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49 Things To Buy On Amazon Prime Day That Only Look Expensive

Surprisingly inexpensive deals you should treat yourself to.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon posts more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in a lifetime, is here!

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category (in this case: all the gorgeous, awesome, must-have things that cost way less than you might think).

All Prime Day deals are limited quantity and subject to rapid change, but we'll be doing our best to keep this post updated and accurate.

Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren't already, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

1. A set of five spinach, citrus, and red wine–infused antioxidant sheet masks for 30% off.

Price: $11.21 (also available in a set of collagen-boosting masks)

Promising review: "I am an avid skin care junkie and do at least three sheet masks per week. I've tried a myriad of mask from various companies and by far these are my fave! These feel amazing while on and stay put without sliding off and my skin looks energized and refreshed. I love these so much that I stock up whenever I can." —Tiffney T.

2. A trio of flameless candles so you get tons of ambiance without burning your house down for 72% off.

Plus they come with a remote control so you can turn them on and off from the comfort of your own couch.

Price: $13.99

Promising review: "I absolutely love these candles. I’ve gotten many compliments on them with most people thinking that they’re real candles. They’re just as good as the Luminaire candles, but a fraction of the price. I love the timer feature. I love that every evening I have the time set and my candles turn on without having to do anything. I have instant ambiance. Definitely going to buy more of these." —LCF

3. A set of four makeup blending sponges to flawlessly apply foundation for 20% off.

That's right, FOUR sponges for less than the price of one beautyblender!

Price: $11.16

Promising review: "This has been a great beauty blender. I really had my doubts because I have always used the original BeautyBlender. However, this stands up to the test! It soaks up water when it is run under water. I am able to squeeze the excess water and use it damp. It blends my makeup beautifully! The biggest difference that I noticed is that it does grow in size a little bigger than the beautyblender. But, that doesn’t stop me from loving it. I will be buying this again." —Donna Brown

4. A super popular retinol cream (it has over 2,000 five-star reviews) for 50% off — PLUS an extra $5 off coupon!

Price: $14.99

Promising review: "I wished there was a way to give this product 10 stars. Let me first say I'm a VERY picky retinol user. I usually use a high end organic product (aka: Origins) but thought I'd give this one a whirl given the reviews. I'm a tried and proven convert now. I LOVE this product. It is so luxurious, never causes burning, peeling or redness. Truthfully, I think this is best retinol cream I've ever used and that's just how it FEELS on my skin. Let's talk results. This product changed the playing field. With one use, I could tell this was different. I'm addicted now and have a hard time finishing up my other products! People at work ask me what I'm doing to my skin. They tell me how super soft, supple and radiant my skin looks. I thought it was just me that noticed but others have too. I don't want to waste any other existing product so I'm going to still use that up first before ordering more, but once it's gone, I'll be ordering this full time from now on. I'm also going to try out their other products as well." —Geri F.

5. An adorable duffle bag that'll prove florals truly are groundbreaking for 38% off.

Price: $24.99 (available in eight colors and patterns)

Promising review: "I LOVE this bag. It is so cute and durable. It has a heavy duty zipper which is nice because it makes it very easy to zip up even if it's over stuffed. When it first arrived it thought that it looked so small and wouldn't fit everything that I needed inside. Here is what I put in it daily: a large cosmetic full of deodorant and like items, a pair of street shoes, a pair of tennis shoes, 1.5 lb weighted gloves, jacket, shirt, sports bra, pants, socks (multiple), water bottle and a lock for the gym locker. There is still room in there for a few more small items. This is a great bag and I'm so glad that I bought it. I definitely have the cutest bag at the gym." —JKM

6. Pastel sunglasses that don't ~li-lack~ style for 20% off.

Price: $11.16 (available in 11 colors)

Promising review: "I was a bit iffy at first since I'm super picky with sunglasses but these fit SO nice!! I absolutely love these and I'm thinking about getting another pair. I needed a good pair of glasses since I'm always at Disney and I loved these and they don't feel cheap at all! " —Sarah Contreras

7. A light-up makeup mirror that'll upgrade your vanity in more ways than one for 39% off.

8. A mega-plush hypoallergenic mattress topper for 63% off.

Price: $14.99 (available in twin, queen, and king)

Promising review: "This will make any mattress feel like a high end one. I think you could place it on concrete and still be comfortable. I shopped for awhile to find the best bang for the buck, and this was it. I've had it for over a year and would still recommend it. Like most other bed pads, you need to keep it fluffed and rotated so you do not develop flat areas. I have arthritis in my knees and back, so I considered getting a really expensive mattress. I ended up going for a less expensive option and this, and I'm incredibly happy I did." —LL

