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33 Things That Would Be Different If "Supernatural" Took Place In Canada

Even if it's basically Canadian already.

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1. The Winchesters would say sorry after killing something.

2. Bobby's place would be a cottage in Muskoka.

3. Sam would grow his luscious locks into a hockey mullet.

4. Their stash of fake IDs would include health cards for every province.

5. The Winchesters would be from Saskatoon instead of Lawrence, Kansas.

6. Sam would have been attending UBC law school.

7. Dean and Sam would pretend to be RCMP agents, not FBI.


8. There would be way fewer guns.

9. Sam and Dean would deter demons and prevent slipping with sidewalk salt.

10. "The Darkness" would just be known as "Canadian Winter."

11. When Sam began drinking demon's blood, it would taste like donair sauce, so Dean would totally understand.

12. Anytime a case calls for Sam and Dean to drive across Saskatchewan, they'd say "fuck it."

13. In fact, everyone would pretty much be dead by the time they drove to jobs.

14. Dean would be obsessed with butter tarts instead of pie.

15. And he'd always order poutine instead of burgers.

16. Bobby would call Sam and Dean "hoser" instead of "idjits."

17. Dean would play Rush, Neil Young and April Wine while driving in the Impala.

18. Before joining "Supernatural," Jensen Ackles would have started out on Degrassi.

19. Crowley would greet Dean and Sam with "g'day b'ys."

20. Instead of a magic, demon-killing Colt, it would be a magical demon-killing snow shovel.

21. Instead of pharmaceuticals, the Leviathan would take over the maple syrup cartel.

22. Instead of reading The Hobbit to her mom, Charlie would read Anne of Green Gables.

23. Don Cherry would definitely be a demon.

24. Castiel would wear a Canada Goose parka instead of a trench coat.

25. The First Blade would have been made from a moose antler.

26. The mark of Cain would be shaped like a maple leaf.

27. Instead of Teddy, a plush Bonhomme would have come to life before becoming addicted to booze and porn in "Wishful Thinking."

28. The Supernatural book series would have been adapted into an underwhelming CBC primetime series before being cancelled after two seasons.

29. Instead of a Gas-N-Sip, Castiel would have gotten a job at Tim Hortons.

30. And he would have broken the Iced Capp machine.

31. When Erin Karpluk showed up, Sam would be like, "Hey, aren't you the girl from Being Erica?"

32. The writers would have let Dean and Cas get married by now.

33. And Sheriff Donna Hanscum would be exactly the same.