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    Posted on Apr 25, 2017

    17 Times TV Characters Got Roasted To Hell And Back

    Oh my god.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite TV comebacks. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When Blanche got dragged so badly by Sophia in The Golden Girls:



    2. When Don Draper made you want to save this comeback for your own repertoire in Mad Men:


    3. When Stephanie called Kimmy Gibler a whore, and it totally went over your head as a kid in Full House:


    4. When Laurie slept with Kelso, and Jackie retaliated in That '70s Show:


    5. When Spike was the king of snark in Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


    6. When Emily proved she was the most savage mom alive in Gilmore Girls:

    The CW

    7. When Quinn's parents noticed her new tattoo, and Daria shut her down instantly in Daria:



    8. When Kimmy totally won this battle with Xan in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:


    9. When Lupita absolutely obliterated Doug and Andy in Weeds:


    —Rebecca Patton Flick, Facebook

    10. When Alex tormented Izzie about her past as a model, but she got the last laugh in Grey's Anatomy:

    11. When Geoffrey was continuously sassy toward Uncle Phil and his weight in The Fresh Prince:

    12. When Dan tried to use Jonah for intelligence, and Selina had enough in Veep:

    13. When Lizzie finally stood up to Kate in Lizzie McGuire:

    Disney Channel

    14. When George took a note from The Jerk Store in Seinfeld:


    15. When Fran was done with C.C.'s shit in The Nanny:


    —E. Scott P. Banks, Facebook

    16. When Monica finally had enough in Friends:


    17. And, of course, when Michael Scott roasted every single person in The Office:


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