Finneas Revealed He And Billie Eilish Were "Embarrassed" About Their Grammy Wins

    "You hope that it will be kind of equal, but after the third in a row…"

    I'm sure you already know that this year's Grammys were dominated by the songwriting duo of the moment, Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas O'Connell.

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    Between them, they won seven awards, including all of the coveted "big four" — Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

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    But their wins sparked some serious debate on social media. In a few of Billie's acceptance speeches, she appeared to apologise for winning, and in some instances even shouted out specific people she thought deserved the award more.


    She began her Song of the Year acceptance speech by saying she thought there were "so many other songs" that deserved the award, and during her Album of the Year speech, Billie pointed out Ariana Grande in the audience, saying Ariana's album Thank U, Next "deserves more than anything in the world".

    She continued by saying: "I'm not gonna waste your time. I'm really not. I love you. Thank you for this."

    While many did agree that Ariana was snubbed, a lot of people weren't impressed, saying it seemed as though Billie was downplaying her success so she wouldn't get hate for winning.

    she does this because she knows that all y’all are gonna do for the next 2 months is talk about how she’s so undeserving of anything that comes to her and believe it or not she sees it and it fucking hurts her feelings so she wants to avoid it as much as possible idiot

    That clip of Billie Eilish wishing that they wouldn't say her name at the Grammys last night has really bothered me! I hate that we are in a time that we have to downplay our own accomplishments so that internet trolls don't talk shit. Fuck that! I'mma celebrate my wins!

    Well, in a new interview with Vogue, Finneas has opened up about the duo's many Grammy wins, and admitted both he and Billie felt "embarrassed" by their sweep.

    When asked whether they expected to win so many awards, Finneas gave a firm no, saying they had been "brave enough to hope" that between their joint 11 nominations, they might take home one award.

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    "I would have been thrilled with that," Finneas said.

    "You hope that it will be kind of equal," he continued. "But after the third in a row… Well, we love all of our fellow nominees."

    He went on to say that, if he were to bet money on anyone, he would've expected Lizzo to win Record of the Year and for Song of the Year to go to Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road".

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    "I was hopeful about album of the year, and that’s one that I’m really proud of, because I love listening to that album front to back," Finneas said of their wins. "That was the only one that I was like, 'Maybe!'"

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    You can read Finneas's full Vogue interview here.

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