161 Disney Trivia Questions And Answers Only Real Superfans Will Know

    I definitely did not know all of these. But hey, maybe you will!

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, are you the smartest of them all? Use these trivia questions at your next Disney movie night to find out! We've rounded up questions about your favorite flicks — from The Lion King to Frozen — that only true Disney fans will be able to answer.

    Elsa from Frozen

    You'll want to brush up on your Disney trivia before you work on these. Answers included, because we didn't want to leave you hanging.

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    1. At the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, what does Belle say the story she's just finished reading is about?

    2. Which of these Princesses is not actually (or doesn't marry into) royalty: Belle, Mulan, Aurora, or Merida?


    3. How many fairies take care of Aurora in Sleeping Beauty?

    Three: Flora, Fauna, and Merrywether

    4. What's this character's name/number in Soul?

    5. What is the name of the toy store in Toy Story 2?

    Al's Toy Barn

    6. Where does Mike Wazowski take his girlfriend Celia for her birthday dinner in Monster's, Inc.?


    7. Who does Tiana fall in love with in The Princess and the Frog?

    Prince Naveen

    8. In Finding Nemo, what's the name of Nemo's mother?


    9. How many Toy Story movies are there?

    Buzz Lightyear posing

    10. What were the first words Mickey Mouse ever spoke?

    "Hot dog!"

    11. What is the name of Ariel and Eric's daughter in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea?


    12. How many ghosts live in the Haunted Mansion?


    13. What type of bug is the main character in A Bug's Life?


    14. What famous actor voiced Lightning McQueen in Cars?

    Owen Wilson

    15. Where does Enchanted take place?

    Giselle running through a park singing

    16. How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have?


    17. How old is Meredith Blake in 1998's The Parent Trap?


    18. What is the name of Goofy's son?


    19. What was the first Pixar movie?

    Toy Story

    20. What does Mulan call herself when pretending to be a man?


    21. What are the names of the fox and the hound from The Fox and the Hound?

    Tod and Copper

    22. Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness guide what girl's emotions in Inside Out?

    The emotions in Inside Out sitting at the table

    23. How old is Crush in Finding Nemo?


    24. What is the name of Italian restaurant where Lady and the Tramp have spaghetti?

    Tony’s Restaurant

    25. What does "hakuna matata" mean?

    "No worries"

    26. How many brothers does Prince Hans of the Southern Isles have in Frozen?


    27. Who trained Hercules to be a hero?

    Hercules smiling in a toga

    28. What is the name of Wendy's dog in Peter Pan?


    29. Which Disney princess sings "Once Upon A Dream"?


    30. What year was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released?


    31. True or false: Prince Eric had an old English sheepdog in The Little Mermaid.


    32. In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana's dream is to renovate what kind of building into her restaurant?

    Tiana wears a tiara and gown and looks at a frog.

    33. What did Aladdin steal from the marketplace?

    A loaf of bread

    34. What circus did Dumbo and his mother belong to?


    35. In Beauty and the Beast, which animals does Belle show her book to in the town square?


    36. True or false: Moana was the first truly “original” Disney animated feature film.


    37. In 101 Dalmatians, what TV show was the pups' favorite?


    38. How many sisters does Ariel have?


    39. In Frozen, on what side of her head does Anna get her platinum blonde streak?


    40. What year did Disneyland open?


    41. Name this baby lion from The Lion King.

    42. In Beauty and the Beast, what does Gaston say he is roughly the size of?

    A barge

    43. What is the name of Prince Phillip's father in Sleeping Beauty?

    King Hubert

    44. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    45. What does Madame Medusa run in The Rescuers?

    A pawn shop

    46. Where did Cinderella get the first dress she tried to wear to the ball?

    It was her late mother's dress. 

    47. Which classic ride can be found at every Disney Park around the world?

    48. What is Scar doing when he first appears in The Lion King?

    Playing with a mouse he is going to eat

    49. True or false: Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana wear opera gloves to signify that they married into royalty.


