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    • Inventrix

      Thank you for writing this; it means a lot to me. I’m a girl who’s always felt like a “Winona,” and I’ve been having a hard time recently: I fell for a guy who seemed to genuinely like and respect me, who always turned to me to vent his frustrations and to seek help, which I always willingly gave. So it really hurts that he ended up picking a vapid and thoughtless “Gwyneth”—-I can tell he doesn’t really respect her or rely on her, but she’s pretty, popular, and blonde. I know that life isn’t always the black-and-white rivalry between “Winonas” and “Gwyneths,” but it makes me feel a little better to know that other people have recognized and experienced the pain of being rejected for someone you would never trade your soul to be like, no matter how much you envy her success. So thanks…this Winona is feeling a little less heartbroken tonight because of you; keep writing : )

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