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Billie Eilish's Reaction To Winning Five Grammy Awards Has Sparked A Ton Of Drama On Twitter

"Y'all made this poor girl so afraid of the backlash she'll get from her own success that she's literally pleading that she won’t win."

Billie Eilish hit the jackpot on Sunday, not only winning her first Grammy award, but adding a whole armful to her collection.

The 18-year-old juggernaut took home five of the six awards she was nominated for, including the top four awards of the night: Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist.

Billie's win was historic, not least because she's now the youngest person to take home all four coveted awards, and the youngest to win Album of the Year since Taylor Swift in 2010.

Most of Billie's speeches on the night were quick and to the point. In fact, at times it even seemed like she was apologising for winning.

At one point, Alicia Keys could be heard offering Billie some words of encouragement as she won Record of the Year in disbelief.

But a video of Billie appearing to say "please don't be me" before winning Album of the Year soon went viral and it sparked a ton of drama on Twitter.

Fans immediately jumped in, saying Billie didn't want to win the award because she knew she'd receive backlash from fans of the other artists.

she does this because she knows that all y’all are gonna do for the next 2 months is talk about how she’s so undeserving of anything that comes to her and believe it or not she sees it and it fucking hurts her feelings so she wants to avoid it as much as possible idiot

Billie touched on this point earlier in the night. After winning Best New Artist, she said to the other nominees: "I know your fans are hardcore and they're gonna fight for you guys and they love you and they're gonna talk shit about me for years 'cuz of this."

Another tweet, with more than 350,000 likes, suggested Billie might be "afraid of the backlash" and reminded critics that she's still a teenager.

the way y’all made this poor girl so afraid of the backlash she’ll get from her own success that she’s literally pleading that she won’t win i stg y’all forget she’s the around the same age as most of y’all on stan twitter if your posting any hate towards her your moms a ho

"I hate that we are in a time that we have to downplay our own accomplishments so that internet trolls don't talk shit," Kalen Allen tweeted.

That clip of Billie Eilish wishing that they wouldn't say her name at the Grammys last night has really bothered me! I hate that we are in a time that we have to downplay our own accomplishments so that internet trolls don't talk shit. Fuck that! I'mma celebrate my wins!

Other fans said that Billie didn't deserve to be "dragged down" by fans of other artists and that there were other ways of criticising the Grammys.

@needmebil Billie is so talented and she deserves it just as much as the next person. A lot of artists got snubbed and we can focus on that but let’s not drag down other artists to boots our favs. She doesn’t deserve any hate

@mewithariana i’m not saying your wrong but there are ways of praising ariana without discrediting billie which people fail to understand

Another noted Billie's accelerated success, suggesting it might've been "super awkward" for her to be nominated alongside people who she'd previously looked up to.

@needmebil Honestly the whole situation is probably super awkward for her. Like she clearly looks up to people she was nominated with and if you’ve payed attention Billie went from meeting these people to being nominated with them rather quickly so it must feel bad winning 😫

However, not everybody agreed, with some saying that Billie is "one of the most confident artists out there" and wouldn't have felt scared of the occasion.

@sunflowervol She‘s literally one of the most confident artists out there. She isn‘t scared of anything chile

Others said it simply wasn't that deep and that Billie just wanted Ariana to win because she's a big fan.

@sunflowervol nah i think she was saying that as a fan. shes not afraid of the backlash, she just wanted her idol to win. but i do think she should be happy and proud of herself.

@sunflowervol or she wanted ariana to win and it’s not that deep

BuzzFeed has reached out to reps of Billie for comment.