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What Actor Were You Surprised To Learn Was In THAT Movie Or TV Show?

Yes, Emma Stone was on Disney Channel.

Everyone has a favorite actor or two.

Miramax Films / 20th Century Fox

But even your favorite A-listers have appeared in some pretty random TV shows and movies.

Universal Pictures

If you blinked in Kindergarten Cop, you probably missed seeing Angela Bassett.

Maybe you were shocked when you realized that Kerry Washington was in Save the Last Dance.

Paramount Pictures

Perhaps your jaw dropped after learning that Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello was in Spider-Man.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Columbia Pictures

Or maybe you remember when Rachel McAdams was in an episode of The Famous Jett Jackson on the Disney Channel.

New Line Cinema / Disney Channel

We've all had those jaw-dropping realizations, so tell us via the DropBox below which famous actor you were surprised to learn was in *that* show or movie.

Universal Pictures

Yup, that's Tobey Maguire as an extra in his first movie, The Wizard.

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!