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    43 Things Reviewers Said Were The Best Thing They Bought This Year

    ...Or the best thing they've *ever* bought, as of this year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A foldable exercise bike with all the basic features you need if you don't have space or budget for a Peloton but want access to a quick cardio workout at home. It has a magnetic tension system to up the difficulty, and handy features on the screen so you can track your time, speed, distance, and more!

    The silvery bike, with text "Men's Health editor's choice" larger seat cushion, 300 pound extended weight capacity

    Promising review: "The day I put a COVID-19 suspension on my gym membership, I researched affordable, maneuverable exercise bikes lest my knees get painful for lack of this daily exercise! It arrived in a large box (40 lbs) but this 70-year-old gal was able to easily drag into my house and unpack. The directions are a little hard to follow and I’m not 'handy' but I was able to add a little reasoning and put it together in less than an hour. Now sheltering in place for two weeks, this bike starts my day each morning. The mechanics and electronics work perfectly and help me set goals each day. It has variable tension settings, seat height options and a seat position for tall and for shorter people. I’m 5-foot-6 and selected the setting for a taller person. The seat height is on the fourth hole so you could drop for shorter biker. I have biked and binge-watched series, biked and worked off creeping anxiety as I watch the news and rolled it onto the deck on an unseasonably warm day to peddle to Led Zeppelin on my headphones. BEST purchase for the money that I’ve made in years; it’s a solid investment in both my physical and mental health!" —SG

    Get it from Amazon for $228.33.

    I bought this bike just as the pandemic was starting this spring, and it was a *great* choice. I put it together in nooooo time flat, with the help of a handy YouTube video (as suggested by one of the reviewers). And the fold-up size is great, but the bike is sturdy and has great features for the price! I love the cushioned seat, which is muuuuuch comfier than most exercise bike seats I've sat on. My parents (including my mother who hadn't had a workout routine in years) also bought one after I told them how great it is, and they use it all the time.

    2. The most recent version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle so you can *instantly download* your next read — either from the Kindle store or from your local library's selection of ebooks. No waiting.

    The Kindle in black with text "holds thousands of books"

    It's glare-free, and has an adjustable front light so you can read in ANY lighting condition — including outside and in the dark!

    Promising review: "I love reading. But I've always considered myself as a paper books person. I've started reading electronic books many times, but almost always failed to read them till the end, and I never had this problem with real, physical books. It was especially noticeable when I started to read only in English (which is not my native language): it was ways harder to read from the screen (or so I thought). I bought a Kindle because at some point I couldn't have my paper books with me (because they are bulky and heavy), my friend recommended it to me, and because I already had a bunch of Kindle books bought in a hope to read them someday. And that drastically changed my perception of the electronic books, because:

    - the screen and built in light is very comfortable for the eyes

    - It is very light and easy to hold in any weird position I read

    - it fits in almost all pockets in my jackets (wow)

    - most important for me: no distractions. Ever. Just me and the book. I could leave my phone at home and just head to the park or to the beach to read, and read only.

    And somehow the combination of those factors helped me fall in love with electronic books. Since I spend a lot of time in European countries which languages I don't speak, now I don't have to bring a pack of books with me everywhere. So I would really name it best purchase I made, for years." —Elena

    As a personal note, I love my Kindle SO MUCH, and would definitely consider it the best purchase I made that year. I get books immediately downloaded from the library, and I bring it with me *everywhere* I go. I'm literally reading 10 times as many books a year as I was pre-Kindle.

    PSST! Right now, for the same price, you get three months of Kindle Unlimited included!

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (available in black and white, and with or without special offers).

    3. A weighted blanket reviewers swear by to help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia. The just-heavy-enough pressure can help you relax and feel comforted enough to drift off.

    Model cuddled up under a striped weighted blanket

    It's available in three sizes and and 10 weights, so whether you're looking for one for a kid, for yourself, or to use in a king or queen-sized bed with your partner, there's an option for you!

    Promising reviews: "As a person who is diagnosed with generalized anxiety and deals with it on a daily basis especially at night, this blanket does wonders. Best purchase I've made in a really long time, my sleep has improved a great deal and I am less anxious at night, than I was before getting this product. I truly love this weighted blanket, I feel so secure and relaxed with the weight it holds. Definitely purchase this if your anxiety gets really bad during the evening." —Camilla Castillo

    "Best purchase of my life. First time I laid under it I immediately took a two hour nap. Something I never do. It’s not hot and the material is soft. Just have to fold it up during the day so my little chihuahua doesn’t get stuck under it." —jessie volivia

    Get it from Amazon for $42.41+ (available in six colors and prints).

