I Ranked The 39 Best Short Films On Disney+ From Good To Must-Watch

    And most are under 10 minutes long.

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    These days, Disney is largely associated with its catalog of classic feature-length films, so you'd be forgiven for forgetting that the studio, and Mickey Mouse himself, were actually born out of the animated short. 

    Fortunately, the studio never lost sight of the medium's very specific, slice-of-life charm when it expanded its reach to feature films and has continued to churn out stellar shorts alongside its tentpole projects.

    39. 22 vs. Earth (2021)

    22 rubs her hands together

    38. Mater Private Eye (2010)

    Mater in a film noir

    37. The Art of Skiing (1941)

    Goofy holds himself up with his skis and poles

    36. Double Dribble (1946)

    Goofy holds a basketball on the free throw line

    35. Three Little Pigs (1933)

    A pig building a house out of brick

    34. Burrow (2020)

    An anxious rabbit looks at a map

    33. The Tortoise and the Hare (1935)

    Tortoise and Hare prepare for the big race

    32. Ferdinand the Bull (1938)

    Ferdinand in a bull ring with some flowers

    31. Playdate With Destiny (2020)

    Maggie Simpson in a garden

    30. Once Upon a Snowman (2020)

    Olaf with a flag for a nose

    29. Santa's Workshop (1932)

    Santa Claus sits among a pile of letters

    28. Mail Dog (1947)

    Pluto and a rabbit on a sled

    27. Lava (2015)

    A sad volcano in the ocean

    26. Destino (2003)

    Dahlia stares off into space

    25. Boundin' (2004)

    A jackalope looks at a sheep without any wool

    24. Kitbull (2019)

    A kitten lies next to a scratched up pitbull

    23. Presto (2008)

    A magician attempts to feed a rabbit a carrot

    22. The Hockey Champ (1939)

    Donald Duck plays hockey against Huey, Dewey, and Louie

    21. Forky Asks a Question (2019)

    Forky stands next to a smiley face mug

    20. One Man Band (2006)

    A one man band plays in a courtyard

    19. Pluto's Surprise Package (1949)

    Pluto stares at a box

    18. Day & Night (2010)

    Night displays his moon to Day

    17. Us Again (2021)

    A man and woman dance in front of a water fountain

    16. Auntie Edna (2018)

    Edna Mode gives Jack-Jack a lollipop

    15. Wind (2019)

    A boy floats through space

    14. Loop (2020)

    Two kids in a canoe together

    13. Out (2020)

    Two gay men look at a picture together

    12. Flowers and Trees (1932)

    A dancing tree with branches for arms

    11. Thru the Mirror (1936)

    Mickey Mouse walking through a mirror

    10. Partly Cloudy (2009)

    Multiple clouds with storks landing on them

    9. The Band Concert (1935)

    Mickey Mouse directs an orchestra

    8. Piper (2016)

    A sandpiper in the shallows

    7. Mickey's Trailer (1938)

    Goofy drives Mickey's trailer away from the city dump

    6. For the Birds (2001)

    A large bird sits on a telephone wire with a bunch of smaller birds

    5. Sanjay's Super Team (2015)

    Sanjay and his father pray near a small Hindu shrine

    4. Mike's New Car (2002)

    Mike Wazowski stands outside a brand new car

    3. Bao (2018)

    A dumpling with a face crying in a steam basket

    2. Geri's Game (1997)

    Geri plays chess against himself

    1. Steamboat Willie (1928)

    Mickey Mouse driving a river boat

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