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17 Things That 100% Exist On Earth, But Look Like Something From A Parallel Universe

How are these not from alternate realities?

Click here for part one, part two, part three, and part four.

1. This fancy Victorian CVS.

Arkenzie / Via

2. This book nook that looks like it leads to some small, cozy universe.

7concussionssofar / Via

3. These Legos that are made of wood.

CaravelClerihew / Via

4. This Target without a bunch of shelves and aisles.

jimonlight / Via

5. This completely see-through car.

sparkrivet / Via

6. This town's bright red streetlights that create an otherworldly vibe.

7. This bottle that makes it look like Subway makes champagne instead of sandwiches.

eritic / Via

8. This car driving in snow that looks like a spacecraft hurling at hyperspeed.

timotyjh / Via

9. This photo of a beach taken right when the phone vibrated, making it look like some sort of warped world.

drp5115 / Via

10. This trailer with a dinosaur in it.

yo_gabba_gavin / Via

11. This office building that looks like it's actually outdoors.

Lolagurl / Via

12. This metallic keyboard.

Mr__Weasels / Via

13. This insanely large sandal that looks like it's from a world of giants.

upvoter1541 / Via

14. This yellow stop sign.

1lonelylilypad / Via

15. This photo of the moon taken through a telescope that looks like it's a planet being viewed from a spaceship window.

Tokyo_Jones / Via

16. This double decker school bus.

munkadelix / Via

17. And finally, this massive packet of Taco Bell mild sauce.

LinenEphod / Via