    4. A microwave popper so you can buy your kernels in bulk (no annoying little bags!) and top your popcorn with WHATEVER you choose — no oil required, if you don't want to add it!

    Promising reviews: "Purchase now. Don’t wait. Used this last night. OMG easy peasy. Loved the popcorn. Used a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper in the mix. Voila: not one left unpopped. Best thing I bought so far this year." —Amy A

    "As a popcorn lover this device is the best thing I've ever purchased. I absolutely love it. THANK YOU!!!" —WSIV

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in 13 colors).

    5. A salad chopper and bowl guaranteed to change your salad game as you know it; just toss in your greens and veggies, run your round cutter through it, and you're good to go.

    Hand rolling the chopper (it's like a rolling double pizza cutter) over a salad in a bowl

    Promising reviews: "Best purchase of the year! This product is so simple and yet it is life-changing for my salad-making! One of the main reasons I never made salads at home was because it was so hard to chop the lettuce. This product makes it so easy and only takes a second to chop your whole salad so you don’t get stuck with awkwardly large pieces of lettuce." —Katie

    "Best product I have ever bought." —Amazon Customer

    Get the chopper and bowl set from Amazon for $25.99.

    6. A giant bubble-making kit so the whole fam can enjoy a magical backyard activity with surprising ease — and take plenty of photos.

    A reviewer using the kit to make a giant, long bubble

    The kit comes with a wand, a pouch of bubble-making concentrate, and a tips & tricks booklet.

    Promising review: "I've been looking for ways to cheer up my daughter during this shelter in place so I gave this a shot. The second she saw those giant bubbles her face just lit up. Not only are the bubbles huge but they fly pretty well. The kids in the next apartment complex were giggling as the two-foot bubbles flew over the fence. I am going to need a lot more bubble solution! Best purchase of the year." —Emily B

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in three kit sizes, plus space- and unicorn-themed kits).

    7. An avocado tool to add some of that green goodness to every meal and help you eat guacamole guaca-more — no struggling or accidentally cutting yourself trying to get that pit out.

    The tool in front of a bowl of guacamole

    It'll slice open the fruit, painlessly (aka no knife needed) pop out the pit, and create perfectly Instagrammable slices.

    Promising reviews: "Best thing I have ever bought!!! Really helps with the mess and it’s so easy to use!" —Mary

    "I thought this was a unitasker, but it isn't at all! I eat avocado daily and this thing saves me from having to use three utensils. I finally gave in and bought it after I was trying to remove a pit and cut my hand. It was the last cut! Best purchase I made this year. Do your hands a favor and get two of these if you eat 'cados frequently like me." —JR

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    8. A handheld electric milk frother so you don't *have* to leave your home to enjoy a fabulous cafe-quality latte or cappuccino. It even works on iced bevvies — hello dalgona coffee!

    A mason jar with milk and whipped coffee

    It's battery operated — just run it in some soapy water for an easy cleaning.

    Promising review: "This product is amazing ! Makes the milk so light and airy makes every drink a dream. I use oat milk creamer which really does froth amazingly, so delicious best purchase of 2020." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in three colors).

    9. A pair of bag-carrying handles if making trip...after trip...after trip...carrying the groceries home is just not working for you. Want to carry ALL the bags at once (without hurting your hands)? These'll do the trick.

    Two people carrying several bags in each hand hung on the blue handles

    Promising review: "Best purchase ever!!! I live in a third floor apartment and grocery shopping was always a source of great misery. Trying to get all my groceries up two sets of stairs and not losing all circulation in my arms was nearly impossible. I’ve now bought two sets, so me and my boyfriend both have them in our cars. I’m truly surprised how easy this makes it to only make one trip." —karent

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $13.95.

    10. A fancy-schmancy single-blade razor that glides evenly with yours skin to ensure minimal razor burn and ingrown hairs. Plus, you can use it foreeeevveerrrrr with replacement blades and reduce your plastic use!

    Model using the razor on their armpit
    Oui the People

    Promising reviews: "Best purchase I've made in a looonnng time! So happy!" —Brianna Shea

    "My first time using the Oui Razor, I got the closest shave I’ve ever experienced. I have super sensitive skin, and am very prone to razor burn, but this razor, paired with the shave gel, made my legs feel like they had been waxed, and I got NO razor burn! I love this razor!" —Jamie

    Get it (plus a pack of 10 blades) from Oui the People for $75. Just note that it'll ship mid-February, as they are currently pre-order.

    Oui the People is a Black-owned business, and their products are designed to help you get your shave on *without* ingrowns and razor burn — and make you feel good in your skin.

