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21 Quizzes To Take If You Don't Feel Like Doing Your Homework

Yeah, I guess we are a bit of a bad influence.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of trivia and personality quizzes to take when you are trying to procrastinate on doing your homework — in one place for your convenience. Don't blame us if you don't finish your assignments on time!

1. Eat Some Food To Reveal Which Decade You Belong In

A plate of tacos are on the left with a woman in '50s clothes on the right

2. These 15 Actor Age Gaps Are So Wild, But I'm Curious If You Can Guess How Big They Really Are

Side-by-side of Tom Welling in "Smallville" and Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls"

3. We Know Your Zodiac Sign Based On The Bubble Tea You Order


4. Order Off The Kids Menu And We’ll Tell You If You’re Under 20

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the words "13 years old" and milk with words "6 years old"

5. I Hate To Break It To You, But If You Check 16/23 On This List, You're Probably A Sim

"You're prone to setting things on fire" alongside "You cry very easily"

6. I Genuinely Want To Know If You'd Actually Wear Rachel Green's Outfits From Friends

Rachel wearing sweats with the word "no" and wearing a skirt and sweater with the words "yes"

7. This College Major Aptitude Test Is Scary Accurate

Lizzie McGuire and Shuri with text, "How do you feel about math?"

8. Here Are 14 Unwritten Kitchen Rules — Do You Think They're Normal Or Super Gross?

Butter with words "keeping butter on the counter" and Nick from "New Girl"

9. You're Problematic If You Agree With These 17 Controversial Disney Movie Opinions

Mulan with words "Shouldn't be a Disney Princess" and an X over Jessie from "Toy Story"

10. Dress Yourself As A Mom And We’ll Reveal Your Mom Aesthetic

Georgia from "Ginny and Georgia" and Moira from "Schitt's Creek"

11. If You Like At Least 21/30 Of These Foods, I Am Here To Inform You That You're Actually A Grandma

12. Only People With Perfect Manners Can Make It Through This Victorian Ball Without Breaking A Single Etiquette Rule

Taylor Swift in "Love Story"

13. I Bet You're Not Smarter Than The 13 Dumbest Movie Characters Ever, But Let's Find Out

Sam and Austin from "Cinderella Story" with the words "Got into Princeton but doesn't recognize her?"

14. We Know What You Currently Need Based On The Self-Care Day You Plan

"Choose a cozy bedroom" with a bedroom with a big bed, a bunch of pillows, and two tiny windows, and a bigger bedroom with a fireplace and a vaulted ceiling with a big window

15. I'm Curious If You Also Had These 26 Weirdly Specific Things At Your High School

16. This 30-Question Quiz About Your Life Will Reveal Your Entire Personality Type

Phoebe looking puzzles in "Friends"

17. I'm Not Saying You're An Old Lady, But If You've Done 30/100 Of These Things, You're Elderly

Millie Bobby Brown with the word "You" and Betty White with the words "Also you"

18. You Have An Astoundingly High IQ If You Can Correctly Answer All Of These Logic Questions

19. 41 Words Rhyme With "Pear," And I Bet You Can't List 6

Pear or swear

20. Can You Survive A Day As A Chef In A Michelin-Star Restaurant?

the "idiot sandwich" sketch with Gordon Ramsay

21. True "Twilight" Fans Should Score At Least 8/10 On This Trivia Quiz

Alice with the words "What is Alice's power?" and Bella and her dad with the words "What is Bella's father's name?"