9. A marble-print diffuser and humidifier with color-changing lights to ~diffuse~ any tension for 27%.

10. A luxurious double-sided throw with faux fur and fleece to cozy up for 49% off.

Price: $11.19 (available in eight colors and patterns)

Promising review: "I received the faux fur throw yesterday, and I was truly impressed with how it looked and felt. It is incredibly soft, and the wonderful thing is that both sides have the very same softness, despite the fact that the textures are entirely different. I sleep on the sofa due to back pain that oddly feels better when I sleep there instead of my bed. So, last night I slept under my new faux fur throw, and I can honestly say that it was the most restful night’s sleep that I have had in a long time. The fur throw is substantial, but it isn’t heavy. It felt so soft and light against me, and yet it was very warm — but not too warm. I felt so comfortable cuddled up under this throw that I soon fell asleep and slept soundly for six straight hours. I am completely satisfied with this throw and consider it a real bargain at $22." —Feekie

11. A pair of double-walled mugs to keep your coffee or tea hot — while also looking sleek — for 60% off.

12. A golden pen that'll say "why yes, what I'm doodling in this meeting is very important" for 34% off.

Price: $9.24

13. A jewelry organizer stand so you'll actually *wear* all the beautiful things you own for 39% off.


Price: $19.99 (available in three colors)

Promising review: "This looks absolutely beautiful!!! My jewelry had been siting in a couple of boxes and I bought this to better hold my necklaces. It is actually really perfect. I even used one arm for rings and they look great. It fit all of my jewelry which was three (jewelry) boxes of jewelry. My only complaint is that the earring holes are uneven so one pair has to be split in the middle. Kind of odd but it still works." —Rosa

14. A trio of lace-packed bikini undies for 20% off.

Price: $14 (available in sizes XS–XL and three color combos)

15. A set of 16 rainbow makeup brushes for 23% off.

16. A cast iron dutch oven you can use on the stove *and* in the oven for 25% off.

Price: $22.49 (available in three sizes)

17. A pair of oversized mirror sunglasses you'll take approximately one million selfies in for 20% off.

Price: $10.29 (available in 15 colors)

18. A 2018-2019 academic planner in a lovely floral print for 35% off.

19. A set of *handmade* 12 bath bombs so you can completely.... completely.... unwind for 36% off.

Each one has a different scent, and they include: black raspberry, lavender, lemongrass, mango papaya, shea and coconut, and more!

Price: $24.80

Promising review: "I LOVE bath bombs! The price is unbelievable for what you get. I figured if I didn't like them, it was a great deal for the price, and I planned on giving most of them as stocking stuffers anyway. Wow, was I surprised! They smelled AMAZING, my skin was so soft after my bath, and they didn't leave a ring in the tub! I have found my new bath bomb source and will be ordering many more of these. I use one every night in my bath. I take a shower each morning but I have to have a quiet relaxing bath every night and these definitely surpassed and exceeded my expectations!" —Amanda Moore

20. A vintage-style laptop backpack for 21% off.

Price: $20.59 (available in seven colors)

21. An incredibly refreshing watermelon face mask for 26% off.

Price: $9.57

Pro tip: leave this mask in the fridge before putting it on for an ~extra~ refreshing experience.

Promising review: "After only a couple uses, I can already see and feel a difference in my skin! This is so lightweight, refreshing, and moisturizing. It's a nice break from the harsh masks we tend to reach for." —Victoria Toro

22. A top-rated Remington pearl ceramic curling wand for 30% off.

Price: $15.32

Promising review: "I have SUPER thick hair and a lot of it! Everytime I curl my hair my arm gets a workout sitting there for minutes just to make sure my hair curls. This thing is a BEAST and does it quickly. I don't have to do super tiny sections just to get it all curled which takes FOREVER. Great beach waves. Love it." —Alicia

23. A desktop zen garden you can rake after you've gotten out of another meeting that could have been an email for 33% off.

24. A one-inch, frizz-fighting titanium flat iron with a luxurious metallic finish for 66% off.

The LED display lets you know the temperature right at a glance!

Price: $37.06 (available in four colors)

Promising review: "I am absolutely obsessed with this flat iron!! I’ve used Chi, BaByliss, cortex, etc. AND none of them compare to this flat iron. I never even knew my hair could get this straight and silky. And the price is unbeatable. Definitely my go-to company for hair straighteners — it’s unbelievable. For less than $40 I can get my hair straighter than my hairstylist can!" —Daria

25. A Maybelline ~Instant Glow Up~ kit for 40% off.

It includes a liquid lipstick (in the perfect red), Maybelline's cult-fave golden highlighter, and a pair of single-color sunnies — all in a case so you can take it on the go!