    11. A pair of almost-too-pretty lace Bandelettes, aka spandex-nylon blend anti-chafing bands guaranteed to stay in place all day long and keep friction at bay so you can strut your stuff irritation-free.

    A reviewer wearing a black lace bandelette under a dress

    They're also available in plain (non-lace) versions!

    Promising review: "I love these things! This is by far the best thing I've ever bought. For my people with the chub rub this is your item! I tried it all (powder, deodorant, grease, shorts under my clothes) nothing worked as well as this to stop the dreaded chub rub. The best part? The don't squeeze or roll down! In the summer I don't leave home without them." —Jonesy Jones

    Get them from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in seven sizes ranging from 21" to 32" and 17 colors and styles).

    For more glowing reviews, check out our closer look at Bandalettes!

    12. A seven-in-one Instant Pot Duo you've probably heard a lot about — for a good reason. Or rather seven good reasons: It'll slow cook, pressure cook, make rice, sauté, make yogurt, and keep food warm. Bye-bye other appliances!

    Instant pot making mac and cheese

    Promising reviews: "Best thing I’ve ever bought! I use it constantly and it’s wonderfully fast! Producing great meals." —Trubyslippers

    "We bought this a few weeks ago since we have been hearing so much about them and let me tell you, these are the best thing to come around since sliced bread. Basically we haven't had anything to eat in two weeks that hasn't been made in the Instant Pot. The pot itself comes with a recipe book and there are so many more online and we are yet to find a recipe that isn't amazing. The build of the Pot is super sturdy as well. highly recommend." —Thomas D

    Get a six-quart Instant Pot from Amazon for $79 (also available in three-quart and eight-quart sizes).

    Still wondering if this is right for you? Check out I Tried The Instant Pot That Everyone's Obsessed With for an in-depth look.

    13. A pet hair-removing roller with a patented brush design (and *no* adhesive strips) to rid your lovely black sofa of all your furry friend's shedding in a quick roll — so you can get back to cuddling together.

    Promising review: " This is the best product I have ever bought! I had the roller in my cart for almost a year because I was skeptical and I had the sticky lint rollers at home to use. I was amazed at how well this works — better than those sticky rollers and better for the environment/cost savings since you can reuse this. I would recommend this 100% to all pet owners! It can be used anything: beds, couches, dog beds, car, clothes, etc." —Kristina

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    14. A motion-detecting toilet light that'll glow any of 16 colors — so you don't miss the bowl no matter what, trip over cords in the dark, stub your toe, or make another 3 a.m. bathroom trip mishap.

    A collage of a toilet glowing all the different colors

    Promising review: "Since this is a ridiculous product that I have come to LOVE, I think this review should reflect how fun this product is. This was definitely a 'one too many glasses of wine during quarantine' product purchase, but is the best thing I have gotten this year! Not only is it extremely useful when I need to go to the bathroom at night, but it is also fun. The light changing function makes it as if you're at a rave while you pee. 10/10 recommend. Also- it's not expensive! Will purchase again for sure!" —Katelynn Smith

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    15. A quick and easy breakfast sandwich maker so you can enjoy a hot and satisfying brekkie without having to go out — or shelling out those extra bucks.


    It'll cook eggs, veggies, meats, and toast up English muffins, biscuits, and even small bagels. It comes with a recipe book with ideas, and you can TOSS THE REMOVABLE PARTS IN THE DISHWASHER! Breakfast is ready in five!

    Promising review: "Easily the best purchase I made all year. It does help to let the egg cook for two minutes or so until it’s slightly firm on top so it doesn’t sink into the bread! Comes apart to clean in two seconds flat. I get up at 3:45 a.m. for work and would have laughed at the idea of making a hot breakfast before I got this. It literally takes me five minutes and I’m out the door!" —KB

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in red and black).

    16. A Squatty Potty for anyone who can't just SIT AROUND all day on the toilet, waiting to poop and reading the back of their shampoo bottle. You now have 20 minutes back in your day.

    The white Squatty Potty u-shaped stool in front of a toilet

    If you somehow still don't know what a Squatty Potty is, it's a toilet stool that keeps your feet raised while pooping. ~Going~ in this position is supposed to fully relax your Puborectalis muscle, meaning you have an easier elimination, with no straining. And if you think that's TMI, just try it and see.

    Promising review: "I had friends tell me this was the best thing they ever bought and boy were they right. I have never had constipation before becoming pregnant and the first trimester has been rough because of it. This device has solved all of my issues, couldn’t be happier. Will always recommend!" –Jennifer

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    If you want a ~prettier~ one for your bathroom, Squatty Potty also makes a teak wood version ($53.42) and a ~ghost~ clear acrylic one ($74.39).

