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US Mail Office Sells Our Packages They Have Lost!!

Have you ever sent a gift to someone in the mail? Did that gift not make it to that special person? You probably spent so much time and effort calling customer service, submitting claim forms, ETC. That gift along with others could now be bringing joy to someone who paid a small price, but how could you have ever known??? Most people don't know this but believe it or not the USPS is profiting from mail they have lost. They use the term declared "dead" when an item cannot be recovered. So where do all the unclaimed items go? To a secret facility in Georgia called The Mail Recovery Center (MRC). Basically think of them of the lost and found of the US Post Office. When I say secret, I'm talking of a building that is highly secured and protected by the US Government. You would be lucky to even sneak a pic from outside. The main job of the staff there is to open the packages and try to track down the owners. Anytime they don't find the rightful owner, within a few months, the USPS gets to action it off and pocket the profits. These profits are kept undisclosed. Their Spokesperson claimed they did not want to give away "trade secrets." They work with a private company named GovDeals to manage the auctions. The photos on the website show big boxes full of merchandise. The buyer is only allowed to view the items on top, not whats beneath. GovDeals offers auctions every two weeks. This story was based of a Utah News story investigation I read today. Too bad there's not much we can do about this, but its good to be aware!

GemmyBear89 7 months ago