's complete review here.

    Buy a pack of three for $30 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This vegan Lush Sleepy lotion, which is almost solely responsible for the eight (okay, seven) hours of sleep I get a night.


    This is the sleep aid every tired human needs in their life and I will not rest until you all experience this magical lotion. It's this heavenly mix of oatmeal, lavender oil, organic cocoa butter and a bunch of other natural goodies. Plus, it smells divine. You will never sleep better than getting out of the shower, lathering this on, then jumping under the covers.

    Plus, Lush only purchases from suppliers that don't test on animals, so you'll feel better bulk buying this when you inevitably become addicted.

    Buy a 95g jar for $17.95 from Lush.

    5. This magic double-sided tape that sticks to everything and can be washed and reused, time and time again.


    Thanks to some special kind of wizardry, this durable, double-sided clear tape can be used to stick almost anything to any surface. Five metres long, it can be cut to suit your needs and then β€” without leaving a mark β€” be removed, washed and used again from now until eternity.

    Read all about its wondrousness here.

    Buy for $13.50 from Amazon Australia.

    6. These car hooks, because you paid enough for your handbag, so you probably shouldn't just throw it on the car floor.


    Easily snapped onto headrest poles, these sturdy, rotating hooks will clear up floor and seat space of bags or umbrellas. Lined with silicone rubber, they won't damage your car and will remain snugly in place. When not in use, you can simply rotate them for effective space saving.

    Buy a pack of four for $15.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. These Ardell Natural Wispies Lashes, which will instantly transform your face with a touch of drama β€” no exxy lash extensions necessary.

    Julia Willing / BuzzFeed

    These come with a small tube of adhesive, so you needn't immediately go out and buy some when it comes to wearing.

    Promising review: "These lashes have some serious glam power. As someone who has never used falsies before, I found them super easy to apply and they didn't weigh down my eyelids. Not your everyday 9-5 look, but perfect for nights out or events where you want a lil' OOMPH in the eyes."

    β€”Julia Willing

    Buy a pair for $9.95 from Big W.

    8. This avocado slicer, which will make preparing your daily avo on toast a breeze.


    This tool from the heavens will split, pit and slice your morning avo. Soft, non-slip grip, dishwasher safe (and that price!), adding this to cart is a no-brainer, really.

    Buy for $2.95 from Amazon Australia.

    9. This cord organiser, because though it never bothered you as a kid, the mess of cords behind your desk are starting to make your eye twitch.


    Constructed from durable silicone instead of hard plastic and fitted with self-adhesive backing, this is the easiest (and cheapest) damn thing to use to sort out your cables. Use on your bedside table (yeah, I know you keep your phone next to you), desk and even your car.

    Buy for $13.99 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This OXO Apple Slicer β€” which considering I never have to fear chopping off my fingers again, I would pay a whole lot more for.

    Pinterest / Via

    This gadget will cut and cork an apple into eight pieces β€” and more importantly, minimise the time you spend cutting (and crying over) an onion.

    Buy for $8.99 from Catch.

    11. This Biotin shampoo, which thousands say have helped them regain healthy, thicker hair.


    I'm fairly skeptical of anything that claims to help you grow your hair back or make it thicker β€” you get what nature gave you, right? However, this shampoo has a good many people singing its praises, so for its price, it's definitely worth a shot. Filled with biotin, provitamin B5, zinc, coconut oil, it promises to improve scalp health and inject a tonne of nutrients to hair strands, encouraging new hair growth.

    Buy now for $19.85 from Amazon Australia.

    12. These impossibly cheap blemish patches, which protect your spots from bacteria as they heal.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    These patches are made of hydrocolloid, a wound-healing material that protects against bacteria. Ultra-thin and complete with a matte finish, they can be worn on top of inflamed and acne-prone skin, and under foundation (!). A few hours later, your zits will have shrunk noticeably. No wonder people are buying these in bulk.

    Read all about their genius here.

    Buy a pack of 18 patches for $4.90 from Amazon Australia.

    13. This keyboard cleaning jelly to finally give your poor electronics a refresh after eating your lunch over them.


    This cleaning jelly is made of soft gum and is non-toxic and biodegradable. It's totally safe on your skin, so you can have a great time playing with it and put an end to sticky keys forever.

