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50 Brilliant "Golden Girls" Moments That Are Literally Hysterical

"Eat dirt and die, trash."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the funniest moment from The Golden Girls. Here are the funny results.

1. When Sophia couldn't help but burn Blanche.

2. When Dorothy went to the girls for fashion advice.

3. When Sophia and her sister had an intense fight.

4. When Blanche had enough of Dorothy.

5. And when Dorothy didn't have patience for Rose's slow personality.

6. When Blanche stayed up all night to write her novel.

7. When Rose couldn't believe Blanche's over-the-top story.

8. When Dorothy had it up to HERE with Sophia.

9. When Blanche couldn't keep it together around Rose's date.

10. And when Dorothy served this epic one-liner.

11. When the girls went to therapy and Rose didn't hold back.

12. When Dorothy got real about Blanche's family history.

13. When Blanche learned what a lesbian was.

14. When Rose and Blanche revealed what they secretly do at night.

15. When Rose bugged the hell out of Dorothy.

16. And when Dorothy brought Sophia back down to earth.

17. When Blanche said what we were all thinking.

18. When Rose was confused by Sophia's fashion choices.

19. When Sophia was the queen of theft.

20. When Dorothy gave Blanche some great advice.

21. And when Sophia insulted Dorothy's sex life.

22. When the girls went to a nudist resort.

23. When Sophia shed some light on her morning routine.

24. When Blanche confided in Dorothy when she was dating a younger man.

25. When Sophia and Dorothy tag-teamed to burn Blanche.

26. When the funeral director had it coming.

27. And when Blanche wanted to escape an awkward situation.

28. When Rose fell right into one of Dorothy's legendary insults.

29. When Blanche and Rose were Dorothy's bridesmaids.

30. When Sophia and Blanche were dating the same man.

31. When Dorothy accidentally fell for a priest.

32. When Sophia couldn't help but praise her own cooking.

33. When Blanche went on a date with Miles.

34. When Dorothy tried to shame Rose for living her best life.

35. And when Dorothy was ready to go head-to-head with Stan.

36. When the girls asked Blanche the most difficult question of all.

37. When Rose and Blanche posed as nuns.

38. When Dorothy and Rose teamed up to be songwriting partners.

39. When Dorothy roasted Stan straight to hell.

40. When Blanche gave Sophia an iconic makeover.

41. When Rose followed her intuition.

42. And when the girls got arrested because the cops thought they were hookers.

43. When Blanche was avoiding her problems at all costs.

44. When Sophia knew how to play the game the right way.

45. When Dorothy never failed to deliver a Rose burn.

46. When Sophia gave Dorothy sage advice.

47. When Blanche and Sophia were getting to know each other.

48. When Rose wasn't afraid to fight back.

49. When Blanche woke up in the middle of the night.

50. And when all the girls wanted to have sex with Burt Reynolds.