John Lewis Is The Most Patient And Polite Man On Twitter

What a hero.

1. When you share your name with a famous retail store, you might expect this sort of thing to happen from time to time.

3. After a while, you might start to find the constant stream of mistakenly addressed tweets a little annoying.

5. You might even lose your temper.

7. But not this guy.

9. No, John Lewis replies to every single one.

11. Each reply is different, and each one is amazingly polite.

13. He’s been doing this for three months now.

15. In fact, he never tweets about anything else. Which might lead you to suspect that this is a social media stunt designed to promote John Lewis.

17. But no, John Lewis is a real person.

19. He just happens to be an unbelievably patient and kindhearted one.

21. John Lewis, the people of Britain salute you.

22. UPDATE - 12:15 p.m., Nov. 11, 2013: And now John Lewis — the retailer — has responded.

Hi @johnlewis - thanks so much for all your efforts directing people to us. We'd love to send you a gift. Please can you DM us your address?

— johnlewisretail (@John Lewis)

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