    50. What does Rapunzel use as a weapon against Flynn in Tangled?

    A frying pan

    51. True or false: The names of the kittens in The Aristocats are Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz?

    52. Which music legend "refused" to audition for Princess and the Frog?


    53. True or false: Sleeping Beauty was a box office flop.


    54. What series of letters and numbers are hidden in every Pixar movie?


    55. Which Disney movie got recalled because there was a topless woman seen in the background?

    The Rescuers

    56. Which rock band was originally meant to voice the vultures in The Jungle Book?

    The Beatles

    57. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    58. Which real-life drag queen inspired Ursula from The Little Mermaid?

    Divine, a Baltimore drag queen who frequently collaborated with John Waters

    59. Whose castle is the centerpiece of Magic Kingdom?


    60. What '80s heartthrob inspired Aladdin?

    61. What's Boo's real name in Monsters Inc.?


    62. What color does Disney use to signify evil in its movies?

    Lime green

    63. What is the most expensive Disney movie ever made?


    64. Which movie is The Evil Queen the antagonist in?

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    65. Finish this lyric: "Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun. Wanderin' free, wish I could be __."

    "Part of that world!"

    66. Which actor/comedian provided the voice of Mushu in Mulan?

    67. Which movie ends with a rainbow-covered ocean, followed by a final shot of a princess and prince kissing?

    The Little Mermaid

    68. What "gift" does Bruno from Encanto possess?

    The ability to see into the future

    69. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    70. When Anna asks Elsa if she wants to build a snowman and Elsa says, "Go away, Anna!" what does Anna reply?

    "OK, bye."

    71. What's the name of the cave from Aladdin?

    The Cave of Wonders

    72. What color are Rapunzel's eyes?


    73. What are Cinderella's stepsisters' names?

    Drizella and Anastasia

    74. How many thieves does Ali Baba have according to the opening line of "Friend Like Me?" ("Well, Ali Baba, he had them __ thieves")


    75. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    76. What is everyone gathered to celebrate before Wreck-It Ralph destroys the cake?

    The 30th anniversary of Fix it Felix, Jr. 

    77. Which ride has the unique distinction of being placed in a different land in every Disney Park that has it?

    78. What's the name of the song from Pocahontas that won two Academy Awards for Best Musical or Comedy Score AND Best Original Song?

    "Colors of the Wind."

    79. What does Elsa say she is "one with" when she's singing "Let It Go?"

    "The wind and sky."

    80. When Beast presents Belle with a mirror that'll show her anything she wishes, what does she ask to see?

    Her father

    81. What color are Mirabel's glasses in Encanto?


    82. In Big Hero 6, what falls from Tadashi as he runs into a burning building that Hiro picks up and keeps?

    His hat

    83. What item does Joe ask for when he's seated at the barber shop in Soul?

    A lollipop

    84. Who was the first Disney princess?

    Snow White

    85. Which princess is based on a real person?


    86. What's the prince's name in The Little Mermaid?

    Prince Eric

    87. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    88. Who's the villain in Sleeping Beauty?


    89. InThe Lion King, who does Simba marry?


    90. How old is Snow White?


    91. What is the name of the kingdom in Aladdin?


    92. Where does Tiana live?

    New Orleans

    93. Which country is Belle from?

    94. Who is Rapunzel's love interest?

    Flynn Rider

    95. What animal does Merida turn her mother into?

    A bear

    96. What name does Ursula take when she's disguised as a human?


    97. What is the name of Jasmine's tiger?


    98. What is Snow White poisoned with?

    An apple

    99. Who is the leader of the seven dwarfs?


    100. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    101. Who voices Rapunzel?

    Mandy Moore

    102. Who is Princess Aurora's true love in Sleeping Beauty?

    Prince Phillip

    103. Who voiced the genie in Aladdin?

    Robin Williams

    104. Who is Ariel's best friend?


    105. Who is the villain in Aladdin?


    106. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh replaced which attraction at the Magic Kingdom?

