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    Here Are All The Best Amazon Prime Day Style Deals

    Customizable leggings, shoes for wide feet, summer dresses, and even more fashionable items on sale!

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon posts more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in a lifetime, is here!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category (in this case: clothing, accessories, and all things related to style and fashion).

    1. 20% off an embroidered bell sleeve dress to make your wardrobe only *look* expensive.

    2. 40% off "build-your-own" yoga leggings so your workout gear is practically custom made. Will this actually convince you to work out? I mean maybe. But it's a great start.

    3. 47% off a comfortable pair of flats perfect for commuting or busy work days (and a m a z i n g for wide feet!). Blisters? I don't know her.

    4. A printed crop top as fair warning to anyone who speaks to you before breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, or really any time before dinner.

    5. 22% off a striped chiffon blouse that'll make it impossible to ~read between the lines~ of how much you spent.

    6. 20% off a pair of no-show running socks with mesh construction for ventilation and sole cushioning for extra protection that'll make running a little less intimidating. Dare I say it could be enjoyable?!

    7. 20% off mirrored aviator sunglasses to disguise how much you spent, no matter what angle you look at 'em.

    8. 40% off mid-rise skinny jeans so you get a ~leg up~ on stylish-yet-affordable finds. TodayπŸ‘ is πŸ‘your πŸ‘day.

    9. 36% off a button-down maxi dress so light you'll be able to handle even the muggiest humidity. AND you'll look great doing so. Win win.

    10. 22% off a satin pajama set, because you deserve to literally sleep in luxury (but for a fraction of the price).

    11. 34% off non-skid socks that'll help you get a *grip* for anything from barre class to pilates. Or maybe just running around the house? Seems the most likely for me.

    12. 26% off a lace cold shoulder top for a constant go-to you won't be able to bare not wearing. Go ahead, wear it every day everyone will understand.

    13. 30% off a semi-sheer pocket tank top, because today we learn that you CAN feel like you're wearing pajamas and still look on trend.

    14. Up to 50% off men and women's fashion shoes and accessories for stocking up on all things trendy without wanting to *kick* yourself.

    15. 36% off a button-down flowy dress with a comfortable elastic waist so you can spend day and night in this without ever wanting to change.

    16. 22% off a pair of high-waisted yoga pants for easily looking on-trend, but more importantly spending your entire life in comfort (yes, you live in these now)

    17. 20% off Dream Paris sandals to get reliably comfortable shoes without making your outfits fall ~flat~.

    18. 20% off an 18k yellow-gold-plated necklace with Swarovski crystals that'll have you up to your ~neck~ with compliments.

    19. 30% off ankle booties so you can kick off the fall with affordable must-haves. And reviews say they're good for wide feet!

    20. 40% off high-rise denim shorts, because you'll have a no-brainer to turn to every time it feels like 200Β°F outside. Which is every day.

    21. Up to 50% off men's and women's jeans for buying designer denim in bulk without making your bank account *blue*.

    22. 40% off a limited-edition Maybelline ~Send Nudes~ bundle with their cult-favorite nude eyeshadow palette, lipgloss, and a *cheeky* Venus de Milo tote.

    23. 30% off a long cardigan sweater, because this will help disguise the fact you just wanted to be comfortable today. But now you look trendy so no one's the wiser.

    24. Up to 50% off athleisure shoes and apparel so you can live your whole life in comfort (and if you have time to squeeze in the gym, so be it).

    25. 27% off a sturdy crossbody satchel that'll *stay by your side* for every single outfit. Tldr: it goes with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. And it has plenty of compartments!

    26. 30% off mid-rise shorts made from a lightweight fabric that is pretty darn perfect for hot and humid summer nights.

    27. Up to 60% off top watch brands, because today's the day to cheaply score investment-worthy accessories before ~time runs out~.

    28. 20% off 14k yellow gold cubic zirconia earrings so you can put a ~sparkle~ in everyone's eyes without dimming your bank account. In fact, you're just being responsible by buying these.

    29. 45% off a scoopneck T-shirt dress made from a super cozy jersey knit material sure to become a go-to essential in your closet

    30. Up to 30% off select Adidas products for saving a bundle on our favorite activewear brand. We are truly blessed.

    31. Up to 40% off Donna Eyewear sunglasses, because you'll never have to *reflect* on overspending again thanks to these pups.

    32. 30% off a flared knit dress that'll scream "fancy adult" despite fitting almost any budget. Though you can tell people whatever you want.

    33. 20% off anti-slip ankle rain boots, because it's time we give outfit-ruining weather ~the heel~.

    34. 38% off a hard-cased wheeled suitcase for having a trusted ally no matter what travel scenarios come your way.

    35. 30% off a gingham button-down shirt so looking professional 24/7 doesn't cost your entire paycheck.

    36. 30% off a pair of Frye slip-on sneakers that'll automatically become a *shoe-in* for all your usual ensembles. Comfort? Check. Style? DOUBLE check.

    37. 30% off capri workout leggings, because these might just motivate you to go for a run. Maybe. Actually these are great for lounging.

    38. 60% off 18k yellow gold hoops for proving you're always in the ~loop~ of what's in style.

    39. 30% off a sleeveless pleated dress so office-wear can actually feel exciting. I can't speak to the job, but this will meet you halfway!

    40. Up to 70% off Speedo swimwear and active gear that'll get you summer-2018-ready if you're just a littleeeee late to the game. But it's never too late, my friend.

    41. Up to 50% off Chico's, Dockers, Reebok, and more, because these are all the classics you could ever need. And will they last forever? OF COURSE.

    42. Up to 50% off a full-coverage T-shirt bra with thousands of five-star reviews for a true ~support system~ day and night. Adjustable straps? Satin comfort? No digging OR poking?! Take πŸ‘myπŸ‘ money.

    43. 30% off certified diamond jewelry for truly becoming a girl's best friend now that it's steeply discounted.

    44. 14% off an Alex and Ani bracelet, because you'll still feel like you're treating yourself despite how cheap it is. In fact, now you can just say you were making a smart purchase.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.