    Buy a four pack for $12.65 from Amazon Australia.

    14. This Mario Badescu lip wax that's the (affordable!) answer to all the prayers that have ever passed your chapped lips.

    Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed

    This one is enriched with jojoba oil, vitamin E and beeswax, which means your lips are going to have a healthier diet than you (probably).

    Promising Review: β€œI’ve tried so many different lip balms that seem to dry up my lips instead of actually making them softer. This stuff was the answer to ALL MY PRAYERS. It’s smooth as velvet going on and tastes and smells like literal buttercream. There’s also an unscented one if you prefer, but I’ll probably judge you.” β€”Hameda Nafiz

    Buy for $10 from Mecca.

    15. This Aztec Healing Clay, which deeply cleanses your pores for your most glorious face yet β€” perfect for anyone not willing to spend a bomb on dermatologist appointments.

    Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    This clay basically has its own cult following of thousands, so it's no wonder it always makes our monthly bestsellers list. Just mix a bit of powder with some apple cider vinegar, lather it on and extract every last bit of gunk from your pores.

    Check out some brilliant before and after photos here.

    Buy for $24.99 from Amazon Australia.

    16. This, Thayers Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petal, which will do everything all your exxy serums, creams and oils claim to.

    AnaMaria Glavan

    Treat redness, breakouts and a host of other skin problems with this magic liquid. Alcohol-free and made with rose petal water, vitamin E and Witch Hazel extract, this thing is beloved by thousands on Amazon.

    Promising review: "I have combination skin that's prone to redness (especially around my cheeks and nose, with the latter being really annoying), plus the occasional pimple. After two weeks of regularly using this toner in my evening routine, I barely need concealer to cover the Crayola redness under my nostrils. PLUS! It's super effective as spot treatment. This stuff attacks your pimples with the same vendetta that Buffy used to destroy vampires: It works that well."

    β€”AnaMaria Glavan

    Read more about this excellent product here.

    Buy for $29.95 from Amazon Australia.

    17. This gel mould and mildew remover, that does all the dirty work in the shower you've been avoiding.


    I love me a quick fix. This highly concentrated (wear gloves!), mould and mildew remover is effective and requires very little effort. Simply squeeze gel along the grout you want to revive, leave for five to six hours, then wash off with running water. Much cheaper than renovating the bathroom, really.

    Buy for $21.99 from Amazon Australia.

    18. These Sound PEATS wireless earbuds, because I've been wanting to make the move to wireless but have been turned off by competitors' prices.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    With just a touch of a single earbud, you have access to excellent sound quality to take calls and listen to music for around four hours per charge.

    Promising review: "I've been dragging my heels to make the move to wireless earbuds β€” I thought for sure I'd lose one and that having to charge them would be a massive inconvenience. My husband bought these as a gift and now I love not having to hold my phone when out and about, should I want to listen to my music. Their holder has magnetic properties, so when charging or just being stored, you don't have to worry about the earbuds falling out and getting lost."

    β€”Mariela Summerhays

    Buy for $40.99 from Amazon Australia.

    19. This pet hair roller, which also comes with a complimentary grooming glove. Love me a two-for-oner.


    Minimise the fur being shed around the place with this roller and grooming glove β€” which also works in a massage for your pet when in use! Excuse me while I now chase my cat and his ever-shedding self down with this roller.

    Buy for $12.28 from Amazon Australia.

    20. These armpit pads that will keep your sweat from staining your shirts.


    Apply these self-adhesive underarm pads directly to your skin for some easy, all-natural soaking up of sweat. You'll never fear wearing synthetic fabrics on a hot day again.

    Buy a pack of 25 for $24.90 from Amazon Australia.

    21. And finally, these eyeliner stamps, because whoever invented the winged-eye look was just setting us up for failure.


    Reviewers say that this stamp makes the perfect winged eye every time β€” infinitely easier than trying to get even lines freehand. Each set comes with two pens β€” one for your left eye and one for right β€” and is water-resistant and smudge-proof.

    Buy for $11.57 from Amazon Australia.

    You, not so mad about parting with your hard-earned cash.


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