    107. What year did The Princess and the Frog come out?


    108. What was the name of the high school in High School Musical?

    East High

    109. What is the name of the sea turtle father from Finding Nemo?


    110. What is the name of the critic who Remy must impress in Ratatouille?

    Anton Ego

    111. Where are Carl and Russell trying to go on their adventure in Up?

    Paradise Falls

    112. What number is Lightning McQueen in Cars?


    113. True or false: Princess Aurora has only 15 lines and appears onscreen for only 15 minutes.


    114. What was Stitch's experiment number in Lilo & Stitch?


    115. In The Incredibles, what was Violet's superpower?


    116. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    117. What is the name of Ariel's loyal crab companion in The Little Mermaid?


    118. What is the name of the group of boys who help Peter in Peter Pan?

    The Lost Boys

    119. What is Cinderella's slipper made out of?


    120. What is the name of Tiana's restaurant at the end of The Princess and the Frog?

    Tiana's Palace

    121. What are the names of Ursula's hench-eels?

    Flotsam and Jetsam

    122. In Mary Poppins, what animal is carved on the handle of her umbrella?

    A parrot

    123. In Toy Story, how does Andy first get Buzz Lightyear?

    For his birthday

    124. When Alice meets the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, what are they celebrating?


    125. What did Dawn Bellwether shoot Nick Wilde with at the end of Zootopia?

    A blueberry

    126. Who is the main villain in Pocahontas?


    127. What does Flynn Rider think the problem with his "wanted" poster is in Tangled?

    They just can't get his nose right

    128. What is the name of Belle's dad in Beauty and the Beast?


    129. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    130. True or false: The actor who voiced Prince Eric was only 16 years old.


    131. Complete this quote from Mushu in Mulan: "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your ____"


    132. In Raya and the Last Dragon, which is NOT an area of Kumandra?


    133. What year did the Magic Kingdom open?

    134. Singer Lea Salonga performed the songs for two Disney princesses. Which ones?

    Jasmine and Mulan

    135. How many puppies does Perdita give birth to at the start of 101 Dalmatians?


    136. What appetizer is Kronk making for Kuzco that he almost burns in The Emperor's New Groove?

    Spinach puffs

    137. What business does Miguel's family have in Coco?


    138. Which musical is Wall-E obsessed with?

    Hello, Dolly!

    139. Which Disney princess sings the song "Once Upon a Dream"?


    140. What's the first monster Hercules fights when he arrives in Thebes?


    141. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    142. What tattoo does Moana's grandmother have on her back?

    Manta ray

    143. What's the name of the giant whale that swallows Pinocchio?


    144. In The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible finds the skeleton of which former superhero in a cave on Syndrome's island?


    145. How many themed lands does Disneyland have?

    146. What's the first dish Remy cooks with Linguine at Gusteau's?


    147. Only one Disney princess has a living mother and a deceased father. Which one?


    148. Which Disney princess has a chameleon as a sidekick?


    149. Where does Nemo end up when he's captured in Finding Nemo?

    Sydney, Australia

    150. In Beauty and the Beast, how long does Lumiére say the curse has lasted during "Be Our Guest"?

    10 years

    151. What animal does Yzma turn into at the end of The Emperor's New Groove?


    152. What type of animal was Robin in the movie Robin Hood?


    153. Hercules is the son of two Greek gods. Which ones?

    Zeus and Hera

    154. Which movie is this the opening frame of?

    155. In Coco, how did Ernesto de la Cruz die?

    A bell fell on him

    156. In The Princess and the Frog, which object is Ray in love with, thinking it's a firefly?

    A star

    157. What does Carl give Russell as his merit badge in Up?

    A soda cap

    158. Which attraction operated from 1957 to 1967 in Tomorrowland?

    Monsanto House of the Future

    159. Complete this lyric from Mulan: "We must be swift as a _____ river"


    160. What is Minnie Mouse's full first name?


    161. In what "land" inside of the Magic Kingdom is Pirates of the Caribbean located?


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