    17. A Revlon one-step drying brush with a unique oval-shaped barrel so you can get super close to your scalp for smooth hair and majorly boosted volume at the roots, without having to juggle a brush and blow-dryer.

    A before/after of a reviewer with wet, wavy hair, and then a sleek but voluminous blowout

    Promising review: "The best thing I’ve ever bought for my hair and the only thing I’ll use on it!!! 100000000000/10 recommend this. Cuts drying/styling time down to 15 minutes. Leaves my hair shiny without any frizz as if I just straightened it. Make sure you use a heat protectant as always. Buy it!" —Tuesday Henry

    Get it from Amazon for $39.89+ (available in five colors).

    If you're looking for something to blow out tighter curls or coils, try the Revlon One-Step paddle brush! BuzzFeed Beauty Director Essence Gant swears by it for her natural hair — check out her review, and get the brush from Amazon for $39.99. Reviewers *also* say it's the best thing they've ever bought.

    18. A Shiatsu shoulder massager you can use to relax overworked muscles after hunching over a computer all day. Plus, it has an optional heat setting for even more pain relief. It's like having a portable spa!

    Reviewer with the massager on their shoulders

    You can use it on your lower back and legs too!

    Promising review: "OMG!!! I have been having neck pain for months, a friend received the foot massager for a present and that felt great! I saw this and read the reviews, all positive! The minute I put it on my neck I threw my eyes to the back of my head... I've used it on my back, legs, and arms, and its felt great in each place. I think my son is trying to steal it from me! If you pull too hard on the arm openings, (for more pressure) the motor will stop; let up and it'll be fine. If you hold it a bit looser the motor allows the balls to walk itself up & down your body. This is one of, if not THE BEST purchase this year!!" —Gemini Royal

    Get it from Amazon for $66.99.

    19. A Philips alarm clock that simulates sunrise so you wake up more naturally — aka more rarin' to go, less groggy, and ready to hit the day running.

    A model in bed with the clock glowing warm, sunny light

    It has 20 brightness settings that slowly increase over 30 minutes so you rise ~with the sun~, feeling energized and ready for the day. Once it's at full brightness, only *then* will the alarm sound go off. AAAAANNNNDDD it has a *reverse* sunset mode that slowly fades away, while you fade out of consciousness yourself.

    Promising reviews: "Best purchase I've ever made! Easy to use and has helped me fall asleep and wake up. I've never written a review before, but this product is one I highly recommend!" —GM

    "I used to have such issues waking up. Sleeping through alarms that would wake up neighbors in the next apartment but not me. This is the only alarm/wake up remedy that has worked out of a baker's dozen. I wake up and feel excited that I've worked up for class on time and when you live in sub-freezing temperatures that is something that is rare. If you're on the fence do it. It's the best buy I've made in years." —Andy Anderson

    Get it from Amazon for $99.95.

    20. A set of three scrubbing attachments you can simply add to any power drill to make cleaning your tub, floor, appliances, or even the wheels of your car ridiculously fast and easy.

    Top: A review photo of a dirty, stained; tub bottom: The after of the same tub, which is sparkling white

    Promising review: "I have recommended this to friends who have bought it because it's the most amazing tool ever!! I used the wide flat one to clean the tub in just a couple of minutes! Total life changer!! I'm sure this will resonate with all of you who get tired scrubbing tubs, tile, sinks, on and on, it never stops. I used the smaller size in the kitchen on my stove top, stainless sink, and counters. I LOVE THIS!!! Best purchase ever!" —Penelope

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in six colors).

    21. A super bitter-tasting clear polish that'll help you finally quit that nail-biting habit so your fingernails can grow long and strong. Time to treat yourself to an at-home manicure!

    Left: A reviewer's hand with bitten-down short nails on 8/20/2017; right: the same hand with slightly grown-out nails on 10/16/2017

    It's totally harmless *and* shine-free, so it won't look like anything's on your nails. It's also great to help kids stop sucking on their thumbs.

    Promising review: "Best purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve been biting my nails for 34 years. NOTHING has stopped me. I’ve tried other flavored polishes, fake nails, manicures, etc. I was embarrassed for people to see my hands as a professional person. This polish is so bitter, it works. I’ve worn it alone and over regular nail polish. Has a tiny bit of sheen. It tastes so bad you could almost use it as a weight loss aid. All seriousness, don’t get it on your lips or your food because it tastes gross (rubbing your fingers against something else can accidentally transfer the bitterness if it’s too close to when you applied). I’m so happy I found this." —Jaclyna

    Get it from Amazon for $15.50.

