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    34 Valentine's Day Gifts For When You're Totally In Love, But Broke

    If you'd like your special someone to open up something special on Valentine's Day, these inexpensive options are here for you.

    1. A cement planter pot — a solid piece of home decor, literally, for your loved one's Pinterest-perfect place. Those painted, carved leaves are so intricate that no one will beleaf the price!

    2. A pack of hydrating foot masks made with energizing scents that are designed to hydrate, regenerate, and cool your tootsies. These are sure to make an at-home spa day a soothing sensation.

    3. A fragrance sample pack with lavender, rose, mint, citrus, and pine, so you can be sure your Valentine finds an aroma they particularly love.

    Five small vials surrounded by dried botanicals

    4. An opalescent shimmer lip gloss that'll have your boo's lips looking shining, shimmering, and splendid (without breaking the bank) in all your V-day couple selfies.

    5. A burlap print with a charmingly honest note, for showing your sweetheart your love is real...really real.

    Burlap style print with words "I love you more than yesterday...yesterday you got on my nerves"

    6. A pair of eye-catching asymmetrical earrings that'll have your partner feeling like a million bucks, without you spending a fraction of that.

    7. Tasty Dessert: All The Sweets You Can Eat (from BuzzFeed), a visual learner's cookbook with the simple, above-view style from BuzzFeed Tasty videos put into a picturesque cookbook form. With this gift, you two can bake up desserts truly worth devouring.

    Book cover with image of sprinkled-covered soufflé

    8. A 3D popup Star Wars card for the THIRST TRAP of a nerd in your life who you would Je-die for. Yo-duh, you've gotta get this.

    9. A Disney tee – it's gonna help ease the anticipation while you're both saving up to go on your next Disney trip.

    Pixie Dust Princess Co.

    10. A pocket-sized beer journal to record the "appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and overall impressions" of 124 beers. A gift like this sure to have them feeling all bubbly inside.

    11. A box of assorted gourmet cookies that'll certainly make this holiday choco-lit.

    Oreo cookies covered in different chocolate drips and toppings

    12. A bottle off Insta-Dry polish for the manicure fan you are all heart-eyes over. This year's Valentine's Day gift? you ~nailed~ it.

    13. A simple Mr. Rogers sticker — the most heartily wholesome way to show the person you "like like" that you like them exactly as they are.

    Sweater-shaped sticker that says " It's You I Like. – Mr. Rogers"

    14. A choker necklace for a certain special someone who loves a delicate, layered look.

    Small round diamond-like necklace with delicate gold chain

    15. A pack of precious produce or cutie candy socks — you can pick a pack based on your best bud's taste buds.

    16. A pair of memory foam slippers to upgrade their comfort-chic wardrobe.

    Slide-on slippers with fuzzy interior and thick sole suitable for outdoor use

    17. A gift set filled with cinnamon cereal chocolate, waffle cone chocolate, popping candy chocolate, bacon chocolate, and even more! These treats aren't for the faint of heart, but they *are* for your sweetheart.

    18. An almond orange body scrub from Zum, the mother of spunky soaps, that's gonna lift their spirits with its lovely scent and smooth out their rough edges with its soothing texture.

    Jar of Zum scrub inside a soap basket in my bathroom

    19. A wood bottle lock brain teaser — a fun (and infuriating) gift for your favorite wine connoisseur.

    20. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price — snag this steal of a deal and give your babe's bookshelves something to brag about.

    Candles in amber glass with round tops

    21. A fill-in-the-blank book specifically designed to encourage fun conversations about the dream-life you and your lover would live...even if it's rather fantastical.

    22. A 1,000 piece puzzle for your main squeeze.

    Puzzle with sliced and whole pomegranates, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mango, and kiwi

    23. A chew toy you can give your four-legged Valentine. You love them a whole ~latte~ after all.

    24. A box of six lavender bath bombs that'll spruce up any average bath and make a socially distant soak all the more special.

    Bath bombs in packaging

    25. A guitar pick sure to delight musicians (and pun enthusiasts) so much they just might write a song about it.

    Meal guitar pick with a heart and the words " I pick you"

    26. A pocket-sized beard kit, because your honey may be hard to shop for, but you know you'd be in a ~hairy~ situation if you didn't get them something on their favorite holiday.

    27. A pair of nonslip socks for the romantic you live with who would love nothing more than to put their feet up and be given a glass of merlot without having to ~wine~ about it.

    Person with feet up wearing socks that say on the sole "If you can read this bring me some wine"

    28. A basket woven shoulder bag, because after moving into their place (and finding out they have an entire closet exclusively for purses) you've always known exactly what to get them. You've got this in the bag.

    29. A pair of front-back earrings that'll give the minimalist you love a striking accessory that's not too out of their comfort zone.

    Round earring with straight pin in back

    30. A ceramic trinket dish you can give your BFF to let them know you two (and your collective collection of hairpins) are better together.

    Round, lidded dish with painted words that say "Better Together"

    31. A house-shaped tissue box that's gonna look so cute on their shelf they just might get the sniffles.

    Solid white tissue box cover with hole for tissues that looks like smoke coming out of a chimney

    32. A lunar garland for anyone you love "to the moon and back."

    Moon phases in gold colored pressed metal hanging from delicate chains

    33. Much Loved, a coffee table book you can give to the person in your life who still has their OG valentine (who is probably named Pooky Bear or Mr. Snuggles). You might as well give in, no one could ever compete with a darling, deteriorating, stuffed animal.

    Book cover with very old stuffed bear on front

    34. And finally, a box of personalized M&M candies to show your beloved what a SNACK you really are.

    M&M candies in pink, white, and red with messages and print of a couples' faces on the backs

    Me, talking to these gifts (I spouse) like:

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