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    14 Celebrities Who Were Booed By Audiences And Handled It Perfectly

    Recently, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, and Emma Stone have all made headlines for their playful reactions to getting booed by massive audiences.

    Performing or appearing in front of a crowd is one of the most nerve-racking experiences you can have. You're most likely worried about messing up or what everyone else is thinking you. When you make your living that way, the crowd's reaction can impact your career — and so can the way you handle it.

    Here are 14 celebs who were booed by audiences and how they handled it:

    1. When Mila Kunis visited Jimmy Kimmel Live, an audience member booed her for not being a New Yorker, but she responded by poking fun at them right back: "What's wrong with your audience? Very New York of you. Very New York."

    Mila smiling at Jimmy

    The audience again booed her when she said that, after moving to the US from Ukraine as a kid, she had pizza for the first time in LA rather than New York City. 

    "LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!" she said, eliciting more boos, which continued as she revealed that she doesn't actually like pizza. However, by the end of the interview, she'd won the audience over with her witty replies.

    2. Emma Stone and her husband, Dave McCary, also experienced booing at the hands of loyal New Yorkers when the Jumbotron showed them wearing head-to-toe San Diego Padres attire to the game against the Mets in Queens. However, they smiled and "cheers"-ed their drinks to the camera.

    Dave and Emma raising their drinks

    3. When the Jumbotron showed Kim Kardashian at a Los Angeles Rams game, she blew a kiss to the camera, but the crowd booed. Unfazed, she continued to smile and wave until it panned away.

    Kim wearing large sunglasses and blowing a kiss on the Jumbotron

    4. Similarly, Kim's younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner were booed at a Rams game a few years earlier when the Jumbotron showed their faces to the stadium. Taking it in stride, Kendall blew kisses to the camera.

    A blurry Kendall on the Jumbotron

    5. Sometimes, however, ignoring the hecklers is the best policy — which is exactly what Taylor Swift did when fans booed her for not engaging with them when they waited outside her longtime friend Abigail Anderson Berard's wedding.

    Taylor holding a bouquet and a wedding dress

    6. Other times, the best choice is to walk away rather than engage. Two songs into her performance at V Festival, "Want U Back" singer Cher Lloyd was pelted with a bottle of urine. She walked offstage but quickly returned, telling the crowd, "It's hard enough being up here, but it's not nice having bottles of piss chucked at you." More bottles flew her way, so she ended the show.

    Cher wearing a hat and holding a microphone

    Addressing the situation on Twitter, she said, "Thank you so much for all the nice messages, shame that a couple of people had to ruin it. Tomorrow is another day."

    7. When the Kristen Stewart–led movie Personal Shopper premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, the audience hissed and groaned as the credits rolled. However, she laughed it off at the press conference, saying, "Hey, everyone did not boo."

    Kristen on a panel speaking into a microphone

    8. Matthew McConaughey also got booed at Cannes after his The Sea of Trees premiere. At the subsequent press conference, he said, "I'd just simply say, anyone has as much right to boo as to ovate."

    Matthew speaking into a microphone

    9. During Camila Cabello's performance at the UEFA Champions League Final, Liverpool FC and Real Madrid fans chanted their teams' anthems over her singing. Calling them out in since-deleted tweets, she said, "Very rude but whatever. I'M GLAD U GUYS LOVED IT!!!"

    Camila wearing a tassled two-piece outfit and singing into a microphone

    She also tweeted, "Playing back our performance and I can't believe people were singing their teams anthem so loud during our performance. Like my team and I worked tirelessly for so long to bring right vibes and give a good show."

    10. Drake was booed off the stage when he made a surprise appearance at Tyler, the Creator's music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Joking about it on Instagram afterward, he said, "Plot twist...just signed a 10 year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw."

    Close-up of Drake in a turtleneck

    "Sorry kids see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30," he said.

    11. For her first performance following her infamous Saturday Night Live lip-synching scandal, Ashlee Simpson played the Orange Bowl. The crowd wasn't having it, but she didn't let their bad reaction keep her down, telling MTV, "Maybe they were booing at me, maybe they were booing at the halftime show 'cause the whole thing sucked. ... You never know. But I can't make everybody happy."

    Ashlee performing onstage

    She continued, "I go from having a No. 1 album and things going great, and all of a sudden, something like SNL happens and boom! You're faced with how mean people can be and criticizing you and stuff. But I've learned a lot about myself through all of this. It's like, I'm not perfect and I'm not going to be perfect. I'm still 20 and a new artist, and I will only grow. And I look forward to continuing to not listen to what one person says and making good music."

    12. At the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber was booed while accepting the Milestone Award. Onstage, he told the crowd, "I’m 19 years old. I think I’m doing a pretty good job. And basically, from my heart I really just want to say, it should really be about the music. It should be about the craft that I’m making, and…this is not a gimmick."

    Justin in sunglasses standing in front of a microphone and holding an award in one hand and putting the other hand on his chest

    He continued, "I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously. All this other bull should not be spoken of."

    13. Similarly, One Direction were booed while accepting the viewer-voted award for Best Song of the Summer at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Ignoring the hatred, they focused on their fans. Harry Styles said, "Wow, we want to say a massive, massive thank-you to all of our fans. We know this was a voted award, so thank you so, so much to everyone who voted. It means very much a lot to us."

    1D onstage, with Harry speaking into a microphone

    Louis Tomlinson added, "What Harry said."

    Liam Payne said, "We can't believe the things our fans have done for us in the past three years, so thank you so, so much. Our movie [This Is Us] comes out next weekend, and this Moonman tops it all off. This one's for you guys. Thank you so much, everybody."

    Lady Gaga reportedly comforted the band backstage, assuring them, "I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have."

    14. And finally, Kevin Hart experienced an audience reaction worse than booing when he performed stand-up at a crab festival. After he told a joke, the audience went silent. One woman said, "No, baby. No. Just give it up, baby," then the crowd starting chanting, "Let us eat our crabs!" At the time, Kevin tried to defend his performance, but later, he turned the experience into a hilarious anecdote for Oprah's Master Class.

    Kevin smiling on the red carpet in a shiny, bright suit

    He said, "They didn’t boo me. They protested me. I would have rather you boo me off the stage, but they act like I was stopping a good, you can’t eat and watch? Y’all can’t do them both at the same time?"