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    25 Disney Movie Moments That Were So Major, They Made People Audibly React In The Theater

    "We all dissolved into ugly sobs."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie moments were so big the entire theater freaked out — and SO many of those moments came from Disney movies.


    ^Live footage of me thinking about being in a movie theater again.

    So here are the iconic Disney moments that were even more memorable because they were watched in a packed theater:

    🚨Spoilers ahead, of course🚨

    1. In Toy Story 4, when Woody says his goodbyes to all the toys at the end:

    Woody says goodbye to all the toys in Toy Story 4

    "For me, it was Toy Story 4 when Woody said goodbye to everyone and I just yelled, 'NOOOOOO.'"


    2. In Frozen, when Hans says he doesn't love Anna:

    Hans betraying Anna in Frozen.

    "When Hans pulled away from Anna and revealed his true villainous nature. There was an audible, shocked gasp from virtually everyone in the cinema (myself included). Did NOT see that coming at ALL."


    "The whole theater gasped so loudly, and one little girl, maybe 10 or 11, stood up and started yelling at the screen while her mom was trying to calm her down. Haven't seen a reaction like that before or since."


    3. In Coco, when Miguel sings "Remember Me" to Mama Coco and she sings along:


    "I was in tears and you could hear people bawling loudly all over the theater."


    "It destroyed everyone in the theater and we all dissolved into ugly sobs. Still my favorite Pixar movie 💙."


    4. In Frozen 2, when Olaf is "dying" in Anna's arms:

    Anna holds Olaf

    "When I saw Frozen 2, I started sobbing the moment I realized that Olaf was dying when Elsa froze. That moment is something I will never forget for as long as I live."


    5. In Tangled, when Flynn "dies" in Rapunzel's arms:

    Flynn almost dies in Rapunzel's arms in Tangled

    "I saw Tangled in theaters and when Flynn 'dies,' you could tell everyone in the audience was trying not to cry. Then one little girl shouts at the top of her lungs 'I'M. SO. SAD.' It was so cute and pitiful, I think it helped a lot of people suck those tears back in."


    6. In Finding Nemo, when Nemo's family is attacked at the beginning:


    "Seeing Finding Nemo on opening weekend. After the barracuda attack in the beginning, the theater was dead quiet and then someone yelled out, 'Goddamnit, Disney, why is it always the fucking mom?!' Everyone laughed and it broke the tension of the moment."


    7. In The Princess and the Frog, when Ray dies:


    "Everyone was so sad when Ray the firefly died, but the little girl one row ahead of me said, 'But mommy, why did the bug die? Is he really dead?' It was so so cute and also so sad. I was glad to see how engaged everyone was."


    8. In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, when Gordo and Lizzie kiss:

    Gordo and Lizzie kiss in The Lizzie McGuire Movie

    "Picture it. Friday, May 2, 2003. A multitude of tweens and a few accompanying chaperones settle in a dark, cold Cinema 6 to watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Gordo and Lizzie sneak away to the hotel rooftop and kiss. The army of tween girls in the audience went BUCK WILD with cheers, screams, and squeals."


    9. In Frozen 2, when Kristoff says he's going to propose to Anna:

    Kristoff and Sven talking about the engagement

    "The whole cinema whooped."


    10. In Moana, when Maui tells Moana that the story behind his tattoo is "nunya business":

    Moana asking Maui what nunya is and he says nunya business

    "When I was watching Moana for the first time and Maui says, 'It's nunya business' the sweetest little 3- or 4-year-old voice gasped loud and said, 'My mommy says that to me!'"


    11. In Beauty and the Beast, when Belle leaves the castle to rescue Maurice ~without a jacket on~:

    Belle leaving the castle in Beauty and the Beast with the caption "She is going to get a cold."

    "One of my favorites was when I saw the live-action Beauty and the Beast in theaters opening weekend. A little girl next to me gasped incredibly loudly and yelled, 'She is going to get a cold! She isn’t wearing her coat and there’s snow on the ground!' when Belle rode away from the castle to go help her father. I died laughing, but she had a point!"


