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45 Famous People You Never Knew Were In THAT Movie Or TV Show

Wow... everyone has been in Law & Order.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which actors they were truly shocked to see in certain movies and TV shows. Here are the surprising results.

1. Ashley Tisdale was a student in Donnie Darko:

Pandora Cinema/ Disney Channel

And now she's Disney Channel royalty.


2. Leo DiCaprio was an extra in Roseanne:

ABC / Warner Bros. Pictures

He's credited as "Darlene's classmate" on IMDb. Not sure if he's done any other acting since then.


3. Octavia Spencer was briefly in Spider-Man:

Sony / 20th Century Fox

Back then she was the check-in lady at the wrestling arena in Spider-Man, but now you probably know this Oscar-winner from The Help or Hidden Figures.


4. Adam Scott was in a few episodes of Boy Meets World:


Remember when Griff Hawkins appeared in Boy Meets World and got to make out with Baywatch's Yasmine Bleeth? I do. I even asked Adam Scott IRL who the better kisser was between Yasmine and his on-screen Parks and Rec wife, Amy Poehler. His response? "Poehler, definitely."


5. Aubrey Plaza was an NBC page on 30 Rock:


She had one line in the episode, but I think she's doing OK for herself now.


6. Scarlett Johansson was the sister in Home Alone 3:

Hughes Entertainment / Marvel

You probably know Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, but die-hard fans will always remember her as Kevin's older sister in Home Alone 3.

—Shubham Deo Pujan, Facebook

7. John Huertas was in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch:


That's right! The guy who plays Miguel on This Is Us was Brad from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.


8. Dianna Agron was the girl who could fit her whole first in her mouth on Drake & Josh:

Nickelodeon / Fox

It was only a matter of time before she found a temporary home on Glee.


9. Shia LaBeouf was an extra in Freaks and Geeks:


LaBeouf played the school mascot in Freaks and Geeks, but he'll always be Louis Stevens to me.


10. Amy Adams was the purse saleswoman in The Office:

NBC / BBC America

She guest-starred on The Office the same year she was nominated for an Oscar. Since then, she's been nominated for five of them. A true icon.


11. James Marsden was in two episodes of The Nanny:


From The Nanny, to X-Men, to 30 Rock, to Westworld, James Mardsen's cheekbones have always been sharp enough to grate cheese. Amen.


12. Kevin Hart was in Along Came Polly:

Universal Pictures / ABC

His character was a sound guy who was filming a documentary. A true glow-up.


13. Hayden Panettiere was Dot in A Bug's Life:

Disney / ABC

Yup! The Heroes and Nashville star was the voice of Dot in Pixar's A Bug's Life.


14. Stan Lee was a wedding guest in The Princess Diaries 2:

Disney / Marvel

This superhero creator is undoubtedly the king of cameos.


15. Ben Affleck was a frightened basketball player in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie:

20th Century Fox

The Buffy movie premiered just a few years before Affleck won his first Oscar.


16. Seth MacFarlane was in a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls:

WB / BBC America

That was pre-Family Guy fame, though.


17. Steve Buscemi was the guidance counselor in The Adventures of Pete & Pete:

Nickelodeon / HBO

And he even guest-starred on that Nickelodeon show ~after~ starring in Reservoir Dogs.

—Kristin Johnson, Facebook

18. Rachel McAdams was in an episode of The Famous Jett Jackson:

Disney Channel / Warner Bros. Pictures

Queen of Disney Channel cameos. So fetch, right?


19. Jessica Alba was a bully in The Secret World of Alex Mack:

Nickelodeon / NBC

From Nickelodeon cameos to being a badass entrepreneur, she founded The Honest Company, which was reportedly worth over $1.7 billion last year. Holy ravioli.


20. Sara Ramirez was the cashier in You've Got Mail:

Warner Bros. Pictures / ABC

But you probably know her best as Dr. Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy or for her Tony Award-winning role in Spamalot.


