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    25 More Things That Definitely Exist On Earth But Totally Look Like They Came From A Parallel Universe

    The trippy things continue.

    Recently I showed you 25 things that look like they came from a parallel universe, and now I'm going to show you even more. Scroll down to step into a portal to an alternate reality!

    1. This bright green bread.

    Nakatsukasa / Via

    2. This perfect, cube-shaped tree.

    Uskebasi1996 / Via

    3. These circle-shaped playing cards.

    ChristopherJngs / Via

    4. This clock that tracks days of the week instead of hours of the day.

    creezewe / Via

    5. This CLEAR hot sauce.

    Loucash / Via

    6. This person who's positioned in a way that makes it look like they're in a world of giants.

    Nvr2Much / Via

    7. This jug of detergent that's made of cardboard.

    Mforsb / Via

    8. This smooth, pitless avocado.

    Coby9 / Via

    9. This sign in an Amish village aimed at people riding horses that says "WHOA" instead of "STOP."

    MisterPhox / Via

    10. This strawberry lemona— I mean, this pink and yellow moth.

    TheHighestFever / Via

    11. The fog that makes it look like there's a Burger King moon in the sky.

    TwoMuchGames / Via

    12. Or this castle Burger King that looks like it exists in the Game of Thrones universe.

    CelestialSerenade / Via

    13. This cat that has otherworldly eyes that look like an inferno.

    butterfly-the-dick / Via

    14. This boat that has a seat for underwater views.

    Enviro_1 / Via

    15. This carton for a single egg.

    WhoppingRook09 / Via

    16. This quadruple banana situation.

    sigglet / Via

    17. This stoplight that has a crosswalk symbol in the middle and a viking on the bottom.

    Ulle82 / Via

    18. These extremely large, plump blueberries

    ImObviouslyOblivious / Via

    19. This yellow door randomly placed in the middle of nowhere that looks like it'd lead to another dimension.

    michaelsj92 / Via

    20. This tree that someone actually crocheted.

    sagadestiny / Via

    21. This butterfly that has transparent wings.

    flightoffancy85 / Via

    22. This building that looks like a gigantic box.

    Nugasaki / Via

    23. This fleet of robots cruising around and crossing a street.

    AutumnBegins / Via

    24. The leaves on this tree that make it look like it's a blurry glitch.

    PrizeFighter23 / Via

    25. And finally, these flowers that look like they've got galaxies existing within their petals.

    gravem / Via, shaylynn93 / Via

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