Best Of The Ed Balls Meme

The funniest, silliest thing on Twitter right now.

1. Almost two years ago, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls tweeted his own name by mistake.

2. For some reason he never deleted it. Which means people retweet and reference it to this day.

4. The “Ed Balls” tweet has assumed legendary status. There’s even a Facebook group devoted to it.

5. The popularity of the meme ebbs and flows, but right now we appear to be approaching Peak Balls.

Created using the Ed Balls Bookmarklet tool, which enables you to “Ed Ballsify” any website.

6. He’s even acknowledged it himself.

7. Here are a few highlights.

10. The film posters.

12. The high school yearbook.

13. The ‘spot the Balls’.

14. The classic movie scenes.

16. The imaginary film endings.

The camera pulls back and we see a snow globe fall from a dying man's hand. We cut to a close-up of his mouth, and he whispers: "Ed Balls"

— ultrabrilliant (@Andy Kelly)

*Ed Balls lies bloodied on the battlefield, cradled by a medic* "Tell my wife... urgh... tell her... Ed... Balls."

— ultrabrilliant (@Andy Kelly)

*The Monolith pulls Ed Balls through a tunnel of dazzling coloured light* "My god," he whispers, breathless. "Ed Balls."

— ultrabrilliant (@Andy Kelly)

19. The Leeroy Jenkins.

Explanation here, for the uninitiated.

20. The doctored photos.

22. Of course, there’s a danger all this could become rather repetitive.

23. Some people are even starting to wonder: Will there come a time when retweeting the words ‘Ed Balls’ will cease to be funny?

24. And the answer, of course, is no.

25. We must continue to hammer this joke into the ground, at every available opportunity.

26. For thine is the kingdom.

27. The power and the glory.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

28. Forever and ever.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

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