    Learn more about it — and read more compelling reviews — in This Miracle Polish Just Might Get You To Stop Biting Your Nails.

    22. A dozen Bottle Bright tablets for deep cleaning your thermoses and on-the-go bottles — no scrubbing required. These'll get into all those hard-to-reach spaces and remove *all* the gunk.

    A stainless steel tumbler with baked-on coffee stains on the left, and the same cup totally clean on the right

    Just plop one tablet in and let it sit overnight. The foaming action will power away gross stuff, residue, and seemingly permanent odors while you get some beauty sleep.

    Promising review: "Magic tablets! These little tablets were amazing! By far the best item I’ve bought all year. I have been using the same few Contigo mugs every day for coffee for years and the insides were quite stained. This did the trick and they look like new. Amazing!!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $8.

    23. A foot filing rasp that'll undo years of callus buildup in mere MINUTES. No waiting for intense creams to do their work, no getting pedicure after pedicure — if you want to see results ASAP, you'll think it's ~grate~.

    A collage of six images: the top cracked heels before treatment, the middle mid-treatment, the bottom after lotioning, not cracked  at all

    Promising review: "God. This works wonders. Without being able to go to the nail salon, my feet were looking a bit worse for the wear. So, I decided to try this as I thought this is what was used in the salon. This is the best purchase of 2020. I used it and now my feet and heels feel baby soft—just like in the salon! Best 15.00 bucks I ever spent. Do yourself a favor and just get it but make sure to not dig too much off your heels, a little goes a long way!" —Bridget

    Get it from Amazon for $8.95.

    24. An easy-breezy pineapple corer perfect 🎶 if you like piña coladas 🎶... but not spending a fortune on pre-cut pineapple. This thing is so easy to use, it's like a tropical vacation in your kitchen.

    A reviewer image of their spiralized pineapple and the empty pineapple "shell"

    Cut off the top of your pineapple, twist the corer into the fruit (kind of like a wine bottle corkscrew), then pull it out. You now have a cored and spiral-cut pineapple in minutes!

    Promising review: "OMG when I say this is the best thing I’ve bought!!! I’ve never bought a whole pineapple before, so when I did, I had no clue on the best way to cut it. This tool helped A LOT. It is sooooo easy to cut and get the pineapple out. It definitely made my drinks easier to make!" —Jayfree

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in five colors).

    25. A Cerama Bryte cook top cleaning kit, which includes cook top cleaning solution, a scrubbing pad, and a scraper so you can absolutely remove every bit of baked- and caked-on food from any smooth range — no matter how long it's been there.,

    Promising review: "I recommend this to anyone who can’t seem to get their stove top cleaned. The most amazing cleaning product I’ve ever used. It took me a second cleaning to get the surface completely cleaned but it was super easy to do and won’t use anything else. BEST PRODUCT I'VE EVER BOUGHT." —Katelyn

    Get the kit from Amazon for $9.99.

    26. A stainless-steel bar that'll actually rid your hands of foul odors (even fish, garlic, and onions!). Just rub — with or *without* water — and the stink is gone.

    The soap bar-shaped stainless steel, with the text "rub away" on it

    Promising review: "I always thought it was a hoax that a piece of steel could remove kitchen odors (like from chopping onions or garlic). I am happy to report that it totally works. Handle all the stinky food you want - even non food odors - and then wash your hands with this steel bar. No soap. No perfume. It just removes the odor nearly instantly. Little bar is reasonably priced as well. Best gadget I've bought in years." —Deb

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (also available in a very cute garlic shape).

    27. A mini (but bright and powerful) multimedia projector (and screen!) perfect for turning any room into a mini movie theater. Just plug in a phone, gaming system, streaming stick (including the Amazon Fire TV stick), or laptop., Amazon

    Promising review: "The Best Purchase I Made in 2020!!! We love this projector!! I bought it for my boyfriend for a four-month anniversary present, and let’s just say, he is now my husband. Lol. I hope it had more to do with me than the projector, but it brought us close together during the pandemic. The photos here don’t do it justice. Picture is better in person. We both love movies and not being able to go was a huge bummer. Now every Sunday night we watch a film on in our own movie theater. We haven’t tried the screen, but that was just a bonus. Maybe we will next summer. We didn’t even need it — we just project it on our gray wall! We make it as big as the wall and it still looks great. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I could go on and on, it is special to us! When we were only dating for a month I almost bought one of those cheap handheld ones. So glad I waited and spend the extra money. Save up and buy this quality projector. It is worth the wait!!! 5 stars!!!" —The Joylady

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

    28. A cat self-grooming toy that'll make your furry friend think "I'm ~feline~ myself" — and help you have less hair to clean off your everywhere else.

