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    Rihanna's Luxury Fashion Line Fenty Is Finally Here And It's Everything

    More than three dozen pieces for your viewing pleasure!

    THE WAIT IS OVER!!! Rihanna's history-making luxury fashion brand Fenty finally dropped this morning, and it's full of classic, gender-fluid statement pieces that reflect the icon's strong and edgy brand.

    The debut collection, Release 5-19, includes more than three dozen Italian- and French-made pieces, with clothing sizes ranging from 2/XS to 14/XXXL. We'll reportedly be getting even more pieces in the coming week, but in the meanwhile, let's look at some ~LEWKS~!

    1. Suit Jacket With Fanny Pack

    2. Reversible Parka

    3. Oversized Denim Jacket

    4. No Cap

    5. Denim Corset Dress

    6. Oversized Denim Shirt

    7. Pointy Shirt

    8. Croissant-Sleeved Shirt

    9. Corset Dress

    10. Corset Blazer Dress

    11. Hoodie Button Down Shirt

    12. Body Blouse

    13. Corset T-Shirt

    14. Corset T-Shirt Dress

    15. Pleated Pants

    16. Corset Skirt

    17. Denim Straight Fit Pants

    18. Denim Corset Skirt

    19. Denim Pleated Pants

    20. Flowy Pleated Pants

    21. Blockt Mask

    22. Antisocial Sunglasses

    23. Guarded Denim Mask

    24. Guarded Mask

    25. Roped In Ear Cuffs Long

    26. Roped In Ear Cuffs

    27. Roped In Ear Cuffs Pendants

    28. Roped In Ear Cuffs Short Pendants

    29. Roped In Paved Bracelet

    30. Roped In Bracelet

    31. Half-Glazed Hoops

    32. Noodle Hoops

    33. Boxy Earrings

    34. Spiraling Sandals 115

    35. Spiraling Patent Sandals 115

    36. Dolly Sandals 50

    37. The Affair Pumps 115