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29 TV Friendships That Are Your Squad Goals

Celebrating the best female friendships on the small screen.

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1. Ann and Leslie: Parks and Recreation


Their friendship was the strongest and most important relationship on a show filled with awesome relationships. One of the most supportive, feminist, smart, AND hilarious depictions of BFFs on TV ever. Submitted by Kirsten King.

2. Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia: The Golden Girls


They were all so different but complemented each other perfectly. Romantic relationships came and went, but these four girls were forever. Submitted by Loryn Brantz.

3. Meredith and Cristina: Grey's Anatomy


"They were always there for each other through all the drama. I liked how they danced out their problems." Submitted by Tahlia Pritchard.

4. Liz and Jenna: 30 Rock


They were the embodiment of opposites attract. Despite being so different, they totally GOT each other and worked together to make their dreams a reality. Submitted by Jemima Skelley.

5. Khadijah, Max, Synclaire, and Régine: Living Single


"They were tight-knit, honest with each other, hilarious, tremendously supportive even when they didn't get along, and they always had each other's back. They are my squad idols." Submitted by Tracy Clayton.

6. Rachel and Monica: Friends


Even though the whole crew was amazing in Friends, the bond between Rachel and Monica was extra special. Submitted by Stephanie Anderson.

7. Kath, Kim, and Sharon: Kath and Kim


They're not afraid to tell it like it is, and they get points for just being able to stand each other tbh. What foxy morons. Submitted by Alex Alvarez.

8. Illana and Abbi: Broad City

Comedy Central

"Abbi and Illana are as close as two friends can get. They've Skyped each other during sex. It's real love." Submitted by Alex Lee.

9. Lucy and Ethel - I Love Lucy


"Despite getting into ridiculously awkward situations, they were always there for each other and found a way to get around any type of obstacle!" Submitted by Nia Alavezos.

10. Cece and Jess: New Girl

Even though the original premise of the show is based on Jess' relationships with her male housemates, her lifelong friendship with Cece is a highlight.

11. Summer and Marissa: The O.C.

"Because when Marissa is expelled from Harbor, Summer tried to take over as social chair, just so Marissa's legacy isn't forgotten." Submitted by Gyan Yankovich.

12. Rory and Lane: Gilmore Girls


"They knew how to entertain themselves in a small town. And Rory's maid of honour speech to Lane was the best." Submitted by Anna Mendoza.

13. Lydia and Allison: Teen Wolf


Both badass in their own right and even more badass when they teamed up, the tragic ending to this friendship still hurts.

14. The Sailor Scouts: Sailor Moon

They support each other through everything, from school exams to saving the universe. Submitted by Susan Cheng.

15. Alison, Sarah, and Cosima


They're clones, and yet they're all so unique. Their bond is closer than friends, closer than sisters — but even among the other Leda clones, the friendship between these three is extra special.

16. Peyton, Brooke, and Haley: One Tree Hill

The WB

Although they were brought together (and, occasionally, pushed apart) by the men in their lives, the bond between these three ladies became beautiful in its own right.

17. Amy and Lauren: Faking It


"They are stepsisters but have a cute friendship after the first few seasons of fighting." Submitted by Lane Sainty.

18. Peggy and Angie: Agent Carter

In a fictional universe dominated by men and bromance, these two broads are a shining light of female friendship. Submitted by Stacy-Marie Ishmael.

19. Busy and Amanda: Ready or Not


Tomboy Busy and girlie-girl Amanda could not have been more different – but their connection was real and important. They could tell each other anything and even had a secret handshake.

20. Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Toni: Girlfriends


"Toni, Joan, Lynn, and Maya all had one main goal in life: support one another as they navigated love and the very complex idea of having it all. Through lunches and brunches and some fantastic vacations, the women were girlfriend soulmates who were there for one another even when the laughs were nowhere to be found. The friendship fights registered as realistic, but the ride-or-die quality among them is to be admired." Submitted by Kelley L. Carter.

21. Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer: Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family

"Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily literally have each others' backs in ALL circumstances – even if there is a crazy murder chasing all of them! They always look out for each other on their mission to figure out who A is!" Submitted by Maycie Thornton.

22. Buffy and Willow: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB

“Buffy and Willow, kicking ass together for eternity.” They save each other in so many ways over and over again. Submitted by Eleanor Kagan.

23. Taystee and Poussey: Orange Is the New Black


With a massive cast of female characters, the bond between Taystee and Poussey is extra fun and heartwarming.

24. Daria and Jane: Daria

A friendship made in '90s grunge heaven. Submitted by Stephanie Anderson.

25. Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie: The Vampire Diaries

Among all the craziness of this supernatural show, the friendship between the three female leads has remained constant and important.

26. Blair and Serena - Gossip Girl

The CW

"Blair and Serena, because no matter how much they wanted to kill each other they looked fab and usually made up by the end of the episode." Submitted by Jemima Skelley.

27. Pam and Gina: Martin

Pam and Gina > Martin and Gina tbh. Submitted by Tracy Clayton.

28. Mary Anne, Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Mallory, Jesse, and Dawn: The Baby-Sitters Club


The show owed a lot of its popularity to the phenomenal book series it was based on – but seeing the beloved friendships on the small screen was still a memorable part of every '90s girl's childhood.

29. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte: Sex and the City


They were each other's soulmates, after all. Submitted by Nia Alavezos.