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    Penn Badgley Shared His Theory On Why So Many People Are Crushing On Joe Goldberg

    He sees you.

    Ever since You premiered, Penn Badgley has been unapologetically one of the biggest critics of Joe Goldberg. Just last month, after the second season hit Netflix, the actor took the opportunity to remind the show's fans that Joe is "a murderer" and "a sociopath."

    Beth Dubber / Beth Dubber / Netflix

    "He’s not actually a person who just needs somebody who loves him," as he put it. "He’s abusive. He’s delusional. And he’s self-obsessed."

    Beth Dubber / Beth Dubber / Netflix

    That said, Penn also totally gets why people still think Joe is hot. He summed it up with this theory in a recent interview with InStyle: "There are times where Joe is so impossibly sympathetic and even honest and brave. Sometimes he's the exact perfect balance between chivalrous and allowing his partner to be autonomous and empowered."


    "He's actually in some ways made to be the perfect guy that does this really — to even say it's terrible is kind of an understatement — thing."


    Penn also suggested that we should all be thinking more about why it is that we're so drawn to the show: "Part of the strangeness of the concept for me is exactly why we're all watching: Why are we making it? Why is it doing so well? These are interesting questions that have something to do with where we are all at, societally."


    We'll have plenty of time to do that between now and when the third season premieres on Oct. 15, 2021.

    Tyler Golden / Tyler Golden / Netflix

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