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28 Reasons Cordelia Chase Should Be Your New Role Model

She may have been Sunnydale's resident bitch, but she was the only one who told it like it was. And for that, we should all become acolytes of Cordelia Chase.

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1. She knows that parties are for fun, not moping over exes.

2. Repeat: she has no time for moping.

3. She understands Shakespeare and can relate it to her own life.

4. She knows that OK Cupid is better than a Seamless coupon.

5. She always puts her best face (and hair) forward.

6. She too would rather skip the "Pray and Love" and just stick with the "Eat."

7. She prefers creativity.

8. She's concerned with how factors in someone's youth may be affecting their decision-making skills.

9. She knows that popularity isn't everything.

10. She does her own thing instead of hanging out with cliques.

11. She doesn't follow fashion trends.

12. She always has a fall-back in case her Plan A doesn't work out.

13. She knows how to handle bullies.

14. She's not into self-pity.

15. She doesn't beat around the bush. Be direct!

16. She's proud of her achievements.

17. She prefers not to demonize our historic leaders.

18. She's not into eBooks and would rather have the real thing.

19. She knows that "normal" is boring.

20. She confronts misogynistic religious practices.

21. She never loses sight of herself in a relationship.

22. She accepts the gift of praise.

23. She also accepts the necessary evils of cheap, pre-gaming liquor.


25. She doesn't procrastinate, she PRIORITIZES.

26. She's better than the GAP.

27. She knows how to avoid hangovers.

28. She's well versed in the law.

That's all.

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