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A Definitive Ranking Of Every Presidential Assassination Attempt

If we weren't fascinated by assassins, Neil Patrick Harris wouldn't have played one in a Stephen Sondheim play, would he?

Ira Madison III • 4 years ago

History's Great Black LGBT Comic Book Artist That You've Probably Never Heard Of

Matt Baker broke down the color barrier in comics with his beautiful artwork of powerful women.

Ira Madison III • 5 years ago

77 Things That Give Beyoncé Fans Life

Many divas call themselves "Queen of Pop." But there's only one King Bey.

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago

The 51 Hottest Black Men In Hollywood

We've seen the hottest Jewish men in Hollywood, but what about our brothers from another (non-Jewish) mother?* (*Except for the two Jewish men on this list.)

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago

28 Reasons Cordelia Chase Should Be Your New Role Model

She may have been Sunnydale's resident bitch, but she was the only one who told it like it was. And for that, we should all become acolytes of Cordelia Chase.

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago

The Art Of '90s Slasher Movie Posters

It's not easy to convey "clever, hip, and scary" in one look.

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago

All 72 Kanye West Album Tracks Ranked From Worst To Best

How do the tracks on Yeezus stack up against Kanye's five previous albums? Let's take a look.

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago

14 Reasons The Peter Pans At Disneyland Are The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Second star to the right and straight on till your heart melts.

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago

Forget "The Red Wedding," The Craziest Thing To Ever Happen On Television Was On "Sunset Beach"

15 years ago, an NBC soap opera shocked and horrified audiences with a turkey baster.

Ira Madison III • 6 years ago