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Taylor Swift May Have Reignited Her Feud With Kim And Kanye With This Instagram Like

"The 'Famous' music video was straight up revenge porn ... it was disgusting and he doesn’t get enough crap for it."

You probably remember that back in 2016, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian West, and Kanye West became embroiled in one of the biggest showbiz feuds of all time, and it all stemmed from Kanye's track "Famous".

However, around a month before Kim shared the audio clips from Kanye and Taylor's phone call, he released the video for "Famous". It featured nude waxworks of prominent celebrities lying in a bed, and on Kanye's right was a waxwork depicting Taylor.

Taylor never publicly commented on the video, but many of her fans expressed outrage that Kanye had used a naked mock-up of her without consent, labelling it "sexual harassment" and "revenge porn".

i am losing my mind/???? like how do people still not understand that the famous video by Kanye West = rape culture/revenge porn

And fans also thought that Taylor went on to respond to Kanye's depiction of her by wearing a nude bodysuit in her own video for "...Ready For It?" as a way to "reclaim" her body.

Well, despite Kim and Taylor both recently suggesting that they're over the feud, the singer may have reignited things by "liking" an Instagram post denouncing Kanye's "Famous" video.

The whole thing started when a Taylor fan responded to the "Unpopular Opinion: Kanye Edition" Twitter thread started by @cleanupcrw, by describing the "Famous" video as "disgusting revenge porn".

Another fan then screenshotted the tweet and shared it on Instagram.

And then who should pop up to like the post but Taylor herself.

Naturally, people started freaking out that Taylor had liked it.

But Taylor didn't add any further comment. In fact, after leaving her like, she ~swiftly~ disappeared.

A spokesperson for Taylor Swift has been contacted for comment.