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    May 3, 2020

    17 Things That Are Here On Earth, But Look Like They Came From Somewhere In The Multiverse

    Like entering a wormhole to elsewhere.

    1. This taco-shaped fortune cookie from a Mexican restaurant.

    The-Reddit-Chair / Via

    2. This XXL AirPod that looks like it's from a world full of giants.

    Thunderttv / Via

    3. This Starbucks sign that looks like it's from a fun, cartoony world (though it's actually just a Vegas location).

    bryhaight21 / Via

    4. These miniature coconuts.

    EddiOS42 / Via

    5. This Dasani water bottle that looks like it's from an alien world, but is actually just the design at Disneyland's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

    TunedMassDamsel / Via

    6. These shrimp that are glowing blue from eating bioluminescent plankton.

    Palana / Via

    7. This golden watermelon.

    ObeseMorese / Via

    8. This Gatorade in a can instead of the bottle we're used to seeing.

    Creativewill1258 / Via

    9. This building that looks like it's in a warped world, but is somehow an actual structure in Poland.

    dread3ddie / Via

    10. This six-door truck.

    howtocookawolf / Via

    11. This building that looks like a giant basket for a tremendously large being's picnic.

    grizzlyhand / Via

    12. This unique growth that makes this lemon look like what you'd squeeze to make strawberry lemonade.

    0RGASMIK / Via

    13. These Pringles in a bag instead of the can we're used to seeing them in.

    SirSupay / Via

    14. This hotel's incredible structure that looks otherworldly but exists in Singapore.

    Wormsblink / Via

    15. This Sprite store that looks like it's from a world where they're making more than just lemon-lime soda.

    KosherPorkin / Via

    16. These square-shaped donuts.

    thebageljew / Via

    17. And finally, these furnished P.O. boxes that look like little apartments in a world of tiny people.

    Genraltomfoolry / Via

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