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    15 Photos That Totally Look Like They Were Taken On An Alternate Earth In The Multiverse

    Not quite the Earth you've come to know.

    1. This green KFC!

    A green-themed Kentucky Fried Chicken, different from their traditional red
    5oylent / Via

    2. This photo that looks like it's from a world where pancakes delivered in boxes reign supreme over pizzas.

    Large pancakes in the type of boxes pizza traditionally comes in
    LemonLeaa / Via

    3. This photo that looks like it was taken on a world where flying cars exist.

    A car sits amongst snow covered land that makes it appear to be in the clouds
    redvakho / Via

    4. This giant school bus filled with melons that looks like it's from a world where fruit is capable of getting an education.

    A long, yellow school bus has been modified to transport countless watermelons
    irccor2489 / Via

    5. This version of "The Scream" painting that looks like it's from a much cuter world than ours.

    A recreation of the famous "The Scream" painting, using cartoonish features like big, sparkling eyes
    zzjjkk / Via

    6. This tricycle setup that looks like it's from a world where UPS works on a much smaller scale.

    A UPS branded tricycle carriage
    MuGGuM2 / Via

    7. This shampoo that looks like Warheads is focused on cleaning hair instead of making sour candy.

    Warheads candy-themed shampoo
    kapcun66 / Via

    8. This pickup truck that has SIX doors and THREE rows of seating.

    A pickup that looks more stretched out than common two or four door trucks
    gingernip36 / Via

    9. This quadruple-A battery.

    A Duracell battery labeled AAAA that's skinnier than the traditional double A or triple A batteries
    Jawskk / Via

    10. This scorpion-shaped chair that looks like it's from a world run by arachnids.

    A chair shaped like a scorpion's body, with pincer arm rests and a curved tail for back support
    LuckyDoctor / Via

    11. These misprinted playing cards that look like they're part of some world's much more complex deck.

    A queen of hearts card that's half faded to white and a 10 of diamonds and 6 of spades that are combined on the same card
    Bobbytimn321 / Via

    12. This house that looks like it's tilted back.

    A house built in a way that makes it appear to be tilted at an angle
    ChrisBaaij18 / Via

    13. This airport robot that helps with flight information.

    A robot with friendly cartoon eyes and a screen displaying information for its body stands inside of an airport
    stirredturd / Via

    14. These paper towels that can be split into even smaller sheets.

    Paper towel sheets that are precut to divide into two small squares
    SecretPotatoChip / Via

    15. And finally, this massive dresser that looks like it's from a furniture store for giant beings.

    A structure has a building-sized dresser in front of it
    Sininanabooobooo / Via

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