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38 Reasons David Pocock Is The Rugby Player Of Your Dreams

He's ginger and beautiful and also really wants marriage equality. What more could you ask for?

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4. In 2010, David won the John Eales Medal, the highest honor in Australian rugby, which is really impressive and means that his whole tiny short and shirt situation was well worth it.

5. Most importantly, though, David is an LGBT ally who's been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality in Australia.

"I don’t see what the big deal is with the whole gay marriage debate in Australia," he said. "Being brought up in a Christian home and still identifying as Christian, I get pretty annoyed with the Christian lobbies around the world who say gay marriage destroys the family and all that kind of rubbish... These are the prejudices that you have to challenge and break down."

7. He's also taken on Australian politicians face-to-face, confronting one on television for his party's opposition to marriage equality.

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"The biggest thing in this debate is that we're dealing with people here," he said. "And how can you blame someone for what they are? People don't choose their sexuality and we marginalize the LGBTI community for what they are. I think that this is a conversation that needs to be had and that needs to be discussed compassionately and actually come to something that's reasonable. And in my mind, that's marriage for everyone."

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