    A reviewer's cat rubbing its face on the toy

    Just mount it on a wall or corner with the included strips!

    Promising review: "I put this on a corner near the kitchen sink where my orange guy likes to sit and loiter while we prepare his meals. He hangs out there and purrs and rubs his face on the corner in anticipation anyway, so that seemed like the perfect place for this groomer and it is! He loves it! It comes with a little bag of catnip and putting it into the receptacle is kind of a mess. The double-sided adhesive strips lasted about an hour and the whole thing fell off and catnip went everywhere, so we removed those and used the adhesive strips that come with Command hooks; that works great. I haven't tried to remove the brush to clean it because it hasn't been necessary yet. But I will say that so far, this is the best $5 I have ever spent!" –Rachel Mack

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    29. A cleaning putty to easily (and kind of fun-ly!) clean your car air conditioner vents, laptop keyboard, cupholders, remote buttons, and any other tricky little areas where dust and crumbs accumulate when you have a few spare moments.

    Model using the putty to clean out an air vent

    Promising review: "I used to hate cleaning now I love it. This is the best thing I've ever bought. Thank you." —Kai

    Get it from Amazon for $9.29.

    30. A hard water stain cleaner reviewers swear by to banish the peskiest dried water stains and soap scum from glass shower doors, faucets, tiles, you name it.

    A reviewer's before and after showing how it removed the water stains from a shower door making it clear again

    Promising review: "Ok, here is the first review in my life, as I usually can't be bothered. This product shocked me and deserves to be famous. It completely blew my mind. I have no idea what kind of magic is in this bottle but I have tried literally everything to remove the hard water drops/film/residue/whatever you call it, from our glass shower door. I'm talking hard, white texture that you cannot scratch off at all! For two years. I tried harsh chemicals, industrial stuff recommended by my plumber, ammonia, soaked it in vinegar, soda etc. Then I came across this, ordered, put some on a sponge, drew a square to test it out, couple minutes later rubbed it slightly and... ran outside screaming for hubby to come see the miracle of glossy again, see-through shower door! No idea about other uses, but i don't even care, this is the best thing that happened in 2020 😜" —PuniaFdesign

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    31. An anti-fogging spray to keep your glasses crystal clear while you stay Masked-Up. One quick spritz, let it sit and dry on your lenses, and you're good to go!

    A reviewer in a mask and glasses with no fogging, and holding the spray bottle

    Promising review: "Best product of 2020. Working in healthcare with the current pandemic it has been a pain having my goggles continuously fog up thanks to my mask. My coworkers and I recently found this product and it has been probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2020! Thanks to fog gone my goggles no longer fog up during my 12 hour shift! I have recommended this product to several people and will continue to do so!" —Lauren Blais

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

    32. A Baby Foot exfoliating peel that'll make dead, dry, rough foot skin a distant memory. Just pop the mitts on your feet, sit with them on for an hour, then take 'em off and live your life. A few days later you can just sit back and watch your dead, dry skin fall right off.

    A reviewer's feet mid-peel

    I have also used Babyfoot and it...reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyyyy works!

    Promising reviews: "Best $25 ever spent. We aren’t able to get pedicures during social isolation, but sandal season is coming nonetheless! It’s a weeklong process, but no better time to do it than now." —mshillot

    "I'm obsessed. This stuff works exactly as expected. Definitely soak feet for about an hour, put on booties for an hour, then rinse with soap and water. Soak every day after, and for the next two weeks, for five to ten minutes...wear socks as much as you can and at least for 20-30 min after daily soak. Tops of your feet and ankles will not peel off in sheets, but that skin is usually much softer than bottom of the foot. Bottom of feet and toes started peeling about 48 hours after treatment. Big peeling started about 24 hours after that. This even softened the feel of two large surgical scars on my ankle and foot. Tips: Do NOT moisturize at all during peeling process. Don't do this within 2 weeks of having your bare feet exposed to the's kind of gross in a neat way. I have very sensitive skin and didn't get any kind of irritation. It's impossible to NOT peel the huge pieces, but make sure you stop peeling if you get resistance. Soak for 10-15 min and wait for the skin to soften if you must peel. You don't want to create wounds or sore spots. I'm hooked and will do this again and again." —Shannon

    Get it from Amazon for $25.

    33. A reusable Revlon oil-absorbing roller stick with a ball made of volcanic stone that sucks the excess shine right off your face. Just pop it out and give it a wash once in a while and you can reuse it over and over and over again!

