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Mila Kunis Got Booed By Jimmy Kimmel's Audience Multiple Times And Handled It Perfectly

"A symphony of boos..."

This week, actor Mila Kunis appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her latest film, Luckiest Girl Alive.

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Jimmy Kimmel / ABC / Via

The show, which was being filmed in Brooklyn, featured a particularly rowdy audience.

Mila and Jimmy sitting for the interview

After telling a hilarious story about her wardrobe mishap where she had to wear children's leggings cut to make underwear because she forgot hers, Jimmy said, "You seem like you could be a New Yorker, but you're not a New Yorker." Suddenly, someone started to BOO her:

Mila saying, "What?! Who booed?"

Mila handled this in a great way by cracking a joke.

Mila asking Jimmy what's wrong with his audience and then calls them very New York

Mila explained how she was born in Ukraine. She then said how when she came to the United States, she went to Queens, NY, where she had her first burger and Coca-Cola.

Mila and Jimmy sitting across from each other

Jimmy asked her, "Did you have pizza for the first time in New York?" Mila then addressed the audience:

Mila tells the audience, "Are you ready? No"

Then, the audience booed her again.

while the audience boos, mila says, boy this audience is something

"No, I did not have pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizzas growing up, but in LA. LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!" Then, the crowd started to boo again.

the crowd booing

"You know what?! I'm wearing children's underwear for you," Mila said to the audience, who then erupted with laughter.

mila holding her finger up

"There's more to this story — just to get another boo," Mila said. "It was Domino's Pizza." This cued more boos:

Mila saying "it's like a symphony of boos and ahhs"

Then, the actor revealed she actually HATES pizza, which — you guessed it — got her more boos:

Mila with her arms in the air

But in the end, Mila won them over with her jokes and by taking some swigs of tequila with Guillermo.

mila drinking from the tequila bottle

People loved the way Mila won over the tough New York audience:

commenter saying Mila handled the crowd like they were kids
"what a delight Mila is. love her interaction with the crowd"
"She did amazin with that crowd. They were so brutal and she was so generous"

IDK about y'all, but I love Mila. You can watch the full segment here.