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People Try The Original Fat Sandwich

“It’s like the bread’s breaking, it can’t handle the sandwich.”

17 Mind-Blowingly Delicious Noodles To Try In NYC

Presented to you in no particular order.

23 Wonderfully Cozy Things You Need To Bake This Fall

If you bake one thing this fall, let it be all of these things.

A Definitive Ranking Of U.S. States Based On Their Official Foods

Whose job is it to come up with ~official~ state foods? Because I want that job.

Six Extremely Colorful Oreo Cookies

Why do people even make these?

11 Ways To Cook Bacon That Will Probably Kill You

Are you ready to experience the essence of pure flavor?

BuzzFeed Food Now Has A NOM Button

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. Also: nom nom nom nom nom.

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