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    Fans Praise Rihanna For Dropping More Inclusive Makeup, While Others Troll Her For Something Else Entirely

    *Fans expect an album* Rihanna: "Happy new year, here’s a Fenty Beauty tutorial."

    Rihanna is the queen of many things: makeup, underwear, and not releasing new music because she loves to taunt us.

    And just because it's 2019 doesn't mean Rihanna's going to change anytime soon. On New Year's Day, she revealed that she would be dropping yet more Fenty Beauty products.

    50 shades bih. 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻 #PROFILTRCONCEALER @fentybeauty

    The news has been met with praise, particularly for Fenty Beauty boosting its already inclusive range with 50 new shades of concealer and 10 new shades of foundation, which is on top of the 40 shades of foundation already available.

    New year, new #FENTYBEAUTY!! We're dropping 50 creamy, longwear #PROFILTRCONCEALER shades, 8 shades of #PROFILTRSETTINGPOWDER with NO FLASHBACK, and 10 MORE #PROFILTRFOUNDATION shades in different ranges! We're also coming thru with brushes and sponges to match 😏 Who's ready??

    Many celebrated the diversity of the makeup shades, applauding Rihanna for her inclusivity.

    Each year since Fenty has been released, Rihanna has outdone herself! Literally she’s everything and the products are DIVERSE. Other “makeup brands” need to take notes

    This is Rihanna taking over the Sephora displays with her 40 foundations & 50 concealers 😭

    While others panicked about their bank accounts, which are sure to take a hit.

    We were supposed to be saving money !!! And Rihanna had the nerve to drop 50 concealer shades....the nerve

    I said I was gonna save money in 2019 but Rihanna really out here like #PROFILTRCONCEALER

    However, other fans weren't quick to forget Ms Fenty's promise that in 2019 she'd be releasing new music, and they weren't going to be distracted by no makeup.

    Rihanna said we would be getting new music in’s already a day into 2019 where the fuck is it already

    Rihanna: new album in 2019 me on January 1st:

    *12:00 AM New Year Eve* Navy: WHERE'S THE ALBUM?! Rihanna:

    Particularly as Rihanna has basically been trolling all of us with the music she has yet to release.

    Lmao Rihanna is the biggest troll of all time 😭

    *2019 arrives* Navy: omg R9 is coming yes finally Rihanna: happy new year here’s a Fenty beauty tutorial

    Let's just hope Rih stops trolling soon and slays us all with R9.