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    21 Things That Actually Exist Right Here On Earth, But Totally Look Like They Came From A Parallel Universe

    Somewhere in a slightly different alternate reality.

    Click here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three.

    1. This bright pink fire truck.

    jackson73537 / Via

    2. This MASSIVE screw that looks like it's from the land of giants.

    smokeymctokerson / Via

    3. This spaceship McDonald's.

    crazycockerels / Via

    4. This Gatorade in a glass bottle.

    Zlatehagoat / Via

    5. This airplane bathroom that has a window in it.

    drewsoulman / Via

    6. These pillars that look like poorly rendered video game graphics.

    aI03owolkY / Via

    7. These decorative Roman columns casually seen inside this grocery store.

    TiredArchie / Via

    8. This quarter that actually has color.

    antguy8 / Via

    9. This extremely old $1 bill that looks like it's from some other world's version of America.

    dackpartial / Via

    10. This clock that gives you the time using words.

    shitoupek / Via

    11. This zero playing card.

    blackbeanavocado / Via

    12. This pinkish purple sky.

    CummingSoda / Via

    13. This mustache-less Mario.

    gaudiocomplex / Via

    14. This stop sign with a different font that just doesn't look right.

    common-guy / Via

    15. This McDonald's drive-thru that looks like it's in a world where white SUVs are the only car.

    skkevin / Via

    16. This sign with a strange choice for a speed limit.

    ShikeyMitt / Via

    17. This wall of motherboards that looks like some sort of advanced technology.

    mwebizzle / Via

    18. This canned water.

    DavidBaxster / Via

    19. This grocery store that was built inside a hockey rink.

    steeemo / Via

    20. This guitar-shaped hotel with beaming lights for strings that look like they go on forever.

    MrMag0-0 / Via

    21. And finally, this concept car made by Mercedes that legitimately looks like something from Tron.

    sparkrivet / Via