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    25 Things Under $10 That People Actually Swear By

    Affordable + effective = an ideal combination.

    1. A low-key miraculous acne spot treatment gel with over 400 5-star ratings that'll send pimples packing so fast, they'll forget their toothbrush at home.

    2. A 3-in-1 avocado tool — aka a splitter, de-pitter, and slicer all in one — that avocado lovers everywhere can't stop ~gauc~-ing about.

    3. Shea Moisture African black soap, aka magic in bar form that'll exfoliate, moisturize, and absorb oil until you're literally glowing.

    4. Quite possibly miraculous water bottle cleaning tablets to give your sad, stained, go-to mug a Mia Thermopolis-level makeover.

    5. A pair of Old Navy's classic flip flops that thousands of people have adored for years and years. I'm talking over over 14,000 (!!!) 5-star reviews.

    6. A matte setting spray to lock your ~lewk~ in place so well, people might start thinking that cat eye is just a permanent part of your face.

    7. A heatproof silicone egg turner that says to other kitchen gadgets, "Omlet you finish, but I'm one of the greatest breakfast tools of all time."

    8. A super durable squeaky and bouncy ball made from recycled materials that Earth-conscious and energetic doggos alike will go ~mutts~ for.

    9. Amazing pimple patches that'll both suck all the gunk out of your zits *and* help prevent you from picking at them.

    10. Basic bike shorts you can rock solo or layered under skirts and dresses. Oh, and did I mention they're only four freaking dollars?

    11. Beautifully scented Rosebud Salve sure to become your new best ~bud~ once it comes to rescue your super dry lips and hands.

    12. A five-in-one multitool that combines a clip, serrated edge, bottle opener, scoring blade, and screwdriver into one nifty piece.

    13. A genius lip balm pouch you can clip onto your keys, purse, or wallet so you'll never lose your precious ChapStick again.

    14. A set of deep clean detail brushes, who, unlike TLC, are actually big fans of scrubs (or at least of scrubbing) and are perfect for getting into all those tough-to-reach nooks and crannies.

    15. A cruelty-free and vegan matte lip color in pencil form that's beloved by over 1,000 reviewers and made with vitamins A, C, and E to pamper your pout.

    16. Bar Keepers Friend cleanser, an all-purpose powder you can use to remove even the toughest surface stains and that may make you wonder why you've wasted money on inferior products all these years.

    17. A classic cami so cute, comfy, and cheap, you'll probably want to pick up one in every color.

    18. A sleek and stylish wooden dish brush that reviewers say isn't a regular brush — it's the best and most durable brush around.

    19. A fun and colorful set of felt-tip pens to help you take the best notes of your dang life.

    20. A squishy and doughy color-changing stress ball that'll be a dream come true for any fan of fidgeting (it me).

    21. A bike lubricant to keep your hardware clean and running smoothly so you can "ride until you can't no more"...sorry for getting that song stuck in your head but guys, I'm trying so hard not to make an R-rated lube joke right now you don't even know.

    22. A mini Baggu tote perfect for small errand runs that's made of super strong nylon and can easily fold up into the included pocket-friendly pouch.

    23. NYX Epic Ink eyeliner, a waterproof formula that'll make you wonder why you spent years dropping major $$$ on liquid liner.

    24. A cute but practical strawberry huller that'll come in ~berry~ handy when prepping breakfast, snacks, and desserts.

    25. A double-ended brow pencil and comb to get a natural-looking yet upgraded brow game that'll stay (and slay) all day.

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