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    18 Things That 100% Exist On Earth, But Look Like Something From A Parallel Universe

    Things you might see in a slightly different dimension.

    Click here for part one, and here for part two.

    1. This black-and-white Target that looks so ordinary, yet so, so otherworldly.

    Koidage / Via

    2. This fork that doesn't have any prongs cut into it.

    redrum993 / Via

    3. This building's windows that make it look like a cartoon structure.


    4. This extra-large silver moose statue that looks like a shiny-fleshed creature that might exist in an alternate reality.

    robogorp / Via

    5. This weird thing that happened with the clouds in China, making it appear as if a city was floating in the sky.

    Paranormal Crucible / Via

    6. This tricky shadow and slope situation that makes it look like there's a world where humans can levitate.

    tommytwooo / Via

    7. This ice-covered house that looks like it's on a frozen planet, but it's really just courtesy of an Ohio blizzard.

    insanezane777 / Via

    8. This parking garage that has a tall slide connected to it.

    JSteezy80 / Via

    9. This set of public swings that provide power to charge your phone.

    Suckerburg1 / Via

    10. This building that's built to resemble a robot.

    Sluice_Mountain / Via

    11. This bike's peculiar-looking wooden frame.

    wood_nich / Via

    12. This stack of ALL PINK Starbursts being sold by the boxes.

    James--Trickington / Via

    13. This profoundly large mushroom.

    kfranky / Via

    14. This black toilet paper.

    festisredbull / Via

    15. This building that has windows made of car windshields.

    CM_Jacawitz / Via

    16. This Chevy Silverado made out of Legos that looks like glitchy graphics in real life.

    lazilyambiti0us / Via

    17. This TV reflection that makes it look like the moon is hovering around in someone's backyard.

    TippityTopKek1010 / Via

    18. And finally, this McDonald's that has black arches instead of golden ones.

    AlligatorBlowjob / Via