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    7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

    What to watch, read, cook, and try.

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    1. Watch Legion.


    Ellie says: "It's the perfect thing to watch when you want to cut yourself off from the world and not look at your phone or talk to anyone for an hour, because it's so intense that it needs your full attention. It's set in the X-Men universe – David Haller (who is Professor X's son, but they're being low-key about that right now) grows up thinking he has paranoid schizophrenia, but in the first episode he discovers that what he thought was a mental illness is actually his mutant powers. It's visually stunning and the storyline is compelling, but mostly it's just really fucking cool."

    Watch it on Sky or buy episodes from iTunes.

    If mutants aren't your thing, I've been binging the US version of Shameless on Netflix.

    2. Read this illustrated Beauty and the Beast.


    The designers behind the Harry Potter films have produced this beautiful interactive version of the original Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. It's the third in a series of painstakingly detailed books from MinaLima designs, and it's positively breathtaking.

    Get a copy here.

    Or check out these chilling true crime stories.

    3. Listen to the Crazy Ex Girlfriend soundtrack.


    Ailbhe says: "Aside from its nuanced portrayal of mental health, and Josh’s pecs, the best thing about Crazy Ex Girlfriend are the songs. And luckily they’re all on Spotify. Blast the soundtracks to both seasons, feel the West Covina sun on your back, and if you’re really keen, listen to the audio commentary to boot."

    Listen on Spotify.

    Or if you're looking for a killer beauty podcast, Laura recommends Fat Mascara.

    4. Download Creatures Such As We.


    This entirely text-based choose-your-own-adventure gives you the chance to escape into a gripping space-set romance and to guide the story with your choices. It's unique and well-written and completely captivating.

    Get it for iTunes and Android.

    Or check out the stunning indie game Prune, on sale at the moment for £99p.

    5. Cook these bangers and mash bombs.

    Facebook: video.php

    These tasty bites are the bomb (sorry not sorry).

    Recipe here.

    Or for something sweet, try making your own honeycomb.

    6. Try picking up running for real.

    Caity Arthur / Lixia Guo / BuzzFeed News

    I am the worst on-again-off-again runner – but this month-long program is exactly my speed! Sign up for BuzzFeed's 5K Challenge newsletter to meet your goals for real.

    For something you can do sitting down, why not finally perfect your paper aeroplanes?

    7. Follow @idolcidiguilliver

    This is a weekly series! Leave your recommendations for cool things to check out in the comments below, or @ me for a chance to be featured in the future.

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