15 Beauty Products That Played A Major Role In Every Black Woman's Success

    May we never forget Ultra Sheen Supreme.

    1. This creamy substance that came with a FIRE cassette tape in each new box.

    2. And this one that never quite laid your hair like the woman's in the commercials.

    3. This sheen that if sprayed too much would DEFINITELY result in your choking.

    4. This pink stuff you couldn't apply too heavily or it would weigh down your wrap.

    5. These 99 cent glosses you bought in every flavor from the hair store.

    6. This distinct smelling grease often applied before your press and curl.

    7. This delightfully fruity gel that had every black girl's doughnut SLICKED!

    8. And this "black gel" we used to lay our baby hairs like Chilli's.

    9. This anti-ash agent that your grandma introduced you to.

    10. Or this one, which is still a mainstay in our community.

    11. Shout out to this balm that your mom used for dry lips, heels, elbow, knees, and the rest of your body.

    12. Can't forget about this slippery oil that made your legs glisten in the summer time.

    13. And this translucent nail polish you wore because your mom said real colors were "too grown."

    14. Also, this scalp reliever that actually just made your scalp worse.

    15. And this concoction that took your crush's waves to new heights😍😍😍.


    * Thumbnail image credit: Tarzhanova via Getty; Filthy Rich Tresses via YouTube.