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    The Kardashians Just Revealed Secrets About Their Feuds With Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna And Kris Humphries And I Am Living For The Shade

    I honestly don't even know where to begin.

    The Kardashian sisters can always be relied upon to bring honesty and ~drama~ to just about every conversation they ever have.

    And when Kim, Kourtney and Khloé appeared on last night's Watch What Happens Live, for their first sit-down interview as a trio in actual years, they didn't disappoint. In fact, the sisters spilled so much tea I'm not quite sure where to begin.


    First up, Kim confirmed the reports that she and Kanye are expecting baby number four!


    She also confirmed that their baby is both a boy and due "some time soon." Kim said she didn't mind announcing the news since it had leaked anyway, adding that she was probably responsible for it getting out. She said: "I got drunk at our Christmas party and I told some people. I can't remember who I told because I never get drunk."

    Then the girls were asked to name a cringeworthy moment from their pasts that they weren't looking forward to explaining to their children in the future.


    Of course, Kim jumped straight in. Referencing her sex tape, she said: "I mean, I think mine is obvious. I don't know exactly what I'm going to tell them yet, but I do have an idea. I think I'm just going to be super honest and real with them — I mean, that's all you really can be."

    Conversation then moved on to discussing the family's famous exes. First up, the girls were asked how sure they'd been that Rob and his former fiancée Blac Chyna would split up.

    Khloé responded: "A million percent."

    And when they were asked where they stand with Chyna today, Kim responded: "Still in a lawsuit."


    She went on: "We don't know. We don't care."

    Kourtney went on to reveal that Kris Humphries was her least favourite of all Kim's exes.


    At first, she paused to think but Khloé shouted: "The fact you even think this question is hard?!" Before Kourtney responded: "Kris Humphries." When host Andy Cohen asked whether Khloé agreed with Kourtney's answer, she said: "Completely."

    Khloé added that she couldn't believe that Kim had even been engaged to Kris let alone married to him for 72 days.


    "I was blown away," she said of the engagement.

    Then they moved on to discussing Tristan Thompson, who was famously accused of cheating on Khloé multiple times during her pregnancy last year. Kourtney was asked whether she'd have stayed with Tristan if she'd been in Khloé's shoes.

    And Kim chimed in, saying that while the public probably think Khloé is an "idiot" for staying with Tristan, she admires her strength.


    Kim said: "I will say, from seeing everything that happened, it's so easy and quick to be like: "Oh my god, leave him, leave him." It's so much harder to stay and have the whole public think that you're an idiot for staying." Kourtney agreed, saying that it took "strength" to "not give a fuck" about anyone else's opinion.

    Kim also revealed that her relationship with Tristan has improved since the cheating allegations first broke, and that he texted her just the other day to see if she could help him get someone out of jail.


    Kim added that since she successfully advocated for the release of Alice Johnson last year, she's been inundated with letters requesting her help with freeing other people from prison.

    Then the ladies were asked to address their celebrity feuds. Kim was asked whether she'd prefer to be in an elevator with Taylor Swift or Drake.


    For those who somehow don't understand the references, Kim has been involved in feuds with both stars. She chose Taylor.

    And in case you were wondering, Kim is "over" her feud with Taylor.


    She said: "I'm over it. We haven't spoken, but I feel we've all moved on."

    The ladies were then asked how they felt when Chelsea Handler blamed them for Trump being elected. Spoiler alert: Khloé went off.


    She said: "We don't have that much power, and it's crazy that she would even put that on somebody else." When Kim interjected to say that she's seen and spoken to Chelsea since the comments, Khloé responded: "But that's what I don't like about people. They want to talk all this crap publicly but when they see us, they're up our ass. It's crazy."

    And finally, the interview rounded off with a quick question about drugs.


    After Kim recently revealed that she'd taken ecstasy in her twenties, Kourtney and Khloé were asked whether they too had dabbled. Khloé confirmed that she had, and that she'd also taken the drug with Kim. At first Kourtney was reluctant to answer the question, but eventually said: "I have. But I don't think I did it with [my sisters.] I think I would kill myself."

    You can watch the full series of interviews here.

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