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Short Maths Quiz

Lets see if you remember any equations ?

kevinaw3 One month ago

Best Movie weddings

Here's a list of wedding movies that make you believe there is a perfect wedding for you .

kevinaw3 3 months ago

Sex And The City Fashion Looks

I can't believe its been 21 years since Sex and the City came in ours . So lets take a look back one of tv greatest guilty pleasures.

kevinaw3 4 months ago

Kpop Trivia Questions

If your a fan of kpop and then i guess you know the answers to these kpop trivia

kevinaw3 One year ago

Favorite black actress in the 90s

In Celebration of women history month we might as well made article on these beauties who define the whole era of the 90s .These ladies made the 90s one of the best remarkable era

kevinaw3 One year ago