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    "Avengers: Damage Control" Is A Fully Immersive Experience Where You Can Actually Become An Avenger — Here's What It's Like

    You can literally shoot power beams from your hand like Iron Man.

    If you're any kind of Marvel fan then you are going to loooove Avengers: Damage Control — the new fully immersive VR experience from Marvel Studios and ILMxLAB that literally lets you shoot power beams from your hands like Iron Man. SERIOUSLY.

    Marvel / ILMxLAB

    For the record, and in case you're wondering, the events in Damage Control take place AFTER Endgame.

    As a fan, I decided to ~take one for the team~ and check out Avengers: Damage Control IRL and — I am not exaggerating — it was IN. SANE. Here's what it's like...


    First, I got the option to choose my character's suit color by picking one of these cool cards. I went with this nice teal because it was pretty (there are other colors like orange, red, purple...etc.)


    The backside of the card explained how you'd actually "attack" and "defend" inside the experience.

    Next up was a video debriefing from Princess Shuri. She explained I was here to test out her latest prototype design: Emergency Response Suits, created with a proprietary blend of Wakandan and Stark Industries technology.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    Letitia Wright filmed brand new scenes just for this!

    After the debriefing, I had to suit up — quite literally — into this hefty body pack and helmet.


    For a quick explainer on how this VR works, the technology literally tracks your hands and body to place you in a digital environment that you see through the visor/screen on your helmet. And then you physically walk through a maze that replicates the environment you see in your headset. And it's WILD.

    This first level is basically a tutorial (in Wakanda!!!) and my mind was blown when I got to experience what it feels like to "shoot" power beams from my hand for the first time.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    ILMxLAB Visual Director Michael Koperwas explained that the technology to make this amazing experience feel REAL had to be dead on. He told BuzzFeed, "Making sure that the hand-tracking technology felt right and was tuned properly took a lot of finessing."

    After this brief intro, the story picked up steam as "sinister forces" broke up the party. Thankfully, a FIRE PORTAL showed up to save me.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    I was also really nervous about, like, tripping on the bottom part of the portal, which I know sounds silly since it's not ~really~ there, but it tripped me out!

    The fire portal led me to, where else, the Sanctum Sanctorum.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    They literally programmed a cool breeze to flow in through this window and I've never been more impressed by wind in my life.

    I really took my time in here because 1) it's really pretty, 2) I wanted to try and explore the space, and 3) I kept thinking I was going to trip and fall down the stairs (I did not because there weren't ACTUALLY stairs).

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    According to ILMxLAB's Experience Director, Ian Bowie, there are a bunch of Easter eggs in the Sanctum. "Every prop, every environment piece was very intentionally placed where it is. So, look around. It’s a 360 environment," explained Sherief Fattouh, ILMxLAB Producer. TBH, I didn't spot any when I went through because I was too distracted by the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch, I mean, Dr. Strange talking just five feet in front of me?!?!

    From here, I was sent out on a mission to help save the day, but I won't go into too many more details because ~spoilers~! Let's just say, I had a hilarious encounter with Ant-Man and the Wasp (and even got to experience what it feels like to SHRINK down).

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily actually filmed new dialogue and performances for the experience and they improvised a ton. "You'd give them the premise, pitch ideas, and they'd be like, 'I got an idea!' There's so much on the cutting room floor," said Grant Anderson, Marvel Studios Technical Producer.

    I was also able to test out my not-so-good piloting skills.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    Or, more specifically, my fighting-while-piloting skills?!?!

    The final encounter involved...wait for it...ULTRON — a very large, intense, and frankly, scary Ultron, too.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    And he looks a bit different from when we last saw him. Also, Easter egg alert: look out for some junked Marvel vehicles from the movies on him.

    This final battle is really next-level and while I was SUPPOSED to be fighting off Ultron and his minions, I was basically just spinning around going, "Wow, cooll!", "WOW, COOL!" the whole time. So...oops!

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    But, thankfully, the REAL Avengers were there to help save my distracted ass.

    My final thoughts? This VR experience is AH-MAZ-ING.

    Marvel Studios / ILMxLAB

    I wish Avengers: Damage Control was available in about a million more places, because I really think fans of the movies will loooooove this. Heck, even if you're not a fan you'll love this (it's also great for kids)! But, if you're lucky enough to live near one of the participating The Void locations (more on that below), then do yourself a favor and check it out.

    Avengers: Damage Control, will be at select locations at The VOID starting Oct. 18 for a limited-run. Tickets for ​are ​on-sale now through THE VOID.

    Participating locations include:

    Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, CA

    Santa Monica, CA

    Las Vegas, NV

    Mall of America - Minneapolis, MN

    Cinemark - Plano, TX

    World Trade Center - New York, NY

    The Battery - Atlanta, GA

    Genting Highlands - Malaysia

    The Rec Room at Round House Park - Toronto, Canada

    The Rec Room at Square One Shopping Centre - Ontario, Canada

    The Rec Room at the West Edmonton Mall - Edmonton, Canada

    And you can see a full story trailer here:

    View this video on YouTube