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    • Inventrix

      This is Suki. My roommates and I went to adopt a cat 4 years ago, and she picked us out—-pretty much decided she was coming home with us. Her timing was perfect. 4 years ago I had the worst depressive episode I’ve ever had in my life—-somedays I couldn’t move, talk, or even read. She made sure that at the very least, every morning I got up to feed her—-if I was having more difficulty than usual, she’d stick her head under my hand and lift it up, like she was trying to pick me up. When I’m bedridden, she almost never leaves my side, and always lifts my mood by rolling over for a belly rub (she actually loves belly rubs) or by being simply adorable (look at that face, she knows it). The one incident that defines just how much she does for me occurred during that terrible depressive period. I had worked up the nerve and energy to try and hurt myself, and was in the kitchen picking a knife out of the drawer. She had been eating, but she came in quietly, sat at my feet, looked at me with those huge kitty eyes, and gave a little meow. Not the loud, urgent one she makes when she’s begging for food, just a really small “hey.” She kept me from hurting myself that night. I’m still struggling really badly, and I definitely think about giving up a lot, but she still won’t leave my side. I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

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