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17 Things That Exist On Earth But Look Like They're From A Parallel Universe

Alternate realities very similar to ours.

Click here for part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five.

1. This gold Rubik's cube that uses different-sized shapes instead of colors.

33reb / Via

2. This Walgreens that's built within an old movie theater.

rune_000 / Via

3. These trees casually floating in air.

oldschooI / Via

4. This Prius that has SIX doors.

TheBoomas / Via

5. This 25 cent bill.

DazedToaster158 / Via

6. This insanely steep-looking bridge in Japan that looks like it's from a universe where roads come down from the sky.

SidPorter / Via

7. This cake that makes 7UP look like a brand of baked goods instead of soda.

sukonthes / Via

8. This deck of cards that has a fifth suit — stars.

JorWat / Via

9. These purple peppers that look like an eggplant's sibling.

hhhenryhhh / Via

10. This tiny bottle of Coke.

kctrem / Via

11. This orchid that looks like it has a face, and thoughts, and emotions, and something to say.

savage-dragon / Via

12. This view from an apartment during a storm that looks like it's on an entirely different world that's been through some apocalyptic things.

Kioto_ / Via

13. This weathered leaf that appears to be see-through.

escaped_reality / Via

14. This half-liter can of Pepsi with a resealable lid.

Instigator78 / Via

15. These little pieces of fruit from a cactus that look like miniature pineapples.

PabloFontaine / Via

16. This burned lawn that looks like it's from a world where black grass is the norm.

wallnumber8675309 / Via

17. And finally, this photo's strange perspective that makes it look like there's a world with tiny pups and GIGANTIC DOGS.

Kaldea / Via

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