    The rollerball stick on a pile of volcanic stone

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    Promising reviews: "Best purchase i have ever made. Oily skin type ppl definitely need this. Life changing." —Estefania Barros

    "This... this! I don't know what sort of sorcery this is, but this thing totally works, and it's freaking me out! I tested it by standing outside for a few mins (I live in the south, very humid) and then came back inside and rolled it along my nose. Sucked that oil right up!! I cannot believe I have been wasting money on blotting paper when this was out there (and reusable)! Totally buying some for my sister and friends. If you're on the fence about it, JUST BUY IT!" —Stellar

    34. A mug warmer to keep your coffee, tea, ho cho, hot toddy, nice and toasty while you power through your work during the colder months without having to interrupt yourself for a trip to the microwave.

    A reviewer's mug on the round coaster-like warmer

    Some reviewers recommend popping a piece of foil or a lid on top for extra heating power.

    Promising review: "Literally the best purchase! I am a teacher and my coffee and teas get cold in between lessons. With this I can make my drinks in the morning and it still be warm by lunch!!" —Gretchen

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    35. A pair of thick *sherpa*-lined sweatpant joggers which are basically like a giant hug for your legs. Can you *imagine* a comfier pair of pants??


    Most reviewers recommend sizing up!

    Promising review: "I'm taking a trip up north and wanted to make sure I was warm. These are honestly the best thing I've ever bought!! They are super soft and insulating on the inside. I bought a medium because I didn't know what to expect. They fit but are slightly baggy which is fine because they are super comfortable. Will definitely be buying more in the future! Best sweatpants ever!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and five colors, plus three colors without the sherpa lining).

    36. A chunky knit satin-lined winter beanie to keep your head toasty warm when the temperatures drop *and* help protect your hair from damage and moisture loss without disrupting your style or curl pattern.

    Beautifully Warm

    It's also super stretchy to fit your hair!

    Promising review: "I purchased this in December and was skeptical but let me tell you. It was the best purchase ever. Talk about saving my natural hair and not messing up my hairstyle. I love this cap and will be purchasing more. It's a game changer. Wished I would have saw sooner. Plus it keeps my head warm. Others says it big but it's ok cause it slouches and when I go to the salon and get my hair curled I throw it on and I live in Minnesota so the weather does a number on our type of hair. That satin lined hat keeps my head warm and my style tight....." —hlc1976

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in 10 colors and packs of two).

    Beautifully Warm is a Black-owned business that makes satin-lined hats including both winter styles like he one above, plus and cap-style hats with a scrunchie in the back designed for natural hair. They make kids' sizes too!

    37. And a cute little buffalo plaid iced coffee koozie, because it's iced coffee season all year round (I refuse to hear otherwise) but we'd like to keep our fingertips from freezing.

    A smoothie in the koozie

    It comes in three sizes to fit whatever iced coffee cup size you like, whether from Dunkies, Starbs, or your local brewer.

    Promising review: "THE BEST THING I'VE BOUGHT! I use this for all sorts of different sizes of cups and drinks and it has literally worked on all of them. I also used it for my iced coffee at my sons baseball games during the summer and there was no sweat from the cup which is very helpful. Also felt as tho it helped keep my stuff cold too!" —McKenzie

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

    38. A pair of Apple Airpods reviewers say are a must if you have an iPhone or other Apple products. They pair easily, stay comfortably in your ears all day, and sound great!

    the airpods

    Get them from Amazon for $124.99 (currently 21% off the original price of $159).

    Promising reviews: "I was sooooo hesitant on purchasing AirPods. I’ve been plotting on the idea for months, literally. Let me start by saying, I AM SO HAPPY I FINALLY DID. I actually ordered my boyfriend a pair too. Prior to owning Airpods my only wireless headphones were Beats Solo 3s. What a difference, AirPods are so convenient, comfortable, reliable, and so much more! The sound is awesome and they are so easy to operate. I’d recommend them to everyone and I’d say if you’ve been hesitant like I have you should take the leap!" —Sierra

    "Wish I would have bought them years ago. Best purchase I have ever made. These are life changing." —Brian Kling

    39. An electric fabric defuzzer because hand-picking all the pills off your favorite sweater, leggings, or sheets is just plain annoying. This under -$15 tool will bring anything back to its former glory!

    A reviewer's before/after of a sweater sleeve to show how many pills it removed

    These'll shave 'em right off with one pass — without damaging your sweaters.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.71 (available in seven colors).

    Promising review: "This is the best product I have ever bought! Magical de-fuzzer! We did my daughter's soccer socks and they are brand new. Also did two t-shirts and are new. Very easy to use. Just make sure to clean out the fuzz chamber because it will fill quickly. Everyone needs one!" —Steve E.

    Learn more about it in This Magical Fabric Defuzzer Will Absolutely Change Your Life.

