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25 Things That Exist On Earth But Look Like They're From A Parallel Universe

So familiar, but so different.

1. This blue can of Coke.

2. This very real $1,000 bill.

3. This Walmart that's extraordinarily tiny by Walmart standards.

4. This Target that has a white bull's-eye instead of a red one.

5. This Target turned Walmart that has giant yellow balls outside instead of the red we've grown used to seeing.

6. This deck of playing cards that has 1s instead of aces.

7. This drive-thru Starbucks built inside an old car wash.

8. This Starbucks inside an aquarium in Muscat, Oman.

9. This Taco Bell that's made of shipping containers.

10. These off-brand cereals that have the same box designs of popular cereals under different names.

11. A Subway logo that's white and red instead of the green and yellow we're used to.

12. A lowercase stop sign.

13. Or a stop sign that's blue instead of red and is telling you to smile.

14. A grasshopper turned pink by a genetic mutation.

15. Rolls of bright orange toilet paper.

16. A McDonald's with a turquoise logo instead of the traditional Golden Arches.

17. And an equally strange McDonald's that has a single Golden Arch.

18. This carved watermelon that's got summer AND fall vibes.

19. These road cones that are lime green instead of orange.

20. This pedestrian crossing sign that has way more detail than any street sign you've ever seen before.

21. This traffic light installed in the ground for pedestrians who are looking down at their phones.

22. A heart-shaped stoplight.

23. A colorful cob of corn.

24. These colorless Skittles, so you can taste the rainbow even though you can't see it.

25. And finally, this wild, shiny chrome Maserati.