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Taylor Swift Wrote A List Of Things She's Experienced Before Turning 30 And Here's What We Learned

From learning to love your body to making cocktails and never using Sharpie as eyeliner.

It's my pleasure to inform you that Taylor Swift is continuing to bless us with her presence in our lives, this time with an ELLE magazine cover that could've been pulled straight from the Red era.

To accompany the frankly iconic photoshoot, Taylor herself wrote a super personal list of 30 things she's learned in life before she turns 30 this December.

Here's everything we learned from Taylor's list...

1. She turned off comments on her Instagram posts so she doesn't rely on the approval of strangers to boost her self-esteem.

2. She's working hard to love and accept her body the way it is.

3. She was "completely terrified to go on tour" following the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester concert and the mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas in 2017.

4. Taylor unequivocally believes victims of sexual assault when they come forward.

5. She's learned to recognise her childhood scars and work through them rather than letting them take over.

6. Her public feuds have taught her that a very simple way to deal with petty conflict is to laugh at it.

7. She took time to educate herself on politics before speaking about her beliefs, but recognises that it's her responsibility to use her influence for good.

Oh, and she also taught us some less ~philosophical~ lessons...

8. Learn how to make a good, easy cocktail!

9. And find some recipes you know you can crush in the kitchen.

10. Command strips are good for if you don't want to make holes in your walls.

11. Take vitamins, guys!

12. Make sure you take care of your skin, and probably don't use a Sharpie as eyeliner.

13. And finally, we should play and experiment with fashion, and she'll never acknowledge that Bleachella was a look.

You can read Taylor's full list of life lessons here. ELLE's April issue hits newsstands on 26 March.


The terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester concert happened in May 2017. A previous version of this post misstated the date.