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People On Twitter Are Obsessing Over Shuri From "Black Panther" And I Love It!

"Shuri is the Rihanna of girls in science."

I watched Black Panther last night and I'm still on a cinematic high, trying to book the earliest flight to Wakanda (and yes, I know it's a fictional place, but IDC).

Also, what's going on with my legs, LOL!

Anyway...from the costume designs to the hilarious one-liners, the movie is a MUST-SEE! And although Black Panther is the titular character of the film, it's his sister Shuri who stole the show.

Marvel Studios

Shuri is Princess of Wakanda and far from your typical damsel in distress. She exudes strength, keen intelligence, and she's ridiculously funny. If that doesn't scream epic Disney Princess, then I don't know what will.

Marvel Studios

Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, is a badass engineer who's responsible for creating the majority of the technologically advanced gadgets and weapons used in the film. Not to mention she perfected her brother's Black Panther costume.

Marvel Studios

Without giving away any spoilers, let's just say without Shuri things would've completely fallen apart. She's the sHERO I wish I knew about when I was younger and the inspiration I'm glad today's generation gets a chance to see.

Marvel Studios

And I'm not the only one who feels this way. See why fans are obsessing over Shuri:


Shuri is the real mvp. That is all. #BlackPanther #BlackPantherSoLIT

Twitter: @GeeksOfColor


not to be dramatic but i would die for princess shuri of wakanda

Twitter: @stvckybarnes


What are your thoughts on #BlackPanther's sister Shuri after having seen the movie? Me:

Twitter: @MatthewACherry


every time shuri is on screen doing something amazing, the whole cinema’s like “tony stark who?” or “tony stark is…

Twitter: @iamgeekingout




The Wakanda princess is the epitome of cool. Shuri is the Rihanna of girls in science #BlackPanther



Me at the cinema when Shuri said WHAT ARE THOOOSE

Twitter: @itsyungpadawan


Princess Shuri is an icon. She roasts, she invents, and she's hilarious. We have decided to stan forever.…

Twitter: @blackmon




Yo Shuri is the cutest. Teenage wakandan magical girl here. Cowrie shells, braided buns, crop top, skirt and some f…

Twitter: @DivineBlkPearl



Also everyone was great in Black Panther. But Letitia Wright. Holy moly. Put her in all the things please

Twitter: @jurassicalien



So, if you haven't already, go see Shuri shine in Black Panther! And if you've already seen it, see it again. Hell, throw the whole wallet away, lmao!

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