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77 Things That Give Beyoncé Fans Life

Many divas call themselves "Queen of Pop." But there's only one King Bey.

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1. "Bow Down" photos.

2. Her full God-given name.

3. Blue Ivy.


4. Blue Ivy's reveal at the VMAs.


5. Being BFFs with the FLOTUS.

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6. The random heffas in the "Say My Name" video.

7. When she said the lyrics to "Bootylicious" were inspired by a plane ride to Japan, "Edge of Seventeen" and the image of a "voluptuous woman."

8. The psychosexual noir drama Obsessed.

9. How she handles a phone in Obsessed.

10. How she whooped that ass in Obsessed.

11. Billiards.

12. Patting your weave.

13. Gold paint.


14. Cooking.


15. Being a Batman villain.

16. Those glasses.

17. That glove.

18. Putting Sasha Fierce in her place.

19. Personal space.

20. Supporting Kelly.

21. Tolerating Michelle.

22. Having goals.

23. When she guested on Jay-Z's album as "Third Ward Trill."

24. Spring cleaning.

25. Saying Life Is But A Dream just needed some better editing.

26. When she read Effie for filth in Dreamgirls.

27. Frenchy's.

28. Creating words from "Bey." Like "Beyware."

29. Tumblr.

30. Queen Bey.

31. The "Crazy In Love" strut.

32. The time she fell during "Ring The Alarm" and got back up LIKE NOTHING EVEN HAPPENED.

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33. The time her weave got caught in a fan and she KEPT SINGING "HALO."

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Then made fun of herself with a parody of "Halo."

34. Actually verbalizing that she gave you life.

35. Beysus Christ.

36. Candles.

37. Sweating to her choreography.

38. Snuggies.

You better WERK Ton Do-Nguyen!

You better WERK Ton Do-Nguyen!

39. Christmas!

40. The time she shut off the lights at the Superbowl and became more important than Football.

41. Pretending B'Day is her best album.

42. Knowing her best album is 4.

43. Because B'Day can't even count, since she released it 7,000 times.

I'll gladly give you my coins, but WTF Bey?

I'll gladly give you my coins, but WTF Bey?

44. Still being pissed off about the chart performance of "Run the World (Girls)."

45. LOLing at this 2003 New York Times article.

46. Snatching wigs.

47. Shading Keri Hilson.

48. Shading Keyshia Cole.

49. Shading Britney.

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Via Twitter: @chescaleigh

50. Basically, shading everyone else in the game.

51. Her facial tics.

52. This seizure she had at the 2009 VMAs while introducing "Single Ladies."

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53. The time the phrase "I will have you escorted out of here" became the new "I made him an offer he couldn't refuse."

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54. The time she met her "husband," Athony Cosmon hyphen Knowles.

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55. Smiling when people say her best performance was at the 2011 Billboard Awards.

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56. Knowing that "Why Don't You Love Me" at Glastonbury is really her best performance.

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57. The time she inspired Allyson on Toddlers & Tiaras.

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58. Her all-female band.

59. Les Twins!

60. When she takes it to church.

61. When she takes it Parliament.

62. When she gets Presidential.

63. When action is her reward.

64. When she's the hero we deserve.

65. When she loves her husband.

66. Her sister, Solange.

67. Julius, her bodyguard.

68. Mama Knowles

69. Mama Knowles' freakum dresses.

Via David McNew/Newsmakers/Getty Images

70. Knowing that if Mathew Knowles was still Bey's manager, we'd have her damn album already.

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71. Harrassing Bey until she finally releases her album.

72. Waking up at 6am for a damn Pepsi commercial.

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73. Even though you know she's a Texas girl, so she rides and dies for Dr. Pepper.

74. Realizing she's only ever going to release her new album through commercials.

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75. When she blesses us with "Bow Down."

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76. Her perfect response to the Inauguration lip-syncing controversy.

77. Allowing all you Ariels to be a part of her world.

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