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    21 Things That Actually Exist Right Here On Earth, But Totally Look Like They Came From A Parallel Universe

    Somewhere in a slightly different alternate reality.

    Click here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three.

    1. This bright pink fire truck.

    2. This MASSIVE screw that looks like it's from the land of giants.

    3. This spaceship McDonald's.

    4. This Gatorade in a glass bottle.

    5. This airplane bathroom that has a window in it.

    6. These pillars that look like poorly rendered video game graphics.

    7. These decorative Roman columns casually seen inside this grocery store.

    8. This quarter that actually has color.

    9. This extremely old $1 bill that looks like it's from some other world's version of America.

    10. This clock that gives you the time using words.

    11. This zero playing card.

    12. This pinkish purple sky.

    13. This mustache-less Mario.

    14. This stop sign with a different font that just doesn't look right.

    15. This McDonald's drive-thru that looks like it's in a world where white SUVs are the only car.

    16. This sign with a strange choice for a speed limit.

    17. This wall of motherboards that looks like some sort of advanced technology.

    18. This canned water.

    19. This grocery store that was built inside a hockey rink.

    20. This guitar-shaped hotel with beaming lights for strings that look like they go on forever.

    21. And finally, this concept car made by Mercedes that legitimately looks like something from Tron.