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25 Things That Exist On Earth But Look Like They're From A Parallel Universe

So familiar, but so different.

1. This blue can of Coke.

savrox​ / Via

2. This very real $1,000 bill.

firesprinklerman / Via

3. This Walmart that's extraordinarily tiny by Walmart standards.

fluffytoast12 / Via

4. This Target that has a white bull's-eye instead of a red one.

PHATstuFF21 / Via

5. This Target turned Walmart that has giant yellow balls outside instead of the red we've grown used to seeing.

landofgay / Via

6. This deck of playing cards that has 1s instead of aces.

Hank_Valley / Via

7. This drive-thru Starbucks built inside an old car wash.

quiet_musings / Via

8. This Starbucks inside an aquarium in Muscat, Oman.

Gaijinloco / Via

9. This Taco Bell that's made of shipping containers.

Morktornak / Via

10. These off-brand cereals that have the same box designs of popular cereals under different names.

SirLabRatz / Via

11. A Subway logo that's white and red instead of the green and yellow we're used to.

JRiggles / Via

12. A lowercase stop sign.

Snowblind05 / Via

13. Or a stop sign that's blue instead of red and is telling you to smile.

carkhuff / Via

14. A grasshopper turned pink by a genetic mutation.

BreakfastBeerz / Via

15. Rolls of bright orange toilet paper.

vaterisvet / Via

16. A McDonald's with a turquoise logo instead of the traditional Golden Arches.

crockett1260 / Via

17. And an equally strange McDonald's that has a single Golden Arch.

joeltb / Via

18. This carved watermelon that's got summer AND fall vibes.

mekkle / Via

19. These road cones that are lime green instead of orange.

WaterMagician / Via

20. This pedestrian crossing sign that has way more detail than any street sign you've ever seen before.

JaysonthePirate / Via

21. This traffic light installed in the ground for pedestrians who are looking down at their phones.

imayneverknow / Via

22. A heart-shaped stoplight.

Football_Is_Cool_ / Via

23. A colorful cob of corn.

Here4damemes / Via

24. These colorless Skittles, so you can taste the rainbow even though you can't see it.

UnpurePurist / Via

25. And finally, this wild, shiny chrome Maserati.

cpt_trax / Via

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