    12. Also in Beauty and the Beast, when Gaston dies:

    Gaston right before the Beast shows him mercy with the caption "haha"

    "When we were in a silent, packed cinema for Beauty and the Beast, and [my kid] yelled 'haha!' at Gaston dying and everyone laughed."

    —Cheryl C., Facebook

    13. In Mulan, when Shan Yu punches through the snow:


    "A memory that really sticks out for me was when we went to see the original Mulan in 1998. I was 10, my brother was 6, and it was the first time he had ever seen a movie in a cinema. The part where Shan Yu and his army is buried in an avalanche, the snow settles, it all goes quiet, then suddenly...'boom!' Shan Yu punches through the snow! My brother screamed and then said very loudly 'Mummy, I don't like it, it's too loud, turn it down!' and then started looking for a TV remote!

    The whole cinema just about died laughing at a moment that was supposed to be tense and serious."


    14. In Planes, when Dusty almost collides with the train:

    Dusty flying close to a train.

    "I went to see Planes when I was 9, and the moment when Dusty almost collides with the train in the tunnel, a little kid (probably 6 or 7) screamed 'NO!!!!' Now whenever I watch it, I scream 'NO' and no one understands 😂😂😂."


    15. In Toy Story 3, when the toys hold hands in the incinerator:


    "When I saw Toy Story 3 in theaters, this little boy behind me started crying when the gang is in the incinerator and saying, 'I wanna leave, I wanna leave!' I felt so bad."


    16. In Coco, when you find out that Ernesto De La Cruz is the real villain:


    "The whole theater audibly gasped when they found out he murdered Héctor to steal his songs and become famous."


    17. In Hannah Montana: The Movie, when Hannah takes off her wig:

    Hannah Montana singing before she takes off her wig

    "When I saw the Hannah Montana movie in theaters and she took off her wig, a little girl screamed 'NO!' and started sobbing lol."

    —Emma R, Facebook

    18. In Frozen 2, when Anna destroys the dam:


    "I was watching Frozen 2 in the theater with my little 6-year-old cousin for her birthday on opening night and after the part where Anna destroys the dam, this one lady yelled, 'That's right 'cause Anna is a badass' and all the moms in the room shushed her."


    19. In Wall-E, when things aren't looking great for Wall-E:


    "When Wall-E's health was failing and they were rushing back to Earth to get his parts replaced. There was a few seconds there where you think he's going to die. A kid cried out in tears, 'What's going to happen to WALL-E?' We all laughed cause, secretly, we all were scared too."


    20. In Lilo & Stitch, when Lilo was trapped in the spaceship:


    "My daughter was maybe 3 or 4 when Lilo & Stitch came out and it was her first ever movie in a theater. She did really well until the climactic scene when Lilo was trapped in the alien spaceship. She just lost it, screaming and crying, 'Liiiillloooo! Stitch, save Lilo!' She spent the rest of the film in my lap, trying to calm down."


    21. In The Princess Diaries, when Mia rips off her pore strip:

    Mia Thermopolis pulls off her pore strip with the caption "ouch!"

    "I went to see The Princess Diaries in theaters and yelled 'ouch!' during the scene where she rips the pore strip from her nose. I got a couple chuckles out of the audience and my 11-year-old self was horrified and so embarrassed."


    22. In Up, just that whole entire opening montage:


    "I remember seeing the Pixar movie Up in the theater. After the heartbreaking opening montage that shows Carl and Ellie growing old together, everyone in the audience was silent. A little voice rose through the crowd asking very innocently, 'What happened?' It still makes me laugh when I think about it!"


    23. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Frollo horrifically smells Esmeralda's hair:


    "Huge inhale from the audience, like, 'Holy-cats-Jesus-Christ-Jiminy-crickets, they went there!'”


    24. In Inside Out, when Bing Bong sacrifices himself:


    "I cried actual tears."


    25. And, of course, in The Lion King when Mufasa dies:


    "So no one wants to talk about Mufasa’s death? Or any scene in The Lion King for that matter. I didn’t see if in theaters (because I wasn’t alive yet) but relatives have and they said the theater was dumbstruck when they got to the stampede scene."


    "The Lion King, when Mufasa died and Simba is just sitting there trying to process the grief beside his father's dead body."


    What are some of your most memorable Disney movie moment experiences in theaters? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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