Price: $14.99

There are *four* Maybelline Fundles for sale on Prime Day! Learn more about 'em here.

Just so you know, BuzzFeed was paid to help come up with this idea!

26. A set of four 19-ounce wine glasses to turn your next wine night into a classy shindig for 40% off.

Price: $11.48

Promising review: "I love how big these glasses are because it helps prevent spillage! Plus, the price is food and they're super easy to clean." —Rosemary

27. A copper wire desk organizing set to make your cubicle more like a cutebicle for 20% off.

28. A pair of design-your-own leggings people might mistake for Lululemon for 40% off.

Choose from three different waist options! Read our full review for all the info!

Price: $39 (originally $65, available in sizes XS-3X)

29. A set of 24 richly pigmented oil paints so you can ~go Van Gogh~ for 67% off.

30. An eight-inch chef's knife for slicing and dicing like a pro (without injuring yourself) for 41% off.

Price: $15.19 (available in eight colors)

Promising review: "This knife is definitely a great value. I'm not a knife aficionado but have used it enough to know that it is more than adequate for most daily tasks. It arrived extremely sharp and has stayed sharp. It has a great feel in the hand- well balanced and a nice handle 'grippiness'. I would not hesitate to recommend this chef's knife! It's a no-brainer for under $20!" —John B.

31. A stylish jewelry box to organize and display your favorite treasures for 50% off.

Price: $39.95 (available in three colors)

Promising review: "This box is perfect. Good value because you get so much storage space for the price. I couldn't find a more affordable item similar to this that actually looked nice. This box is really pretty and looks great on my black dresser. It's a great time saver to not have to dig through a messy pile of tangled up jewelry and earring each morning but instead be able to find exactly what I want in this pretty and efficient box. I'm really happy with my product. No delays or problems with shipping either." —MCristinaJ

32. A rose gold leak-proof water bottle that'll keep water cold for 12 hours AND prove hydration can be stylish for 60% off.

Price: $17.95 (available in two sizes and 23 colors and patterns)

Promising review: "This thing is amazing. Got it for a Father's Day gift and at first I was bummed because I wanted a Yeti like my wife has. I start using it thinking it would be just another water bottle. Not so. This thing keeps my drinks intensely cold. I was out showing a house (real estate agent) and left it in the car while I walked the place with my clients. Came back out an hour later to the gorgeous 95-degree weather and just knew it would be warm as the inside of the vehicle was burning up. I popped the lid and poured it in. It was like liquid ice. No joke. And I hadn't even added ice. It was as cool as it was when I poured my drink in from the fridge before I left the house." —David Banker

33. A 3/4"-1" tapered curling iron that'll create effortless waves in a snap for 29% off.

Price: $19.29

Promising review: "I was very excited for this product because I have never used a curling wand before. I was always afraid that I would burn myself even with the glove that is provided. I blindly curled my hair one night and my hair came out great! I would recommend watching some YouTube videos on how to use it though because I was doing it all wrong. The nifty glove was great and I did not burn myself at all. The wand itself heated up very quickly. I turned it on to the heat setting I wanted, separated my hair, put my glove on, and was ready to go. The curls were nice, tight, and lasted a while which is not normal for my hair. I love the case that comes with this curling wand, its great for traveling or even just putting up so my kiddos will not see and mess with my wand." —Nicole Colley

34. A delicate lunar cycle bar necklace you're sure to ~moon over~ for 20% off.

Price: $28

35. A set of two faceted rocks glasses so you can sip your whiskey in the height of elegance for 26% off.

Price: $25.95

Promising review: "These glasses are a great conversation piece. They feel good to the touch, the glass is sturdy, easy to clean and stable, considering the shape. I ordered them a second time as well. Definitely a must purchase." —Ski-dogs

36. An iced tea brewing kit with heat resistant pitcher and tea infuser sample box for 50% off.

Price: $24.50

Promising review: "A resort we go to every year served my iced tea with this. I loved it and had to have one. I also fell in love with tea — I am a coffee and tea snob and today only want this brand of tea. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a really nice cup of hot tea or a glass of iced tea or a special way of serving tea to a friend." —Teresa

37. A gorgeous clothbound set of Jane Austen's novels for 54% off.

When your friends ask why you're bailing on plans again to reread these you can just answer "Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort."

Price: $74.36

Promising review: "Beautiful Penguin editions, real books, sewn not glued, archival type paper, very nice intros to each book, fabric over paper covers. Glorious to read Jane from such a beautifully designed book. Copious footnotes and information about the history of each books genesis from her childhood stories to publications and additional editions." —Jean Yates

38. A vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug with a fun pop of color for 44% off.

It's 100% leakproof and has a built-in cork bottom to serve as a coaster + protect any surface you set it down on!

