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49 Things To Buy On Amazon Prime Day That Only Look Expensive

Surprisingly inexpensive deals you should treat yourself to.

Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon posts more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in a lifetime, is here!

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category (in this case: all the gorgeous, awesome, must-have things that cost way less than you might think).

All Prime Day deals are limited quantity and subject to rapid change, but we'll be doing our best to keep this post updated and accurate.

Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren't already, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

1. A set of five spinach, citrus, and red wine–infused antioxidant sheet masks for 30% off.

2. A trio of flameless candles so you get tons of ambiance without burning your house down for 72% off.

3. A set of four makeup blending sponges to flawlessly apply foundation for 20% off.

4. A super popular retinol cream (it has over 2,000 five-star reviews) for 50% off — PLUS an extra $5 off coupon!

5. An adorable duffle bag that'll prove florals truly are groundbreaking for 38% off.

6. Pastel sunglasses that don't ~li-lack~ style for 20% off.

7. A light-up makeup mirror that'll upgrade your vanity in more ways than one for 39% off.

8. A mega-plush hypoallergenic mattress topper for 63% off.

9. A marble-print diffuser and humidifier with color-changing lights to ~diffuse~ any tension for 27%.

10. A luxurious double-sided throw with faux fur and fleece to cozy up for 49% off.

11. A pair of double-walled mugs to keep your coffee or tea hot — while also looking sleek — for 60% off.

12. A golden pen that'll say "why yes, what I'm doodling in this meeting is very important" for 34% off.

13. A jewelry organizer stand so you'll actually *wear* all the beautiful things you own for 39% off.

14. A trio of lace-packed bikini undies for 20% off.

15. A set of 16 rainbow makeup brushes for 23% off.

16. A cast iron dutch oven you can use on the stove *and* in the oven for 25% off.

17. A pair of oversized mirror sunglasses you'll take approximately one million selfies in for 20% off.

18. A 2018-2019 academic planner in a lovely floral print for 35% off.

19. A set of *handmade* 12 bath bombs so you can completely.... completely.... unwind for 36% off.

20. A vintage-style laptop backpack for 21% off.

21. An incredibly refreshing watermelon face mask for 26% off.

22. A top-rated Remington pearl ceramic curling wand for 30% off.

23. A desktop zen garden you can rake after you've gotten out of another meeting that could have been an email for 33% off.

24. A one-inch, frizz-fighting titanium flat iron with a luxurious metallic finish for 66% off.

25. A Maybelline ~Instant Glow Up~ kit for 40% off.

26. A set of four 19-ounce wine glasses to turn your next wine night into a classy shindig for 40% off.

27. A copper wire desk organizing set to make your cubicle more like a cutebicle for 20% off.

28. A pair of design-your-own leggings people might mistake for Lululemon for 40% off.

29. A set of 24 richly pigmented oil paints so you can ~go Van Gogh~ for 67% off.

30. An eight-inch chef's knife for slicing and dicing like a pro (without injuring yourself) for 41% off.

31. A stylish jewelry box to organize and display your favorite treasures for 50% off.

32. A rose gold leak-proof water bottle that'll keep water cold for 12 hours AND prove hydration can be stylish for 60% off.

33. A 3/4"-1" tapered curling iron that'll create effortless waves in a snap for 29% off.

34. A delicate lunar cycle bar necklace you're sure to ~moon over~ for 20% off.

35. A set of two faceted rocks glasses so you can sip your whiskey in the height of elegance for 26% off.

36. An iced tea brewing kit with heat resistant pitcher and tea infuser sample box for 50% off.

37. A gorgeous clothbound set of Jane Austen's novels for 54% off.

38. A vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug with a fun pop of color for 44% off.

39. A Himalayan salt lamp for 45% off.

40. A tube of fan-favorite Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner, which goes on smoothly and lasts all damn day, for 30% off.

41. A set of four golden stemless wine glasses Cersei would totes drink out of for 48% off.

42. 14K gold–plated cubic zirconia earrings for a fancy pants look for 20% off.

43. A fruit- and herb-infusing bottle, because plain ole water is boring as heck, for 52% off.

44. A pour-over coffee brewer with a glass carafe and reusable filter for 30% off.

45. A skincare cleansing system so you can take off your makeup and get ready for bed in no time flat for 23% off.

46. A cheeseboard to buy for your ~honey~ for 24% off.

47. A 2nd generation Echo Dot for 40% off.

48. A pair of geometric desktop planters to dress up your sad cubicle for 18% off.

49. A 65-piece silverware set (that means service for 12 people!) with decorative edges for 30% off.