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17 Movie Moments That Were So Major, They Made People Audibly React At The Movie Theater

"Avengers, assemble!"

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie moments were so big the entire theater freaked out. Here are some of the best responses:

🚨Major spoilers ahead!🚨

1. When Carlisle is beheaded in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 and it leads to a massive fight that wasn't in the books:

Edward and Bella reacting in shock during Breaking Dawn Part 2 fight scene.
Summit Entertainment

"When Aro killed Carlisle in Breaking Dawn — Part 2 and they have a huge fight only to find out it was all a vision in Aro’s mind from Alice. If you read the book, you knew it was a vision but they set it up as if it was real and my friends and I FREAKED OUT when it seemed like it was actually happening!"


"Carlisle losing his head in Breaking Dawn — Part 2 made 14-year-old me break down crying in the theater. I was so shocked that they would deviate from the books and kill off all my favorite characters. I will never forget the relief I felt when it was Alice’s vision."


2. When everyone gets dusted in Avengers: Infinity War:

Thanos right before he snaps in Avengers: Infinity War.

"Infinity War. I was so braced through the film, thinking we would lose one Avenger (I was betting it being Iron Man or Captain America). I was not prepared for what happened in the dusting. I spent the film thinking that this was the scene we would lose somebody, I didn't see the possibility of losing so many!"


"Seeing Avengers: Infinity War in the theater, when Spider-Man DIED, a bunch of TEENAGE boys in the front row, literally jumped up and screamed 'NOOOOOOO!'"


"When a volcano erupted here in Hawaii as Thanos snapped his fingers in Infinity War, and I was more in shock about half of a fictional world’s population disintegrating instead."


3. When all of the Avengers assemble toward the end of Avengers: Endgame:

Okoye, T'Challa, and Shuri returning during the "Avengers, Assemble" scene in Endgame.

"So, I watch audience reactions to the 'Avengers, assemble' part from Endgame when I want to feel joy, and in EVERY SINGLE ONE there's the audible gasp when Sam says, 'On your left,' and then cheers as the portals open. EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. We all knew that the people would come back, but the way they decided to reintroduce everyone was incredible."


"I will never forgot the scene in Avengers: Endgame when the portals opened. I watched it on opening day and lemme tell you, you can tell everyone is a fan because the whole theater just lit up! Everyone was cheering, screaming, gasping. Tears were literally streaming down my face because of that epic moment and the fact that I may never experience that kind of hype ever again."


4. And when Captain America wields Mjölnir against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame:

Captain American wielding Mjolnir in Endgame.

"I went to the midnight screening of Endgame and people lost their minds when Captain America picked up Thor's hammer. Everybody lost it."


"The single greatest moment I've ever experienced in a movie theater was when Captain America wielded Mjölnir against Thanos. The entire theater burst into applause. I normally don't clap or cheer at movies, but even I had to show some love! I nearly fell out of my seat with excitement."


5. When Simon and Bram kiss on the ferris wheel in Love, Simon:

Simon and Bram on the ferris wheel in Love Simon.
20th Century Fox

"When I saw Love, Simon in the theater, I went with a few friends of mine. When Simon is about to give up on meeting Blue, and Bram comes up and says, 'Can I sit there?' we all started holding hands. When they finally kissed at the top, every single person in the theater started screaming and clapping. It was such a fantastic expression of joy and queer love and representation. One of the best moments in a movie theater I’ve ever experienced!"


"Definitely when Blue and Simon kiss on the ferris wheel in Love, Simon! The entire audience audibly shared their emotions to Simon's struggle through tears and laughter. But the part when Simon finally kissed Blue on the ferris wheel is what truly made the theater celebrate! It was so refreshing and groundbreaking to see LGBTQ representation on the big screen."


6. When Howard Ratner wins his bet, only to be killed right after in Uncut Gems:

Howard Ratner after he is shot and killed in Uncut Gems.

"The ending of Uncut Gems, right after Adam Sandler’s character finally, finally wins. The whole theater was completely silent with shock."


7. When the Rohirrim arrive at Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King:

The Rohirrim arriving at Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
New Line Cinema

"There would be no 'Avengers, assemble' without the Rohan cavalry arriving at Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. The horn blowing, everyone seeing them come up over the horizon, the music, Theoden’s speech, the 'Death!' battle cry, the charge...goosebumps."


8. When Amy is revealed to be alive in Gone Girl:

Amy driving a car in Gone Girl.
20th Century Fox

"About halfway through, when shit is absolutely hitting the fan for Nick, and the movie cuts to Amy driving away and explaining her plan to frame him."


9. When Peter Parker is unmasked in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home:


"At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, when Spider-Man is accused of killing a bunch of people and is then revealed as Peter Parker. I was at the midnight premiere of the movie, and the entire theater went BERSERK! I still have no idea how they’re going to resolve that plot."


10. When Hans says he doesn't love Anna in Frozen:

Hans betraying Anna in Frozen.

"When Hans said he didn't love Anna in Frozen, the whole cinema gasped. ❄️"


"When Hans pulled away from Anna and revealed his true villainous nature. There was an audible, shocked gasp from virtually everyone in the cinema (myself included). Did NOT see that coming at ALL."


11. When Jojo finds his mother was hanged in Jojo Rabbit:

Jojo embracing his mother's feet in Jojo Rabbit.
Fox Searchlight Pictures

"In Jojo Rabbit when Jojo is following the butterfly and then sees his mom’s feet swaying in the air because she’d been caught and killed. Outside of Marvel movies on opening night, I haven’t been in a theater with that big of a reaction — people were sobbing. The shot of Jojo trying to tie his mom’s shoelaces made me ugly cry."


12. When Molly Weasley says "Not my daughter, you bitch!" in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2:

Warner Brothers

"When Molly Weasley stood between Bellatrix Lestrange and Ginny and said 'Not my daughter, you bitch,' my whole theater went absolutely wild."


"'NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH' — Molly Weasley, Deathly Hallows — Part 2. I've never seen a theater erupt in such applause, even with Endgame."


13. When Katniss shoots the arrow at the arena force field in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

Katniss aims an arrow.

"When The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released, I was in a packed theater with largely book fans on opening night. The theater was dead silent until Katniss Everdeen shoots the arrow at the arena force field and President Snow’s screen went dark. Then the audience erupted in applause and I have never felt an experience like that ever before or ever again. Not even for Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame. The pure energy of the room was unparalleled and I wish I could relive that moment a hundred more times. Great book, great movie."


14. When Ransom stabs Marta with a prop knife in Knives Out:

Ransom stabs Marta with a prop knife.

"At the end of Knives Out, I SWEAR literally EVERYONE whispered ~it’s a prop knife!~ under their breath! So great."


15. When Peter beheads his little sister in Hereditary:

Peter Driving in Hereditary

"In Hereditary, when Peter inadvertently beheads his little sister, Charlie. I audibly gasped and held my hand over my mouth for five minutes."


16. When Gordo and Lizzie kiss in The Lizzie McGuire Movie:

Gordo and Lizzie kiss in The Lizzie McGuire Movie

"Picture it. Friday, May 2, 2003. A multitude of tweens and a few accompanying chaperones settle in a dark, cold Cinema 6 to watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Gordo and Lizzie sneak away to the hotel rooftop and kiss. The army of tween girls in the audience went BUCK WILD with cheers, screams, and squeals."


17. And when Kylo Ren kills Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Han Solo touches Kylo Ren's face in The Force Awakens.

"During The Force Awakens, some dude yelled, 'What the FUCK!' at full volume when Kylo Ren killed Han Solo."


What are some of your most memorable movie moment experiences in theaters? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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