Price: $11.91 (available in four colors)

Promising review: "I love this mug so much that I bought a second one. No burning or freezing your hand when holding this. I can put a cup of coffee in it right before I walk out the door, and that coffee doesn't cool down (if I leave the lid closed) until three hours later, and even then it is still hot to drink; it just cools down enough to finally drink it without burning my tongue. When I put ice in it, the ice doesn't melt for hours. I have been able to drink several bottles full of water with it before the ice I put in in the morning has completely melted." —Cnadelk

39. A Himalayan salt lamp for 45% off.

40. A tube of fan-favorite Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner, which goes on smoothly and lasts all damn day, for 30% off.

Price: $15.40 (available in 12 colors, discount is applied at checkout!)

Promising review: "This is the best eyeliner I have yet to try. I went to a water park and I spent the whole day there. I got to the hotel and looked at my eyeliner and it was intact. It didn't even fade a lil bit. Haven't used any other eyeliner since then. It also has the perfect size brush. Love it!" —M.V.

41. A set of four golden stemless wine glasses Cersei would totes drink out of for 48% off.

Price: $34.47

Promising review: "The picture doesn't do these glasses justice. They are gorgeous in person! I absolutely love them." —Minermm

42. 14K gold–plated cubic zirconia earrings for a fancy pants look for 20% off.

Price: $12

Promising review: "These are comfortable and attractive. The CZ is meticulously cut and looks like the real thing, small enough to be believable. The gold plating seems to be holding up very well. These are my everyday earrings. I sleep, swim, go hiking and run around in them. I've only washed them out a few times since I bought them. Amazing price for a high-quality product." —Abbigold

43. A fruit- and herb-infusing bottle, because plain ole water is boring as heck, for 52% off.

Price: $16.95

Promising review: "I love, love, love this water bottle!!! No longer struggling to get down the proper amount of water each day. I got two of them and always have one in the fridge though I add ice to them also. I've been adding strawberries, basil, lemon and peppercorn to the infuser for the first week. I'll try some of the suggestions from other reviewers and from the ebook next. Best thing I've ever invested in. Now the only thing I need is a bigger bladder for the days I'm out running errands!" —CW10

44. A pour-over coffee brewer with a glass carafe and reusable filter for 30% off.

Price: $18.88 (available in black and green)

Promising review: "This is by far the best coffee maker and I won't ever go back. It is extremely easy to make coffee. Fast, simple, and easy! Strangely enough, I actually am starting to get out of bed 30% easier and quicker than pre-pour-over-coffee mornings because I am excited to drink this delicious coffee and start my day! Even during mid-day when I have coffee cravings, I would think about making a cup from this pour over maker than to stop by a coffee shop. Cheaper and better tasting!" —Ben H.

45. A skincare cleansing system so you can take off your makeup and get ready for bed in no time flat for 23% off.

Price: $30.99

Promising review: "Seriously everyone needs this brush! Especially if you wear makeup often because this brush does an awesome job at deep cleaning your pores and there's a big difference in my skin when I don't use it. My skin feels smoother and pores are less clogged!" —Ester Jeune

For more info, check out a BuzzFeed writer's review!

46. A cheeseboard to buy for your ~honey~ for 24% off.

47. A 2nd generation Echo Dot for 40% off.

Play music! Call your pals! Listen to audiobooks (or — if you feel like getting depressed — listen to the news)! Control lights/fans/TVs/thermostats/sprinklers!

Price: $29.99

Promising review: "We're having so much fun with our Echo Dot! Everyday we add at least 25 to 50 or more new skills to Alexa (as our time allows). I'm now doing a daily breathing meditation with her every day, every morning she greets me cheerily, and at night she gives me some sage advice about the end of the day. The other day she called our cat from our bedroom to our living room by meowing! It was so, so funny because our cat couldn't figure out where the other cat was! We're going to save so much money not having to call each other's phones any longer when we lose them in the house, because now Alexa will find them for us for free! They can even be on silent and they will still ring! The cost for the Dot was so very reasonable too; everyone should get one." —Clara Carrigan

48. A pair of geometric desktop planters to dress up your sad cubicle for 18% off.

49. A 65-piece silverware set (that means service for 12 people!) with decorative edges for 30% off.

Price: $48.99 (also available in different size and style sets)

Promising review: "Took a chance on this — the price was too good not to, and I have to say I'm delighted with this flatware. I like the pattern, they're sturdy and so much better than the junk I had before which cost much more. This set is a winner." —A Film Lover

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