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41 Little Things That Made Us Smile In 2013

Thank you, internet.

1. The discovery that there is a walnut that looks like Chewbacca.

2. The fact this happened on Countdown.

3. This uplifting London Underground sign.

4. This cat that looks like Guy Fawkes.

5. The penis-shaped church that someone spotted on Google Maps.

6. These movie posters improved by sloths.

7. The weird pixel glitch that gave Nigel Farage a Hitler 'stache on BBC News.

8. This truly spectacular headline.

9. The Ed Balls meme.

Which ran and ran, and yet somehow never stopped being funny.

10. The sight of Game of Thrones' Robb Stark on the Tube.

11. (Though Jay Z and Chris Martin commuting to their gig at the O2 was pretty special too.)

12. This flooring contractor/punning genius.

13. This chalkboard.

14. This Amazon review of Morrissey's autobiography.

15. The discovery that Terry Pratchett wears this T-shirt to conventions.

16. This sticker.

17. Benedict Cumberbatch's message for the paparazzi.

18. This sign, spotted in a Dublin branch of Spar.

19. These instructions on how to kiss a girl, from 1916.

20. This sign outside a pub.

21. And this one.

22. These kids who dressed up as Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse for Halloween.

23. The discovery that James Blunt is amazing at Twitter.

24. The time Lady Gaga hung out with Dot Cotton.

25. Private Eye's take on the royal birth.

26. The guy who trolled Brighton with a series of fake planning notices.

27. When the #askGaryBarlow hashtag took a turn for the surreal.

28. When this golf club's wartime rules — possibly the most British thing ever — went viral.

29. When three columns lined up perfectly in The Argus.

30. This Thor pun, which Charmin tweeted then deleted.

31. The Simpsons obsessive who actually built the Homer car.

32. John Lewis, aka the most patient and polite man on Twitter.

33. This important news event.

34. These kitchen items, which only make sense after about five seconds of looking at them.

35. The phenomenon of mascots observing minute's silences at football matches.

36. When the royal baby became a meme.

37. Cats, explained in one GIF.

38. The realisation that David Cameron looks like a cardboard box...

39. That Miley Cyrus looks like a horse...

40. That bats turned upside down look like they're having an awesome dance party...

41. And that this is the only Postman Pat GIF on the entire internet.