21. Simon Helberg was a nerd in A Cinderella Story:

Warner Bros. Pictures / CBS

And now he plays one on The Big Bang Theory!


22. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were in Barney & Friends:

PBS / /

They were both on the show for two years. Iconic.


23. Ryan Gosling was in an episode of Goosebumps:

Fox Kids / Summit Entertainment

The episode was called "Say Cheese and Die." Since then, he's been nominated for two Oscars.


24. Jennifer Aniston was in the first Leprechaun movie:

Trimark Pictures / Netflix

The movie was released the year right before Friends came out.


25. Eric Stonestreet was murdered in the first season of American Horror Story:


The Modern Family star took a more serious role in one of the scariest AHS episodes to date.


26. Don Cheadle was in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

NBC / Showtime

The Oscar nominee appeared as the character Ice Tray in one episode.


27. Christian Bale was in Pocahontas:

Disney / Warner Bros. Pictures

He was the voice of Thomas!


28. Halle Berry was in Jungle Fever:

Universal Pictures / 20th Century Fox

Jungle Fever, directed by Spike Lee, was her very first movie role in 1991. She even gave Lee a special shoutout during her Oscar speech for Monster's Ball 11 years later.


29. Hugh Laurie was in Spice World:

Columbia Pictures / HBO

An unforgettable cameo.


30. Elijah Wood was the little kid in Back to the Future Part II:

Amblin Entertainment / Warner Bros. Pictures

Elijah was eight years old when he got his first acting gig, Back to the Future Part II. You probably recognize him most from the Lord of the Rings series, though.


31. John Cho was in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas:

Universal Pictures / Paramount Pictures

He was a parking valet in the movie!


32. Daveigh Chase was the little girl in The Ring:

Disney / DreamWorks Pictures

She voiced Lilo from Lilo & Stitch and then portrayed the creepy girl in The Ring. Wow.


33. Taran Killam was in Big Fat Liar:

Universal Pictures / NBC

The Saturday Night Live alum was also in The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon and in the Best Picture-winner 12 Years a Slave.


34. Laurence Fishburne was in Apocalypse Now:

United Artists / Columbia Pictures

He was actually 14 years old when he first got the part in Apocalypse Now (he lied about his age), but by the time the movie finally premiered he was 17.

—Kathy Balis, Facebook

35. Maggie Wheeler was the camp counselor in The Parent Trap:

Disney / NBC

Janice from Friends was in The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan. Oh. My. Gawd.


36. Stacy Ann Ferguson, aka Fergie, was in The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show:


She voiced Sally Brown and Patty on multiple occasions.


37. Johnny Galecki was Rusty in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation:

John Hughes Entertainment / CBS

And then he appeared on Roseanne and, of course, The Big Bang Theory.


38. Alexander Skarsgård was a model in Zoolander:

Paramount Pictures / HBO

You: Ex-squeeze me?

Me: Yup. It's true.


39. Julie Bowen was in Happy Gilmore:

Happy Madison Productions / ABC

From Virginia in Happy Gilmore to Claire in Modern Family. Truly iconic.


40. Lin Manuel Miranda was in How I Met Your Mother:


The episode aired in 2013, two years before Hamilton premiered on Broadway.

—Abby West, Facebook

41. David Thewlis was in The Big Lebowski:

Working Title Films / Warner Bros. Pictures

From Knox Harrington to Professor Lupin.


42. Cate Blanchett's eyes were in Hot Fuzz:

Universal Pictures / ABC

You never see her whole face (it was covered by a surgical mask), but in 2007, Blanchett made a cameo in Hot Fuzz as Janine.


43. Michael Cera was in Switching Goals:


A classic staple in Mary-Kate and Ashley's film history.


44. Zac Efron was in Firefly:

Fox / Universal Pictures

It was his very first professional acting gig, two years before his supporting role in the short-lived Summerland and four years before High School Musical.


45. And literally everyone was in Law & Order: SVU:


Milo Ventimiglia, queen Viola Davis, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Hyland, Zoe Saldana, and Jesse McCartney.


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