    40. An under-the-sink water filtration system to help you kiss your Brita goodbye and pour a glass of the good stuff straight from the tap. And fun fact: It's designed to be installed in under three minutes.


    It has a two-step filter that removes 99.99% of contaminants, and it comes with direct connect hoses to hook right up to the standard 3/8-inch valves in US kitchen sinks. That image on the right? What a reviewer's filter looks like after five months of use in Houston, Texas.

    Promising reviews: "The best purchase I've made. Installed it under the kitchen sink, stopped buying cases of bottled water. Drinking LA tap water, I never thought it was possible. Tastes great." —Paul

    "We have town water and it seems they are putting more and more chlorine in it every year. We should be getting used to it and tasting it less and less, not more! The refrigerator filters are super expensive and weren't cutting it. Every time I put a glass to my mouth it smelled like a swimming pool. I searched the internet and decided to give this a try due to the positive reviews and affordability. Wow! easy install (I'm an avid DIYer). And the taste! The chlorine taste is just gone! No more overpriced fridge filters for us. I love that the filter replacement procedure is basically the same as a fridge. Just twist and remove. We love it so much I teed off the fridge line and put a dispenser at our sink as well. The flow on this thing is just amazing! And the water tastes great! Don't waste your money on the expensive, complicated ones. My parents have a three-chambered, name brand filter at their house. It was expensive, the replacement filters are expensive, it is a pain in the petunias to replace the filters, and the flow rate is pathetic! But guess what! Our water from this filter tastes just as good as theirs at a fraction of the price, plus it's way more convenient, plus the flow rate is way better. I just can't say enough. Love, Love it! You will too!" —BJ

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    41. A FURemover rubber broom that, despite the name, isn't just for those with shedding pets (altho it's great for that) — as one of my BuzzFeed shopping colleague knows first hand, it's also great at getting *human* hair out of carpets.

    It works on all floor types, but is *especially* great on carpet. *And* it has a built-in squeegee great for cleaning up spills on hard surfaces.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.98.

    Promising review: "Best $12 investment of 2020! By this photo, you'd probably never want to step foot in my home but I swear we clean (at least I thought we did!) and this was fur you couldn't even see in the carpet 😳 We have a cheap vacuum and couldn't afford one of the nice ones yet.. this was intended as a Hail Mary to hold off the big expense. My sweet pup was kind enough to model next to her fur floof for comparison. I use the flat squeegee side for the carpet (quick scrapes across carpet do best) and the rubber broom side for hardwood." —Lauren S

    42. A Waterpik that'll take all the work out of flossing (including...buying floss at all). Just aim the nozzle, and a targeted jet of water'll get right in between your teeth, removing plaque and food particles without irritating your gums — or cutting off the circulation to your fingertips like regular floss.


    This model has an on/off switch right on the handle so you can pause easily without squirting water all over your bathroom. It comes with seven flossing tips for different needs, including for crowns and implants — this is great for braces, too!

    Get it from Amazon for $69.97.

    Promising reviews: "My hygienist at the dentist office recommended I buy one of these. This is the best thing I ever bought works, just fantastic! I love it." —robert taylor

    "This thing is a necessity. That's how strongly I feel about it after a month of usage. I had regularly used floss and felt that it was adequate, but decided to purchase a Waterpik because it was on sale and I was bored. Wow. This is one of the most important purchases I've made in years. I feel like a good analogy would be to try imagining cleaning the hard-to-reach parts of your vehicle with a rope. You've done it for years because it's all you know. Then enters the pressure washer, which allows you to blast things to smithereens. Floss = rope, Waterpik = pressure washer. Bam. Done. Not going back as long as it works." —Damian

    Check our our review of a different Waterpik model to learn more about water flossing!

    43. A handy dandy portable charger for all those times you leave the house without checking how much battery power you have. Oh, am I the only one who does that?

    The charger with text "high speed charging. 2.4A output for each USB port makes it charge faster"

    This has two USB ports to charge two devices at a time, and it holds enough juice to charge THREE iPhone 8s — so it's ok if you forget to charge *this* bb all the time too.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    Promising reviews: "We love ours!!! The best thing we have bought this year!"—Wendy

    "This thing is amazing & I’d give it 20 stars If I could!! You will NOT be disappointed! My phone was at 48%, I plugged this in, and in 45 minutes it was up to 100% with plenty of charge left in the charger bank!! I plug it in at night after I use it and it’s fully recharged in a couple hours — and it has awesome light to show you how much it’s charged. It’s flat and fits in my purse or pool bag perfectly. The quality is fantastic & better than any other bank I’ve owned!!" —shayk

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